How to Turn OFF Airpods Max? Comprehensive Guide

How to Turn OFF Airpods Max

My first time with Airpods Max was a great experience, but it’s time to turn them off. However, the fine scene becomes comical, finding no tangible power button. My curiosity about How to Turn OFF Airpods Max took me to the tech expert to learn about its turning on and off.  Airpods max shut-off technique … Read more

Headphone Cable Noise | Causes & How to reduce it?

Headphone Cable Noise

Nothing is more annoying than the rubbing and minimal headphones cable noise when you listen to your favorite music. Haven’t you experienced such cable noise yet? If you are an audiophile, you must have experienced this disturbing headphone cable noise. I like to listen to everything in peace, but for different reasons, headphones and cable … Read more

Astro A40 Mic Not Working | How to Fix it?

Astro A40 Mic Not Working

Headphones are versatile and are used by almost everyone in every field of their life. Headphones with a microphone allow you to communicate and call out to someone. What do you do when the Mic of your headphones has errors? Just like my Astro A40 mic is not working, I must troubleshoot it. Are you … Read more

How Do Bone Conduction Headphones Work? Complete Guide

How Do Bone Conduction Headphones Work

Can you imagine hearing sound through vibrations in your head instead of ears? With the emergence of wireless headphones, bone-conduction headphones have paved the way and astonished everyone with their technology. Many people ponder on How Do Bone Conduction Headphones Work. Piece of information: Bone Conduction Headphones are also called bone phones. It works on … Read more

Astro A40 vs A50 – Which one is Best?

Astro A40 vs A50

Choosing the best headset gaming is very crucial for the overall gaming experience. Good choices of gaming headsets will give the actual mood of each cut scene of the game. You should check out two of my favorite high-quality gaming headset Astro A40 vs A50. What are the primary things in the game? The emotion, … Read more

Astro A40 Low Volume | How to Make Astro A40 Louder?

Astro A40 Low Volume

Headphones share an essential space in our daily life. They provide uninterrupted listening time, but what if their volume is low? Astro headphones are designed for gamers, live streamers, and content creators. What will they all do if they experience Astro A40 Low volume? Astro A40 headsets are no less than any other good-quality headphones … Read more

Why do podcasters wear headphones? Key Reasons 

Why do podcasters wear headphones

Podcasting has gained momentum again, and people are getting more into this converged media. As an audio mixing expert, I know what people expect from a good podcast. It depends on the microphone; you must know how clear or unclear your voice is. How can you tell if a voice is clear or not? Here … Read more