How to get rid of echo in headphones? Troubleshooting

How to get rid of echo in headphones

It is well-known that headphones provide a great listening experience. They allow the listener to focus on the music while also providing noise cancellation. However, there are some reasons why echo may occur in headphones. It could be frustrating sometimes, and I feel terrible, so for this reason, I applied different tweaks and made a … Read more

Difference between DJ headphones and Studio Headphones

Difference between DJ headphones and Studio Headphones

Throughout my music career, I have always been fascinated by the differences between headphones and their use. If you are a DJ or running a music production, you need a set of perfect headphones that will make a massive difference in performance. To further manage your requirements, you might want to know the difference between … Read more

How to increase clamping force on headphones? Quick Ways

How to increase clamping force on headphones

I currently have an excellent pair of headphones. They sound great, and I love them; the one thing that frustrates me sometimes is the HD650 clamping force which becomes loose. They seem to fall on my ears, and even pushing the cups makes them sound noticeably better. Everybody faces this issue, aren’t you? So, How … Read more

Can Headphones Dent Your Head? Do head dents go away?

Can Headphones Dent Your Head

As a gamer, I use headphones for long hours and get hair dents; every gamer must have experienced this. Didn’t you? But recently, I got the question on Reddit, which was like: Can headphones dent your head Reddit? The question was pretty interesting as it concerns human health. So, I thought I would provide you … Read more

Beats X Flashing Red And White | Reasons and Solutions

Beats X Flashing Red And White

Beats headphone is an amazing music-listening gadget known for its sound quality. As a tech expert, receiving Beats X Flashing Red and White from users is routine work. You must be curious whether it is a healthy indicator or something else; why not discover yourself? What does it mean that beats x flashing red and … Read more