6 Best Studio Headphones under $50 – Complete Review 

What do you demand from studio headphones to work great for you? Whether you use studio headphones for professional purposes or regular listening, the headphones must be equipped with certain features so that you can put your finger on them. Do you look for the best studio headphones without crashing your budget? If yes, read my review article on the 6 best budget studio headphones under $50 and make a wise decision. 

What are studio headphones?

The device produces an original soundtrack that is hollow, ugly, and devoid of coloration. Music-generating tools are essential for recording, mixing, monitoring, and appreciating music as reference headphones. 

Why select budget-friendly headphones for studio purposes? As a music producer, an audio track is accomplished after passing through various stages. The pocket-friendly headphones allow me to use their specifications without worrying about their durability.

My Top Recommendations

All the headphones I reviewed for recording, monitoring, or mixing purposes have pros and cons. Some help achieve sound quality, while others need to maintain the desired comfort level. In this regard, my top picks are:

Product NameRatingBuy Now
JLab Studio Bluetooth Wireless
M-Audio HDH40
Audio-Technica ATH-M20X
Tascam TH-02
Neewer NW-3000
Samson Semi Open-Back

Review of Best Studio Headphones

I have reviewed the 6 best budget studio headphones from various brands. All are best in their features and technicalities. You can select any headset from the review article as they efficiently meet your requirements and provide an accurate, natural, and precise audio experience. Moreover, the headphones do not put a load on the budget.

JLab Studio Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Best Studio Headphones under $50

Unboxing: budget-friendly headphones are often misguided as low-quality. Glancing at JLab studio headphones intrigued me to order them to analyze the features. Upon receiving the parcel, I opened the box and found Studio Wireless Headphones, a blue-colored Micro USB Charging Cable, and a Warranty Card.

JLab Studio Bluetooth

Remarks: the black-colored headphones were a treat to wear. The adjustable headband with faux leather cushioning looked extremely premium. At the same time, the foam-padded ear cups had control buttons to operate the functions efficiently.

I instantly connected the headphones to my smartphone by pressing the power button for 10 seconds. The range of 30 feet with Bluetooth 5 was another surprise for me. As a music enthusiast, I have used JLab headphones many times and do not find any prominent flaw. 

Whether I use them for casual listening or professional recording, all the details reaching into my ears are clear and free from contamination. The most important feature of the headphones is their availability as travel friendly. 

The headphones are equipped with a built-in microphone and hence help me in making quality calls free from noise. Moreover, you can easily fold the ear cups to 80 degrees and place them anywhere. I can also enjoy the feature of a voice assistant on the go, which is quite helpful.

Isn’t 30+ plus hours of battery life enough to carry the headphones within a range of 30 feet and obtain either signature, balanced, or bass boost sound?  As far as the ANC is concerned, the closed-back headphones do not leak much audio, so they work perfectly for me.

Key Specifications and Features

  • Design: on-ear
  • Wight: 141 g
  • Connectivity: Wireless, Bluetooth 5
  • Distance: 30 feet
  • Type: closed back
  • Material: faux leather headband, ear cups with cloud cushion foam
  • Control Buttons: to adjust sounds, pause/play songs, or answer/reject the call
  • Microphone: for crystal clear calls
  • Battery Life: more than 30 hours
  • Charging Time: 3 hours
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • The microphone helps me make noise-free calls.
  • EQ3 sound system makes the headphones versatile for recording new tracks
  • Comfortable headphones for long wear
  • 30 hours of battery do not drain in the blink of an eye
  • Loose buttons do not press smoothly in adjusting volumes.
  • The voice is unclear when connected to the TV.


Final Verdict | Best Wireless On-Ear Studio Headphones

The JLab headphones surpassed high-end devices in sound quality to comfort by providing features like voice assistant, volume or power control buttons, a microphone, and Bluetooth connectivity. These are indeed budget-friendly, providing the most extended battery life, which makes them unique in the category. 

M-Audio HDH40 – Over Ear Studio Headphones with Closed Back Design

Best Studio Headphones under $50

Unboxing: I required versatile headphones to help me record or monitor the soundtrack. Glancing at the M-Audio website, the HDH40 caught my eye, and ordered it. Upon receiving the parcel, there were Wired Headphones, a Cable with ¼ inch adapter, and a Manual Guide.

M-Audio HDH40 unboxing

Remarks: the catchy earpieces with a logo made the appearance of the M-Audio studio headphones attractive. The frame of stainless steel with telescopic arms is designed to rotate 180 degrees. Both the headband and the earpieces got the leather cushioning, adding comfort to wearing them for a long time. 

The working of the headphones in a studio is beyond expectations. The pocket-friendly device with a 2.7 m long cable is compatible with a range of audio interfaces and generates the sound as reproduced. I have used them for recording the soundtrack, and the experience has been so impressive up till now.

While discussing the sound quality, the rounded bass end determines the audio quality of these headphones. At the same time, the long cable length allows easy moving here and there.

The extendable headband works great for me in providing perfect sound isolation, and 40 mm neodynamic magnetic drivers power the headphones and help obtain purity and minute details of the original audio. In addition, the versatile headphones are equally equipped for casual listening, podcasting, or audiobooks; hence keep providing clear listening sounds.

Kep Specifications and Features

  • Design: over-ear
  • Connectivity: wired
  • Weight: 300 g
  • Material: headband and earpieces cushioned with faux leather
  • Type: closed back
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Cable: 2.7 m long, with ¼ inch adapter
  • Drivers: 40mm neodynamic magnetic drivers
  • I like the build quality of the headphones
  • The headphones do not cause ear fatigue
  • Clamping force does not hurt the head
  • The sound quality is satisfactory and sometimes muddy.


Final Verdict | Best Monitoring Headphones

M-Audio HDH40 headphones exhibit every feature I wish for at the perfect price. The ear cushions are comfortable, and the stainless steel headband conforms firm grip. Overall, features like isolation round bass and long cable are suitable for providing sound quality.

Audio-Technica ATH-M20X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

Unboxing: who doesn’t know the efficiency of Audio Technica headphones for monitoring purposes? So, I thought of giving myself a chance at M20X to analyze the features personally. After unboxing, there were wired headphones with attached cables and an instruction manual in a nicely packed box.

Audio-Technica ATH-M20X unboxing

Remarks: I was in awe after holding the headphones, as the headband maintained brand supremacy, but the earpieces padded with vinyl broke the game. The plastic material in construction did not attract me at all.

The wired headphones comprise a simple plug-in setting, and you are good to go to obtain the desired sound quality. In addition, the 15-degree rotatable ear cups gently distribute the clamping force, helping me to wear them for a considerable time in the studio. 

All I want from audio Technica M20X is excellent sound quality, and I find the unique highs and crisp lows similar to higher models of the x series. In addition, passive noise isolation is all you get when holding the drivers tightly near the ears.

The headphones have a fantastic connection feature with a vast range of compatible devices. Listening to music does not remain a hard shell to crack with my smartphone, tablet, and PC. The features of Audio Technica M20X do justice while providing equal or more in this price range.

Key Specifications and Features

  • Design: over-ear
  • Connectivity: wired
  • Type: closed-back
  • Cable: 3.0 m cable, ¼ inch adapeter
  • Weight: 190 g
  • Drivers: 40 mm
  • Impedance: 47 ohms
  • Waterproof: no
  • The headband is comfortable and does not press the head.
  • The long cable is helpful for movement
  • Do not bleed sound; offer authentic sounds
  • The build quality of the headphones seems cheap.
  • The earcups do not fold, which is not encouraging for traveling.
  • A carrying case is not available to keep headphones safe.


Final Verdict | Top Studio Headphones Under $50

The distinct midrange makes the Audio Technica ATH M20X headphones lead others in the same category. The perfect amalgamation of included cable, compatibility with several devices, and closed-back design are what you get when spending less than $50.

Tascam TH-02 Closed Back Studio Headphones

Closed Back Studio Headphones

Unboxing: while remaining within a budget and finding the best headphones to serve in the studio is a daring assignment. Tascam TH-02 caught my eye on a promotional sale, and I bought it. When I unboxed the packet, there were wired headphones, an instruction manual, and cables with two adapters.

Tascam TH-02 Closed Back

Remarks: the closed-back headphones appeared as if giving tough competition to high-end devices. The plastic structure was wrapped up with a headband and earpiece cushioning. I doubt the long-term wearing, but they endure time before warming my ears.

The Wired Headphones come with a straight 9.8 ft cable and have a plugin to listen to audio. I am fine with the fixed cable as it allows me to focus on recording while sitting attentively in one spot. You can enjoy every detail of various music genres. Due to the 50 mm drivers, the sound quality remains clear.

The headphone’s primary authority is to provide crisp and distinguished sounds, so the Tascam headset has passed the test. So, utilize the Tascam headphones to your heart and never get ear fatigue. Moreover, I often rotate the ear cups to 90 degrees and get every benefit of a pocket-friendly device.

The only disadvantage of Tascam studio headphones is that they do not actively block outside noise and leak sounds whenever you increase the volume. As far as comfort is concerned, the earcups or headband padding do a lot of effort to erase the sense of displeasure. 

Key Specifications and Features

  • Design: over-ear
  • Connectivity: wired
  • Type: closed-back
  • Cable: 9.8 ft, ⅛  to ¼  inch adapters
  • Material: Plastic
  • Drivers: 50 mm
  • Foldable ear cups make the headphones the best travel friends
  • Gaming sessions are fun with Tascam headphones
  • Lengthy cable is helpful for DJing
  • The carrying case is not available
  • You cannot replace or remove the cable, as it is fixed
  • Sound is hollow when recording for video


Final Verdict | Cheap Studio headphones Under $50

Tascam TH02 is performing great for me. The primary reason for adding the studio headphones to my bucket list is their price. This is the only device with a clear sound at this affordability.

Neewer NW-3000 Closed Studio Headphones

Closed Studio Headphones

Unboxing: l was looking for headphones that match the perfect price and features. On a friend’s recommendation, I ordered Neewer closed-back studio ones. Upon unboxing, there were Monitor Wired Headphones, 3 meters Straight cable, and a 6.35mm Plug Adapter.

Neewer NW-3000

Remarks: the versatile black-colored headphones have stainless steel construction making the device lightweight. Also, the assembling components with PU leather and memory foam padding play an equal part in providing lasting comfort. The fun fact is that the headphones do not put pressure when wearing them with spectacles.

If you explore the headphone’s features regarding sound quality, you will not find them any less. The detailed audio reproduction without any added filter results when utilizing neewer closed-back headphones in the studio. 

For monitoring purposes, you can find any mistake related to the original soundtrack and further polish it before the final edition. Monitoring requires focused critical listening, and neewer headphones do the job perfectly. 

Furthermore, the closed-back design removes all my worries about audio leaks, and the slider headband makes the sound reaching the ears clearer when snugly fitting around the head. The headphones use a cable consisting of a screwed adaptor to increase the compatibility of connecting to computers, smartphones, and TV. 

Blocking outside noise is possible with neewer monitoring headphones. You do not have to worry about listening to ambient voices. Instead, it effortlessly allows you to focus on clear and rich bass. In addition, the double screw-on plug adapter allows me to connect the headphones to PS4 and piano recording.  

Key Specifications and Features

  • Design: over-ear
  • Connectivity: wired
  • Weight: 310 g
  • Type: closed-back
  • Cable: 3 m, ¼ inch double screw-on plug adapter
  • Driver: 45 mm large-aperture driver
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Impedance: 40 ohms
  • I rotate the ear cups 180 degrees for single-ear monitoring
  • Watching movies do not bore me with Neewer headphones
  • I can wear them with spectacles
  • Detachable cable allows me to use them for casual or professional listening.
  • I do not like the build quality; prone to break after one fall


Final Verdict | Best Studio Headphones Under 50 Dollars

Neewer – NW3000 closed-back studio headphones are one of the headsets that stand on the standard of the expensive ones. You can get every feature of wired headphones, like long cable, broad compatibility, and closed-back for adequate noise isolation. What’s your decision about picking neewer studio headphones?

Samson Semi Open-Back Studio Reference Headphones

Unboxing: I ordered the Samson open-back headphones for my home studio and have used them for quite a long time. The parcel reached me in a margin of three days, and upon unboxing, I found the Samson Wired Studio Headphones, a 6.3mm audio jack adapter, and a User manual.

Samson Semi Open-Back unboxing

Remarks: My top priority is obtaining an impurity-free sound quality from headphones. The cherry on top should be available without putting a dent in the pocket. The wired headphones comprise enough velour padding both in the headband and earpieces. However, the build quality is a borderline between better and worst for me. 

As far as the sound quality is concerned, the headphones easily trap the bright, rich, and clear audio tunes into my ear. In addition, you cannot expect semi-open headphones to isolate noise or not let others hear what you are listening to. So, I often avoid utilizing Samson headphones in silent locations.

The headband is adjustable, allowing me to appreciate music in the best possible way. The exact delivery of various music genres is a treat to listen to. Moreover, the headphones use ⅛ to ¼ inch adapter and connect with compatible ports of almost every device, so there is no need to follow the hectic steps of setting up headphones. 

The wired headphones are lightweight and comfortable but reasonably bulky. Additionally, you cannot carry them in bags which cancels the portability factor. The disadvantage is that there is no availability of a pouch to keep the headphones safe when not in use. 

Key specifications and features

  • Design: over-ear
  • Connectivity: wired
  • Type: semi-open
  • Material: Plastic
  • Drivers: 50 mm neodymium magnetic drivers
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Weight: 276 g
  • Cable: 2.5 m, ⅛  to ¼ inch adapter
  • Cushioning: velour pads
  • I can hear the precise musical instruments belonging to every genre.
  • You cannot sense distortion even at high volumes.
  • Android and apple devices easily connect with the headphones cable.
  • Comfortable for several hours
  • The headphones cause sweat after a short time of wearing
  • Gaming sessions are possible with several takes


Final Verdict | Best Open-Back Reference Headphones

Samson semi-open-back studio headphones give you everything you want in your dream gadget. The comfortable wearing, accurate sound quality, and wired connectivity are all they return to you while recording in the studio. If you are a person to compromise on the portability factor, the best reference headphones are for you.

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What Do You Look for in Studio Headphones – Buying Guide

This section highlights some factors to consider when buying the best studio headphones.


What I look for in studio headphones is to be comfortable. It means sufficient cushioning stuffed inside the headband and earpieces to keep the focus on point while fading away the feeling of discomfort. The extendable headband and foldable or swivel earcups add extra relief if combined with portability.

Sound Quality

Whether you opt for pocket-friendly or designer headphones, sound quality is the top preference. Utilizing headphones that meet the expectations for enhanced sounds and flat frequency response is necessary. 

Studio headphones may fail in comfort or build quality, but they must pass in giving detailed or precise audio without filtration. In this regard, closed-back headphones work best when isolated from outside noise. On the other hand, open-back or semi-open headphones provide natural and breathable audio.


A headset performs when it produces accurate sound without shakiness, connects with other devices quickly, and does not wear out even after mishandling. Not every durable headphone demands them to spend more money. So, make the best choice in selecting studio headphones that are approachable within a budget. 

Sturdy Design

Good quality materials make the headphone sturdy and increase resistance against the constant wear and tear. The devices make the best combination of coiled wires or straight ones, crafting a robust and unique design. Look for music gadgets that offer replaceable cables to best use wired headphones.



What is the Difference Between Normal and Studio headphones?

Studio headphones have functions in the studio for producing a soundtrack from scratch, monitoring it for finding audio defects, and enhancing it with coloration. On the other hand, regular headphones are used for appreciating music. It is the version of headphones that lets you listen to final sounds with every embellishment.

Can Studio Headphones Be Used For Listening To Music?

Studio headphones offer the opportunity of utilizing them for music listening. Not only this, but you can also utilize them to enjoy movies or shows with their initially created audio. The studio headphones effortlessly fulfill the purpose of recording the original soundtrack and consistently using them casually to obtain the exact replication of what was recorded.

Are Expensive Studio Headphones Worth it?

Expensive studio headphones offer all the features of cable compatibility and plush cushioning for ultimate comfort, durability, and enhanced sound quality. On the other hand, Audio Technica M20X studio headphones embrace all the features but at a low price. As long as the headphones fulfill their task, they are worth it, regardless of the price tag. 

Summing Up

Budget-friendly studio headphones are a dream turning into reality for those with home studios or start-up beginners. The headsets comprise all the technical features that can make or break the game. In this article, I have discussed the features of the 6 best budget studio headphones by reviewing them personally; what I like or don’t like is mentioned at the end of the review. So select your gadget and make the best use of them. 

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