What Are Reference Headphones? Comprehensive Guide

What Are Reference Headphones

I have heard that Sennheiser HD 25 headphones carry the same sound in the headphones as the original. I wondered how it could be possible because all headphones do not contain accurate sounds. But what are these devices called, and why do you consider them for personal use? For this, it is imperative to know: … Read more

How Do MRI Headphones Work? Basic Guide with Benefits

How Do MRI Headphones Work

I had my MRI scan last week, and the tech asked me to wear headphones. I seemed questioned and thought about how it can be possible to wear headphones during medical treatment. To overcome the machine-thumping sounds, I had to wear them and, in the end, came up with the opinion that the headphones did … Read more

How to Stop Headphones Leaking Sound? 6 Easy Going Tips

How to Stop Headphones Leaking Sound

Do you love wearing headphones like me? In that case, you will be conscious of not letting sound vibration escape them. Even then, some headphones do not stop from leaking the sound outside, like my Beats Solo 3. The only solution that seems suitable to me is to fix the sound leakage of the headphones … Read more

4 Pole VS 3 Pole Headphone Jack | All you need to know

4 Pole VS 3 Pole Headphone Jack

It can be pretty confusing to someone who wants to know how to get the best listening experience from their wired headphones and is sometimes made worse by users’ perplexity around the definitions of “plug” and “jack.” Not to worry, I’m here to help. You will learn the difference between 4 Pole vs 3 Pole … Read more

Can Noise Cancelling Headphones Cause Headaches?

Can Noise Cancelling Headphones Cause Headaches?

Cutting off from surroundings and doing work becomes easy with wearing noise-canceling headphones. Although it provides enjoyment to the listener, it may also prove harmful to the health of body organs. The majority of the people wear NC headphones and complain of sickness. So the critical question marks its presence in this case: Can Noise Cancelling … Read more

Closed vs Semi Open Headphones | Which one is right for you?

Closed Vs Semi Open Headphones

What are your requirements for the headphones as a gamer? I have been using different headphones, closed, open, and semi-open. Closed brings isolation while ear fatigue and vertigo sometimes, so I prefer semi-open to avoid the loss of sound and protect my ears simultaneously. Closed vs Semi Open Headphones: What are the main differences? In this article, … Read more