Why are my Headphones so Quiet? | Reasons and Solutions Guide

Headphones are so reliable in this noisy world. You can put on the headphones and give a shut-up call to the irritating sounds around you. You wear headphones to listen to your favorite music without getting disturbed by the outside world, but your headphones are quiet. It is frustrating for you: Why are my Headphones so Quiet?

Headphones offer a better listening experience by offering high-quality pitch, bass, and sound frequency. These features are further aggravated when you choose excellent and high-end headphones. 

Headphones are well equipped with features to give you whatever you demand. Headphones may capture some faults that can affect their everyday work. In this guide, I will explain troubleshooting solutions for headphones being so quiet.  

9 Major Causes for Why are my Headphones so Quiet?

There are many possible causes of headphones being so quiet, whether you are using wired or wireless headphones. It is one of the common problems that are faced by every headphone user once in a while. 

I own a Sony WH1000XM3. These noise-canceling over-the-ear headsets ensure long battery life, are easy to access by touch controls and offer voice assistance. These headphones are worth using. But once I experienced it, my headphones went quiet.

Volume Settings of your Headphones

You haven’t considered it while playing audio on your headphones, but this might be why volume settings are set to low or minimum levels. So, your headphones are quiet, or you hear a low sound. 

Connectivity Issue – Wireless Headphones

You may encounter a low sound or your headphones being so quiet if your wireless headphones are not appropriately connected to your audio device. Connectivity issues arise most commonly when you are using wireless headphones. 

The Issue with the Plug or Socket – Wired Headphones

Wired headphones needed to plug into the socket of the audio source. If there is any issue with plugging in the headphones, it will affect the sound quality of your audio. 

Damaged wires, Frayed wires, Tangled wires

Wireless headphones have successfully replaced wired headphones because of these wires. The cords of wired headphones always get tangled up, damaging them. The damaged wires are a great source of headphones going quiet. 

Earwax in the Speakers

Too much loud volume or listening to music through headphones leads to accumulated earwax in the headphones speakers. This earwax blocks the path of sound from speakers, and you probably hear no sound or a shallow sound. 

Physical damage

Headphones are delicate devices that are made up of delicate materials. That’s why headphones come with a case to keep them secure and prevent them from any damage. A significant diagnosis of headphones being quiet is the physical damage of headphones. 

An issue with the Audio File

You are finding all the faults in your headphones, but the main issue may be the audio file you are listening to. Sometimes an audio file is recorded at low volume, so when you hear it, you hear it at a low sound level. 

Low battery

Have you ever wondered how low-battery headphones can make you suffer in many ways? Wireless headphones are battery-operated and need to be recharged. The more you use headphones, the more their battery gets consumed. One obvious consequence of it is your headphones going quiet. 

An Old Version of Devices

Headphones are popular and in demand, so companies are manufacturing them quickly. These headphones are loaded with incredible features and specifications. Sometimes your headphones are not compatible with the old version of your audio devices. So, your headphones went quiet. 

How do you Fix Low Headphone Volume?

It is not worrisome if your headphones are experiencing some issues. You need to know the type of issues, whether these are technical issues or some damage, to fix them. Here I am providing a quick guide to the solutions to fix your headphones. 

Restart your Headphones and Device

It is always advisable whenever you are facing some issues with your headphones. Always restart your headphones and device to resolve all the issues. Restarting removes all the bugs and sets your headphones and device to default settings.

Install Volume-Boosting Apps on your Device

Don’t trash your device if your device volume controls do not provide enough sound. You can install volume-boosting apps on your devices. These apps are designed to fulfill the requirements of high pitch, frequency, and sound. 

  • Equalizer FX – Android
  • Bass Booster – iOS
  • Boom Musc – Android and iOS

Cleaning Headphones and Audio Jack

Headphones and the audio jack can accumulate a lot of dirt and debris, which hinders normal functioning. You should ensure that your headphones and audio jack are always clean.

Playback Device Check

It is of utmost importance to you to check Playback Devices. Headphones are connected to audio devices to function and to make you listen to whatever you want. 

For Android

  1. Go to Settings on your phone.
  2. Tap Sounds and Vibrations
  3. Adjust the Media and Ringtone features on your phone. 

For iPhone

  1. In the Settings menu on your phone. 
  2. Go to General and select Accessibility
  3. Tap Hearing Selection.
  4. Scroll to the Balance Mode and equalize volume controls. 

Replug Wired Headphone

Wired headphones come with wires and need to be plugged into the audio port of the source device. I suggest you follow this common practice. It would help if you replugged wired headphones to resolve the error whenever your headphones become quiet. 

Repair Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones get connected to the audio source via Bluetooth. Sometimes pairing issues arise with the headphones, and your headphones become quiet. Try to repair them again to get them back to normal functioning. 

Personal Check

Suppose you have made a lot of effort in fixing your headphones but are still unsuccessful. I advise you to go for a personal check. Maybe the problem lies within your ears, or you have not stored your headphones properly. While using headphones, keep a few things in mind.

  • Take care of your ears
  • Store headphones properly

Check Proper Fitting of Earbuds

All the factors remain behind, and a headphone user’s first and foremost duty is to check the fittings of earbuds. Loose fittings of earbuds significantly affect the sound coming from headphones. This solution applies to both wired and wireless headphones. 

Reset your Device and Headphone

Resetting is the only option if you have tried all the possible solutions. Resetting will set both devices to factory default settings by removing all the bugs and errors.

Reset a device:-

  1. Go to Settings on your phone.
  2. Tap on General and click on the Reset tab
  3. Select Reset Only Settings and confirm with a Pin.
  4. Wait a few minutes to get your device reset. 

Reset a headphone:-

  1. Press and hold power and volume buttons for a few minutes.
  2. Release the buttons when the LED starts flashing light.  
  3. Your headphones are reset.

Final Thoughts | Why are my headphones so Quiet?

Headphones that don’t do half the job they were intended to do are pretty annoying. Headphones becoming quiet is a common problem. In this article, I have demonstrated each possible cause that results in your headphones going quiet. I have also explained the solution that can fix this issue without you getting any worry. I hope with this guide, you can now enjoy your time with your headphones comfortably.  

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