How to Pair Blackweb Headphones? Pairing Guide to Different Devices

How to Pair Blackweb Headphones

Blackweb headphones have Bluetooth connectivity and are versatile to pair with almost every device. How to pair Blackweb Headphones can be a simple guide, but remembering a few things might help you establish the connection more straightforwardly.  Blackweb headphones can connect every device without bothering about which operating system they belong to. The only limitation … Read more

Why Do My Headphones Keep Pausing? Reasons And Fixes

Why Do My Headphones Keep Pausing

Do you love wearing headphones like me? In that case, you will be conscious of not encountering any sound pausing. Apart from the headphones’ auto-pause feature, the headphones keep pausing without any logical reason only adds frustration. Read the article on why my headphones keep pausing to know the causes and troubleshoot. Headphones keep on … Read more

Shokz Openrun Mini Review – Are They Worth It?

Shokz Openrun Mini Review

Listening to music through bones is like an imagination turning into reality. Well, Shokz rightfully takes this responsibility and comes up with unique gadgets to stun the audience. But what do people with small heads do? Opt for regular size? Absolutely no, as the Shokz Openrun Mini Review article says it all.  As we all … Read more

How to Use AfterShokz OpenComm? Steps Explained

How to Use AfterShokz OpenComm

Working from home seems exciting, but it always takes a toll whenever you have to attend meetings and give instructions on phone calls. Loud noises in the background hinder the voices from reaching the other end. What to do to tackle the situation? Opencomm headphones come to the rescue. But the question is, How to … Read more

Safe Volume For Headphones | What is Headphone DB Level?

Safe Volume For Headphones

Who doesn’t want to listen to their favorite music without distraction or interruption? Headphones allow you to enjoy uninterrupted listening time. We are engaged more in our headphones than anything else. So, a point to ponder arises: what is the Safe Volume for Headphones? Headphones are placed on the ear or fitted to enjoy listening … Read more

Benefits of Bone Conduction Headphones – Are they worth It?

Benefits of Bone Conduction Headphones

Despite the existence of conventional headphones, why would you need bone-conduction headphones? I find that headphones are essential for maintaining my energy all day, whether I’m using Sony headphones or bone AfterShokz ones. I have noticed some mind-blowing privileges that facilitate me. If you are interested in what compels me for this conversion, keep reading … Read more