Skullcandy Push Active Not Charging | Reasons and Troubleshooting

After using Skullcandy earbuds up to the limit, I thought to charge them up for the next session. However, placing it in the case did not turn on the red charging light, indicating issues with charging. How I solve the Skullcandy Push Active Not Charging may help you turn yours alive. 

The real culprits might be blown-out batteries, faulty charging cases, software bugs, and other defective accessories. You can eliminate Skullcandy not charging issue by factory resetting the device, which in turn demands pairing your earbuds again with the devices. 

In this article, I will mention why Skullcandy push active is not charging. In addition, the steps of restart and reset are explained in detail to clear minor confusion regarding complexities while adopting them. 

Why Won’t My Skullcandy Push Headphones Charge?

Finding causes for why your earbuds stop charging is the priority you want to hunt about. Let’s dig into the real causes and find better solutions.

Dirty Charging Ports

What happens when the cable aims to supply 3.6 amps with a combination of 5V, but the dirt-accumulated ports do not supply it inside? You can estimate the charging process will not perform poorly. 

Dirty charging ports fail to receive enough power supply from the sockets and fail to charge the buds. You must put them into action by cleaning them with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab. The steps are simple as pouring the rubbing alcohol on the toothpick or cleaning the ports gently. The end step must be wiping the surface with a cotton swab. 

Faulty Wires and Chargers

Do you keep a single cable to charge your every device? If yes, use different cords to charge everything. Every device is different, and so do the accustomed ports that are only customary to charge the device they are designed to. 

Similarly, when you notice skullcandy earbuds do not charge to a maximum, double-check the conditions of the cords. If it contains bending, twisting, or worn-out marks, replace them with newer ones. 

Faulty Case

Mention the faulty case that restricts your earbuds from charging in due time or not at all. Remember, earbuds with charging case provides better battery life only if the case makes them charge. Dirty buds cases do not provide power to the buds. 

Moreover, there are chances that earbuds do not sit correctly or the buds’ charging connectors get detached from the case’s charging pins. However, wiggling the buds a little solve the issue temporarily. 

Dead Battery

Another superficial reason why skullcandy push active earbuds are not charging is defective batteries. When you continue using the earbuds even after receiving the low battery notification, it impacts the battery capacity and loses charging over time. Also, earbuds’ batteries are prone to damage when charging them longer, exceeding the recommended hours or minutes. 

Software Glitches

Calling software glitches a dead end is not wrong because these uninvited guests eventually disrupt the normal functioning of various gadgets. Similarly, the Skullcandy Push not charging issue may be the return gifts of these bugs and other related terms. 

Outdated Firmware Update

Skullcandy earbuds work best with a dedicated app. You can change the audio, charging, and notification settings at your convenience. Similarly, not updating your earbuds might stop them from charging and activating charging indicator lights. 

Moisture Interaction

You may wonder what moisture has to do with the waterproof earbuds. In fact, the real enemy that continues stopping your earbuds from serving you in the best possible way is the moisture interaction. 

Although Skullcandy Push Active earbuds are sweat or water-resistant, charging demands all the electrical circuits to work in complete harmony in supplying current to the internal batteries. 

If the site of charging contains water or sweat droplets, you have to dry them before putting them for the charge.  

How Do You Get Skullcandy Push to Charge?

You might wonder what practical remedies would be after reading the promising reasons why Skullcandy earbuds do not charge. Don’t you? I try explaining minimal solutions to your problems that hopefully work for you.

Reset Earbuds

Resetting earbuds takes a few seconds and cancels out negative issues like not pairing, not charging, etc. 

  1. Open your device’s Bluetooth settings and disconnect Skullcandy push Active from the list. 
  2. Turn off your mobile’s Bluetooth 
  3. Take out the left and right earbuds from the charging case.
  4. Tap the button on the back of the right earbud.
  5. Hold on for three seconds, and you will hear a tone indicating reset is done.
  6. Also, the earbuds flash purple, and then both earbuds flash blue.
  7. You can pair your earbuds with the device you want.

Skullcandy Push Active Not Charging | Tips

  • Keep charging case fully charged
  • Turn off both buds before placing them in the case
  • Even out the charging of both earbuds by draining the battery of either one or both.
  • Keep your device updated with the latest firmware.
  • Keep skullcandy earbuds away from moisture.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my Skullcandy push is charging?

Skullcandy push active starts blinking red to warn you about charging. Hence, when you plug the charging cable into the case when the buds are in, the case flashes a red LED followed by green when fully charged. 

How long does it take to charge Skullcandy push earbuds?

Skullcandy push active provides 8 hours of extended battery life on a charge of one hour. However, you can benefit from the quick charge feature of 10 minutes, which provides 120 minutes of playtime in a rush. 

Summing Up

Skullcandy Push Active comprises almost 8 hours of battery life and a quick charge feature. The dilemma of earbuds not charging issue is a must to answer. You can consult the different ways through this article, as it covers the general and straightforward ways of eliminating the Skullcandy not charging issues.

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