How to hook up wireless headphones to TCL Roku tv? Quick Guide

My TCL 32″ CLASS 3-SERIES HD LED SMART TV is one of the finest TVs that support Roku as the streaming partner. Regarding connectivity, it comes with the Roku App and many other features, but direct connectivity with headphones is not as easy as it looks. So, if you are a private listener or a family man who doesn’t want to disturb their family while enjoying late-night favorite shows, this guide on How to hook up wireless headphones to TCL Roku TV is for you.

This article aims to provide you with all the information you need to connect your wireless headphones with TCL Roku TV in a simple, straightforward manner. Additionally, I will provide you with all the instructions you need to use if your Roku TV is not Bluetooth compatible and the Roku smartphone app is not installed on your smartphone.

How to connect wireless headphones to Roku tv?

I recently bought one of the most reliable wireless headphones for TCL Roku TV for my private chill time. But, when I started connecting, it was not a piece of cake, so I applied different methods and tweaks as follows.

Utilizing Roku TV App

If you are a new user, I suggest using the Roku TV application. By using the Roku TV app, you will be able to connect your headphones to the TV. You can follow these steps to turn on the private listening of the Roku App.

  • Install the Roku app on your smartphone. 
  • After that, pair your headphones with your smartphone.
  • Now go to the remote or navigation bar of the App.
  • After that, you need to click the headphone icon. 
  • Look for the paired devices and find your headphones.
  • Enjoy your private listening. 

ProTip: Always install the latest version of the Roku App.

Connecting with TCL Roku TV Bluetooth

Regarding the direct Bluetooth, new TCL models equipped with modern technologies come with Bluetooth. On the other hand, the old TCL Roku TVs don’t have this functionality, so you have to buy the transmitter for Roku TV. 

But for modern TVs, you go to the settings and look for Bluetooth to turn it on. After that, look for the new devices and find your headphones. For better connection, keep the headphones in proximity and turn the pairing on for better connection. Now pair the TV with headphones and enjoy your Me Time late at night.

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Using Bluetooth Transmitter for Roku TV

For all the old Roku TVs, you need to get a Bluetooth Transmitter to connect your headphones. To make a connection:

  • Get a Bluetooth transmitter and connect it with the TV using the audio output port.
  • Now it is ready to connect your headphones.
  • Please turn on the pairing mode of your headphones and pair them with the transmitter.
  • After that, you are ready to browse your favorite shows on the Best wireless headphones for Roku TV.

Note: You can connect two headphones simultaneously using Bluetooth Transmitter.

Using Remote for Wired Connection

Most of the time, the headphones come with a wire for a wired connection. The TCL Roku TV comes with a very usable remote. An aux 3.5mm jack is available in the remote that you can use to connect your headphones through the wire. I usually connect my Beats headphones with the wired connection to watch Real Madrid matches late at night.

Does my TCL Smart TV have Bluetooth?

Yes, TCL Smart TVs have Bluetooth functionality and Android compatibility. I recently wanted to connect my Beats Headphones to my TCL Smart TV, and I followed this process. The process includes:

  • The first thing is to go to the settings from the home button on the remote.
  • Find the settings and then look for the remote and accessories. 
  • Press OK to proceed.
  • You can look for the Bluetooth settings and your device.
  • Bluetooth devices nearby and discoverable will appear on your television screen.

Note: Make sure to set your Bluetooth device into pairing mode. 

  • Choose your device and enjoy the listening experience. 

Final Words

TCL Roku TV provides an exciting viewing experience, but the wireless connectivity of the headphones is not that straightforward. I have presented a detailed article on hooking wireless headphones to TCL Roku TV along with the functionality of the TCL Smart TV. 

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