Guide on How do I connect my Sony headphones to my Mac?

Sony is one of the industry leaders and provides the exotic features that persuaded me to buy the Sony WH1000XM3 for my MacBook Pro M1. The first obstacle was to connect it to my Mac to enjoy my favorite music while working on an editing project. I did learn every minute detail about the Sony headsets and now provide you with the guide on “How do I connect my Sony headphones to my Mac?”

This brief guide will teach you how to connect Sony headphones to your MacBook from start to end. In addition, I will further provide you with the troubleshooting of the Sony headphones and solving the headphone recognizing issue. Stick to it.

How do I connect my Sony Bluetooth headset to my Mac?

If you are a new user, you need to know that the connecting process requires following instructions and tweaks to make a reliable connection.

Devices Compatibility

The first and most crucial step is to analyze and expect the specification and requirements of both devices. Learning about your MacBook and determining whether they are compatible is better. Like my MacBook Pro, the M1 is a retina display and works fine with the Sony headphones.

Note: All the models having macOS High Sierra – version 10.13 or later are compatible with the Sony headphones.

How to put Sony headphones in pairing mode?

The next step after knowing the compatibility is putting the devices into pairing mode. Follow these steps to turn on the pairing mode. The steps are:

  • To turn on the headphones, press and hold the power button for a few seconds.
  • It will automatically go to the pairing mode if you connect it for the first time.

Tip: Press and hold for 7 seconds (usually takes 5 seconds) to turn on the pairing mode for the second time.

Connecting MacBook

Now turn on the Bluetooth mode of the MacBook and enable the searching of the device to connect. It includes the following instructions.

  • The first step is to go to MacBook’s System Preferences via the Apple menu on the top.
  • Now find the Bluetooth in the settings and turn it on.
  • After that, look for the new devices and select Sony WH1000XM3.

Tip: Sometimes, they ask for the 0000 code to connect.

  • You are paired with the Sony headphones and ready to play music on the headphones.
  • Then, browse for the Sound output settings and set it to Bluetooth.

Sony Headphones Connect Mac App

I have installed a Sony Headphones Connect application that makes everything easy to connect. Furthermore, it helps me customize settings according to my liking and connect my Sony headphones in a breeze.

Install the application from the App store, turn on the pairing mode of the headphones and add after adding new devices from the application. After adding your device to the list, you can connect with one tap.

How do I pair my Sony headphones to my Apple watch?

I have bought Sony WH-1000XM4 for my workout routines that connect with my Apple watch before going for an everyday routine. If you have an Apple watch and want to connect it to Sony headphones, then turn your Sony headphones to pairing mode first.

Now go to the Apple Watch settings and go to the Bluetooth settings. It will start searching the nearby devices, and there will be a list of Bluetooth-enabled devices. Look for your device and select Sony headphones WH-1000XM4, and you are ready to play your favorite music on the headphones.

How do I get my Mac to recognize my Bluetooth headphones?

To make your headphones recognizable to Mac, turn on the Bluetooth headphones and enable the pairing mode. From the Apple menu, turn on Bluetooth settings and look for your headphones. After choosing your headphones, you are ready to play your favorite track.

Why won’t my Sony headphones connect to my Mac?

Recently I faced an issue where my Sony wh-1000xm3 won’t connect to Mac, which led me to troubleshoot the problem. The troubleshooting includes:

  • I reset my headphones to the factory settings.
  • Make sure that headphones are in the range of the Mac. (3 Feet)
  • Devices may be faulty, or the firmware of both devices is not updated.
  • Unpair the device and pair it again.
  • Reboot both devices and try connecting again. Hopefully, it will save the day.


I have provided a comprehensive and to-the-point guide to connecting Sony headphones to the MacBook. You go with the series of steps, and it will do the job effectively. Moreover, I have described the troubleshooting of the sony headphones not connecting to Mac, along with a brief guide to connecting your Apple Watch with sony headphones.

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