Beats X Flashing Red And White | Reasons and Solutions

Beats headphone is an amazing music-listening gadget known for its sound quality. As a tech expert, receiving Beats X Flashing Red and White from users is routine work. You must be curious whether it is a healthy indicator or something else; why not discover yourself?

What does it mean that beats x flashing red and white? The simple answer to this question is that the earphones are not charging. The reason may be due to a physical malfunction of the charger or cable. Otherwise, software glitch restricts the earphones from increasing their charging percentage.

In this article, I will mention the tips and tricks of what to do and what not to retrieve the original beats x working normally. In addition, you must learn why beats x flashes red and white to eliminate the causes for the future. 

Why is My Beats Headphone Flashing White and Red?

Beats x flashing red and white is a problem not to avoid. Also, here are some of the primary causes for your ease of finding relevant solutions. 

Faulty Battery

You may not notice, but the faulty battery triggers the situation severely, and earphones start flashing red and white. The unknown cause associated with this problem that comes into mind is charging them for longer.

Cables and Chargers

Turn your head toward the accessories you charge your beats x with. Sometimes the faulty cables do not let the proper current flow through them and further pose damage to the battery. Also, the chargers with no charging capacity are another major reason your beats x flashes red and white. 

Software Glitches

The latest earphones come with a specialized app used to enhance their performance. You may not know when the minor software glitches hit the beats x, and they start flashing differently. 

Moisture Interaction

Earphones have no compatibility with moisture. Also, if dropped in the pool accidentally cause severe damage. Remember the deadlines for not charging music devices when not adequately dried. 

Beats X Flashing Red and White | Solutions

As the earphones follow the conventional ways of generating LED indications for power on/off, during pairing, or at the charging time, the deviated behavior focuses on fixing it before it gives up. The easy solutions are as under, which might help you recover your headphones. 

Restart Beats X 

When the beats x charging is affected, and you notice a red and white light indication, you must restart the headphones by tapping the power button for one second. Also, let the earphones wait for some minutes as a safe side and then turn them on by repeating the same step. 

Reset Beats X

When you do not know the exact cause of why your beats x is flashing red and blue, reset it on the first attempt before pondering over anything. The only exception is the pairing that you have to do between the beats x and earlier devices once it starts charging. 

How do I reset my Beats X headphones?

Below are the steps you can follow and restart your headphones. 

  1. Tap on the power and volume down buttons for 10 seconds.
  2. Release the button when you notice the LED indicator flash. 
  3. You have reset the Beats X.

Update Beats X Firmware

Modern earphone processors enhance their performance with the software’s coordination. 

So, another solution for beats flashing red and white when charging lies in updating its firmware. Also, think of it as a part of removing software glitches after resetting occasionally.

The question is how to update the firmware software. The hour needs to update the iOS devices, and the earphones will automatically update to the new version when connected to the particular device. Don’t you think it is a piece of cake?

On the other hand, this time-consuming task awaits Android users. Since you cannot have the opportunity to update the earphones’ firmware automatically, you must download it from the play store. The next step is to hit the notification tab and have the updated information for firmware, followed by installing it. 

How Do I Fix My Beats X Blinking Red and White?

  • Try charging your beats x with another micro USB cable.
  • Keep your devices updated to run the earphones software error-free
  • Double-check the charger or replace it with a USB port on PCs. 
  • Ensure your earphones are completely air-dried before plugging them in for charging.
  • Keep beats x in a dry place away from moisture
  • Charge the moisture-accumulated earphones for at least after 24-48 hours
  • Take advantage of the warranty in case of irreparable loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Beats X battery last?

The expected battery time of the beats x is eight hours. But to your disappointment, you can only use it for 5 hours until it requires the next charge. 

How do I know if my Beats X are fully charged?

The simple recognition of beats x being charged to the fullest is the change of LED light from red to white. So, when your headphones blink white, separate the charging plug and make the most out of them. 

Summing Up

The article is a piece of cake filled with the solutions of solving beats x flashing red and white. You can accustom the most purposeful method is to restart or factory reset them. However, updating the latest software versions does not go to waste, for it clears corrupt data and makes your earphones function as before. 

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