How to Turn OFF Airpods Max? Comprehensive Guide

My first time with Airpods Max was a great experience, but it’s time to turn them off. However, the fine scene becomes comical, finding no tangible power button. My curiosity about How to Turn OFF Airpods Max took me to the tech expert to learn about its turning on and off. 

Airpods max shut-off technique follows parallel methods of conserving battery life by introducing different modes. The latest headphones turn off completely once their battery is drained. However, they undergo low or ultra power mode when keeping them stationary or in an available slim case. Think of it as a trick for turning them off without a power button. 

In this article, I will mention what you should do when turning off the Airpods Max. Also, I need to explain everything in detail to help you in every possible way while dealing with the timing of different modes of Airpods max. 

How to Turn OFF Airpods Max?

Airpods max does not turn off completely, for it has no mechanism. Instead, they acquire two battery-conserving modes; low-power mode and ultra mode. You can assume the headphones are turned off. The following ways help you out in enabling these particular modes. 

Keep Airpods Stationery 

How do I turn off AirPods Pro Max without case? You may have heard many headphones when not in use go to sleep. You must experience the same case with Airpods max, but it has a twist. Keeping headphones idle undoubtedly puts them in a low-power mode where you assume they are inactive.

However, the timing for which headphones remain in a stiff position is note-worthy. The primary mode under which it turns off is five immovable minutes, and the headphones acquire a low-power mode. Headphones that remain stationary for 72 hours will turn off several features like Bluetooth or Find My. Hence, stepping ahead toward the ultra-power status.

Keep Earbuds Face Down

Does the AirPods Max have a power button? No, it has not. What matters in turning the AirPods max off is how you keep the headphones on the desk. My invented trick is to face them down simply, and you will see they no longer remain turned on in a few minutes. 

Place Airpods in a Slim Case

A slim case is important in keeping the headphones, preserving the battery life, protecting them from scratches or dents, and turning them off. Wondering how responsibly it performs highlights the significance of the outer body. 

Modern headphones come with a new style slim case. It helps keep the headphones shut off while not in use with the help of integrated pair of magnets. Latching AirPods max in the case turns on the low power or hibernation mode, the term associated with turning the headphones off. The headphones undergo the lowest power mode when placed in the case for 18 hours. 

Tidbits: Airpods max has an in-built case detection sensor that detects whether headphones are in the case. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Airpod Max Turn Off Automatically?

Airpods Max does not turn off automatically due to the lack of a power button. Instead, when keeping them stationary for about five minutes and in a smart case, they activate the low power mode to conserve the charge further. 

How Do I Turn off Airpod Max Location?

Airpods Max features an in-built Find My feature to locate your headphones. You can enable or disable the feature per choice. However, if you want to turn off Airpods location, remove your headphones from Find My, and simply unpair and remove it from all the Bluetooth settings to the devices your headphones are connected to. 

How Do I Manually Turn on my Airpod Max?

The other way to turn on the AirPods Max without a power button is to hold the noise control button for five minutes and then connect it desired device.  Remember, you must see the LED light flashes white to confirm it is turned on. 

Summing Up

Turning off the Airpods Max seems tricky, as there is no manual way to turn them off. Also, the hour needs to practice the ways that manual instruction provides you. So, emancipate yourself from the embarrassing situation of finding a power button like mine and shutting the headphones like a pro. 

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