6 Best Bone Conduction Headphones for Running 2023 [Complete Review]

Do you wish to listen to your favorite track while running? With Bluetooth earbuds, this seems like an unfulfilled dream. However, these headphones are efficient in providing good audio and isolation but at the cost of fixing them from time to time. To avoid this problem, I have started using headphones that rest against cheekbones and advise you also to try Best Bone Conduction Headphones For Running.

Running is enjoyable when you leave behind the worries of fixing your headset and the fear of impending dangers. Bone conduction headphones are designed to provide clear audio and alert you to the outer surroundings. It means you are not marginalized and still carry your work.

How to choose the best Bone Conduction headphones for running? This article is about Bone conduction headphones’ importance and how to select one for sports. I will mention the features of bone headphones by reviewing them.

Our Top Recommendations

All the Bone conduction headphones I reviewed in this article work great for me, but still, a few are on my top priority list.

Review Of Best Bone Conduction Headphones For Running

In this article, I have provided a review of various Bone conduction headphones also from different brands. The prominent ones are AfterShokz, MOING, and 9 Digital. I find them suitable for running or casual use, like listening to podcasts or songs. The audio quality, battery life, and waterproofing are just excellent. You can also try these as per your choice.

Product NameRatingBuy Now
AfterShokz Aeropex Buy Now
AfterShokz OpenMove
WANFEI Running Bluetooth Headphones
MOING Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones
Bone Conduction Headphones Bluetooth 5.0
Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones Bluetooth 5.0

AfterShokz Aeropex – Open-Ear Bluetooth Bone Conduction Sport Headphones

Unboxing: I ordered AfterShokz Aeropex Sport Headphones from the website after reading the comments that these are best for running. I opened the package to analyze the features and got Aeropex Bone Conduction Headphones, 2 Magnetic Charging Cables, a Silicone Carrying Case, and Earplugs.

Remarks: I caught the name of the headphones on the box as ShokzOpenRun. It means it signifies the primary purpose of these devices from the start. I instantly connected my smartphone and laptop to the headphones with Bluetooth 5.0, and the pairing was established in a few easy steps.

As my running training was already scheduled, I kept headphones in a sport belt to inspect them best while doing the primary purpose for which I ordered them. The open-ear design of Shokz bone conduction headphones won my heart and made me enjoy my session to the fullest. 

Although the audio was not comparable to the regular headphones, they still gave me a clear sound with the bonus of listening to the coach and other runners.

I must say, these are excellent products to carry out my sports with ease. The lightweight and comfortable neckband with adjusting earpieces does not hurt, and I feel like never removing them. Additionally, these headphones have a built-in microphone that lets me pause/play music and adjusts the volume during phone calls.

I have been using these headphones for three months now, and they do not disappoint me in assessing all the technicalities. The 8 hours of playtime is more than enough for me. The other reason for keeping this Aeropex with me is their incredible IP67 waterproofing rating that does not harm the components of the headphones whenever I take them for jogging.

Key Specifications & Features

  • Design: Over-Ear Design.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Multifunction Button: to adjust and Control.
  • Noise Canceling: for better sound clarity and delivery
  • Waterproofing: IP67 rated – not for swimming
  • Battery life: up to 8 hours
  • Microphone: for calls.
  • The multifunction button saves my time in adjusting the volume while running
  • The headphones are super comfortable to wear due to the strong clamping force.
  • I feel less irritation at high volumes when using Aeropex.
  • Two charging cables allow me to keep one of them with me all the time for emergency charging.
  • These headphones are not suitable for swimming
  • During pairing, the voice notification is not available.

Final Verdict | Best Bone Conduction Sport Headphones

AfterShokz OpenRun headphones are a masterpiece that excels all the other products of the Shokz. The impressive battery life, high-rated waterproofing, and lightweight frame make them on my top priority list.

Shokz (AfterShokz) OpenMove – Open-Ear Bluetooth Sport Headphones 

Unboxing: I ordered the Shokz OpenMove headphones on the recommendation of my trainer. After receiving the package, I got Bone Conduction Headphones, a Drawstring Pouch, Earplugs, USB-C Charging Cable, different color headphones strips, and a User Guide. It was lightweight and 29 g.

Remarks: the electric blue color of the headphones was a bit poppy for me. But as long as the performance is fantastic, what color you use makes no difference. After taking them out of the box, I charged the headphones fully to analyze the features. 

As a runner, the only feature matters to me is the clear audio in my ears without the isolation of the horns and screeching. So, the initial pairing demanded simple, easy steps, and thus connected my smartphone with the latest 5.1 Bluetooth standard. With the additional premium pitch of 2.0, the audio quality in listening to podcasts and audiobooks during night runs exactly matches my taste.

The built-in microphone helps me deliver clear sound to the clients while making phone calls or managing my official meetings. And the multifunction button allows me to adjust the volume if I am in quiet locations. 

The wearing of the headphones was tricky for me. The open-ear design fits nicely above the temples for the first few hours, but due to the sturdy titanium frame, they tend to put pressure above the ears and cause little pain.

Furthermore, I am impressed by the IP55 waterproof rating of the headphones, which allows me to carry them out without bothering about the climatic conditions. I must say, these are highly recommended not only for runners but also for cyclists and bike riders.

However, the battery timings seem less to me as the headphones take significant time to charge, giving feedback of only about 6 hours in return. But still, I efficiently manage within these hours and am satisfied while using them.

Key Specifications & Features

  • Design: Open Ear Design 
  • Premium Pitch 2.0: for dynamic sound quality
  • Water Resistant: IP55 is water-resistant, making it reliable
  • Connectivity: 5.1 Bluetooth technology for effective pairing.
  • Battery life: 6 hours long battery life
  • Microphone: to call or attend meetings
  • Charging: USB-C charging port
  • Multipoint: for pairing multiple devices
  • Body: Titanium body 
  • Multifunction Button: Easy to control 
  • Headphones do not irritate me with spectacles.
  • Their C-type charging port helps me charge them with any compatible cable.
  • Earplugs help me to enhance the audio quality.
  • I cannot use OpenMove headphones during charging
  • Battery life is short

Final Verdict | Best Bone Conduction Wireless Earphones

AfterShokz OpenMove sports headphones are best for running and cycling. You can hear around you, and it fulfills the purpose of using bone headphones. The titanium body marks durability, so what else do you need?

Bone Conduction Headphones, WANFEI Running Bluetooth Headphones

Unboxing: WANFEI headphones claim they are best for running. However, no one can beat AfterShokz, but I thought to try them. Upon ordering, I received Bone Conduction Headphones, a Charging Cable, a Storage Bag, and a Manual.

Remarks: I got headphones in a dual shade of gray, and the matte texture gave the headphones an excellent premium representation. My excitement level was also on the extreme to enjoy the features of bone conduction other than AfterShokz. So, I instantly made them adjust above the ears. To my surprise, the open-ear design of the headphones was pretty much lightweight and manageable for long runs.

WANFEI headphones are compatible with Android and iOS. To check this, I connected my devices, such as my laptop and iPhone, with them. The pairing turned out smooth without demanding logical steps of verification. These headphones also have a built-in microphone that allows me to converse with my friends, whether in-home or outside. 

I have tested these headphones at parties, the gym, or on roads while driving early in the morning and got the same sound quality. These headphones have a stereo system for transmitting clear sounds within 10 meters. And the plus point is that you leave the ears open to hear what is happening around you.

One downside of these headphones is that I cannot carry them in water. Overall, they have an IP55 water resistance that tolerates my sweat during complex exercises and works great for me. Moreover, these are more enjoyable as they offer only one button that performs your different tasks. 

You can better concentrate on your work than floating your hands on both sides to play or pause and adjust the volume. Battery life is more than my expectation; you can get 7 hours of playtime with only 1.5 hours of charging. Isn’t it a great deal? 

Key Specifications & Features

  • Design: Open Ear Design 
  • Water Resistant: IP55 is water-resistant – not suitable for swimming
  • Connectivity: 5.0 Bluetooth technology for effective pairing.
  • Bluetooth Range: 10 meters
  • Battery life: 5-7 hours long battery life
  • Microphone: to call or attend meetings
  • Charging: USB charging port
  • Multifunction Button: for managing the settings
  • Due to the C-type port, I can charge my headphones from a computer or power bank.
  • I got them at half of the cost as compared to AfterShokz.
  • The carrying case allows me to keep them safe after use.
  • The headphones cannot connect to multiple devices.
  • The neckband is short and not suitable for my small head.

Final Verdict | Best WANFEI Running Bluetooth Headphones

I have used and experienced the features of the WANFEI running headphones. These headphones are no less than AfterShokz. With universal charging ports, long-lasting batteries make them best for fitness freaks.

MOING Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

Unboxing: I am a headphone fetish and constantly search for headphones for workouts or casual use. The little glance on the MOING page intrigued me to order the wireless bone conduction headphones. The parcel reached, and there were wireless headphones, cables, plugs, and a user guide for easy setup.

Remarks: the open-ear design of titanium material is rightly adjusted to its desired position without compressing the ear areas. I played my favorite playlist and enjoyed the feel of the stable connection by pairing my iPhone with the 5.0 Bluetooth of the headphones. In addition, The QCC chip and the decent sound calm my nerves every time I use them on morning walks.

The multifunction button allows me to control and adjust the volume, whether for personal calls or bassy songs, making my listening experience up to the mark. Apart from delivering superior sound during listening to music, these headphones are also efficient for more explicit phone calls through a built-in microphone. 

MOING headphones have an IP56 rating with moisture detectors and work great in situations when you have to attend a gymming session in the rainy season or find no time to wipe away excess sweat. 

How can I leave the discussion without mentioning the battery life? 5-6 hours of fantastic playtime is enough to do my chores. Moreover, magnetic charging makes these headphones safer, increasing their efficiency.

Key Specifications & Features

  • Design: Open Ear Headphones 
  • Water Resistant: IP56 rated for sweat/water during workouts 
  • Connectivity: QCC Chipset for better Bluetooth v5.0 connection
  • Battery life: 5-6 hours of lasting battery life
  • Microphone: CVC 8.0 microphone for calls
  • Multifunction Button: to adjust the settings/ Play & Pause
  • Reflective Design: high fluorescent for night visibility
  • Magnetic Charging: Safe charging 
  • I take advantage of the fluorescent visibility during night walks.
  • I feel no sound leakage after their usage
  • Due to waterproofing, I can use them indoors and outdoors.
  • The neckband is flexible and does not compress the sides of my ears.
  • The magnetic charger is not universal and thus cannot be bought separately
  • Sound quality is not up to the mark; at higher volumes, you feel some muddiness

Final Verdict | Best Bluetooth Headset With Reflective Stripes

MOING headphones have all the features in such a reasonable price range. The availability of a microphone and the latest Bluetooth standard make them no less than branded headphones. I like their reflective design as they alert me of the dangers during night walks.

Bone Conduction Headphones Bluetooth 5.0

Unboxing: fixing earbuds all the time while running took a toll on me. I desperately needed the alternative, so I ordered 9 Digital headphones on my friends’ recommendation. After receiving the package, I got the Bone Conduction Headphones, a Micro USB Charging Cable, Sponge Earplugs, and a User Manual for complete understanding.

Remarks: The black-colored headphones were indeed a treat to wear. I wore it and realized the silicone tips of the earpieces gently hugged my cheekbones, but the neckband needed to bend a little to adjust behind my head. However, the fit was okay, as I have to mold them according to my head size every time I wear them in the future.

Apart from the fitting, the connectivity and sound quality task was still there. I connected my iPhone with the Bluetooth 5.0 of the headphones, and after basic settings, I could pair the two devices easily to play the songs of my choice.

9 digital headphones have become my partner in cycling, running and morning walks. I like to carry them everywhere because they are lightweight and, at the same time, do not isolate me from the outer world. Moreover, It depends on my mood. If I need some privacy, sponge earplugs work great for me.

The audio quality of these headphones impressed me from the start. I enjoy listening to every bit of music or podcasts and watching movies using them. Moreover, doing exercises becomes more enjoyable for me with the device. I have the habit of meditation, so these devices benefit me with soothing sounds.

Taking and receiving calls is no longer difficult for me, either in crowds or driving. The built-in mic efficiently delivers a clear sound to the other end. I also use headphones for conducting zoom meetings because they transmit audio without leakage. 

Bluetooth headphones provide 6.5 hours of talk time and playtime on a single charge. 480 hours of standby time reduces my worry about charging them over and over again so that I can enjoy my leisure time. In addition, the multifunction button allows me to pause and play the songs.

Key Specifications & Features

  • Design: Open-Ear Design.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0; Qualcomm 8635
  • Multifunction Button: pause/play and answer
  • Noise Reducing: for decreasing outside noise
  • Waterproofing: certified IP54 waterproofing – not suitable for swimming
  • Battery life: 6.5 hours of playtime
  • Microphone: for calls.
  • Good for listening to audiobooks and podcasts
  • I use them indoors and outdoors due to excellent sweat proofing.
  • Pretty much affordable for me.
  • Headphones do not hurt my temples while wearing glasses.
  • These headphones do not bend easily.
  • Not suitable for swimming.

Final Verdict | Best Wireless Open-Ear Headphones

Bone conduction headphones of the 9 Digital are a versatile innovation. This device has all the features you may look for. Moreover, they do not increase the load on the pocket. I am enjoying using these headphones. What about you?

Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones Bluetooth 5.0

Unboxing: trying and reviewing different types of headphones is my hobby. In this regard, I ordered the MOING wireless bone headphones. Upon unboxing, I got the Bone Conduction Headphones, Micro USB Charging Cable, and Earplugs in the box.

Remarks: what I first look for in headphones is the comfort they provide to my ears. If not, they will be of no use. So, I tested them by wearing them, and they did not disappoint me. The neckband and earpieces nicely adjust without putting pressure.

I don’t need to follow complicated steps to connect my smartphone to the headphones. The standard Bluetooth 5.0 makes the pairing process much easier and allows me to enjoy the undistorted audio to the fullest.

Proceed to the audio quality; these headphones work better outdoors. It means you can hear ambient noises while listening to music on the walks. But these are not purely bone conductive. The headphones do not provide audio when you put them against the cheekbones but when adjusting them near the ears, such as on the tragus, only then the sound becomes audible to the ears.

The open-ear design of the headphones makes it one of the lightweight options in this price range. I prefer Bone conduction headphones because they are water-resistant. Thus, I can easily carry them on trips and in gyms. MOING headphones have a smooth surface, which means you can clean them from sweat or debris daily with a cloth.

The battery life is like you can listen to whatever you want for your entire life. It took only 2 hours to charge them, and you can enjoy 5-6 hours of call time and continuous playtime. Furthermore, the built-in microphone has its charm that manages your phone calls on the go, whether running, driving, or focusing on reading a book. 

Key Specifications & Features

  • Design: Open Ear Headphones 
  • Connectivity:  Bluetooth 5.0 connection
  • Battery life: 5-6 hours of lasting battery 
  • Charging Time: 1.5-2 hours
  • Microphone: for clear phone calls
  • Water Resistance: sweatproof and splashes of rain – not suitable for swimming
  • The microphone works perfectly for me in delivering clear voices.
  • Comfortable to wear headphones all day.
  • I found them more compatible with Samsung or Apple smartphones rather than others
  • You can also allow kids to use them for gaming.
  • Headphones produce a beeping sound after 30 minutes when listening to music.
  • The battery of the headphones does not last 5 hours, as mentioned.

Final Verdict | Best Open Ear Sports Headset with Mic

Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones from MOING are easy to wear for a long time. These headphones are specially designed to avoid ear pain or infection caused by earbuds. However, the working mechanism is inclined more toward air conduction than bone.

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How To Choose The Best Bone Conduction Headphones For Running – Buying Guide


I must say, comfort is the first task you and I assign to the headphones. Don’t you? Headphones must-have luxury materials that do not cause pain, and in the case of bone conduction headphones, ease and comfort is the most added factor because they can hurt the head and trigger headache when vibrations pass through bones. 

If they do not press your ears or tightly hold the head, you must grab it first. It would help if you looked for adjustable headbands made of lightweight titanium and silicone earcups.

Sound quality

Whether you consider bone conduction or conventional headphones, sound quality is at the top of the list. There is no point in using headphones that do not stand on expectations for clear sounds and undistorted audio.

I suggest you look for bone-conduction headphones with built-in mics for adjusting sounds for calls and opt for devices that do not cause odd vibrations at higher volumes when listening to music.


The most common factor associated with devices is less price, which further marks their durability. A headphone performs when it produces clear sound without distortion, connects with other devices quickly, and does not wear out even after weak handling. 

It is the working strength of the headphones that make them durable and not the cash. If you find the latest technology at an affordable price, get your hands on them in the first go.


Do you look for a smooth connection between the devices? If yes, look for wireless headphones that have updated connectivity technology so that you can enjoy an undistorted music experience. I suggest you go for Bluetooth 5.1 and 5.2 and at least for 5.0. 

Aesthetic Design

The impressive design of the headphone is the first impression that attracts you to them. You opt for headphones that belong to a famous brand because they always come up with a unique design every time. 

Moreover, I suggest you buy one that offers replaceable parts. In case you want to use them for a long time, you have the opportunity to make changes to them when needed.


Do you carry your regular headphones in water? Surely not. I advise you to look for Bone Conduction Headphones that are not only waterproof but made with material that does not get affected in outdoor activities. 

These headphones have an additional Ingress Protection (IP) feature ranging from IPX0-IPX9. The higher the rating, the more you take them in deep water and thus experience less damage to the components of the headphones.

Battery life

Why do you keep headphones with you? The answer is straightforward because it has a charging capacity that allows you to carry it everywhere and listen to whatever you want. An extensive long-hour battery is very crucial for durable headphones. 

AfterShokz Aeropex Bone Conduction vs. Bose Sports Open Earbuds

Different brands offer different types of headphones, and every brand is trying to mark its position in the market by introducing new features among these gadgets. Similarly, Bose offers Earbuds that are the alternative to true bone conduction headphones.

AfterShokz Aeropex is an actual Bone conduction headphone that provides you situational awareness with additional IPX7 waterproofing. The earpieces are connected to a flexible neckband for securing the headphones behind the head. These headphones are known to send signals in the inner part of the ears, thus good at providing decent audio.

Bose Sports Open Earbuds have earpieces and no neckband that rests above the ears like bone headphones. You get more amplified and realistic sounds as they transmit signals through the air. Bose Earbuds can be used as a replacement for bone headphones as they also let you enjoy them in water due to their IPX4 rating.


Can You Damage Your Hearing With Bone Conduction Headphones?

Bone conduction headphones are designed with safety measures to protect the outer surface as well as the inner layers of the ears. However, high volume or constant listening may result in ear infections or less hearing. Overall, they do not have any detrimental effect on hearing. 

Can You Wear Earplugs With Bone Conduction Headphones?

Earplugs and Bone conduction headphones are the best combinations for people who want to listen to music at full volume. Wearing earplugs doubles the sound of headphones.

Do Bone Conduction Headphones Sound Good?

Bone conduction headphones follow the mechanism of sound delivery through the skull and cheekbones directly to the innermost part of the ear. Thus, these are not suitable for providing audiophile audio. At high volumes, bones need more energy to transmit the signals. As a result, there are higher vibrations that cause headaches later on.

Final Verdict | Bone Conduction Headphones For Running

What do you need in bone conduction headphones that compel you to use them instead of regular ones? In this article, I have elaborated on Bone conduction headphones specially designed for running. All the elements such as waterproofing, long battery life, microphone, and fitting combine and make bone conduction headphones excellent for the purpose. So, throw the earbuds in a bin and feel like true workout headphones. 

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