How to Use AfterShokz OpenComm? Steps Explained

Working from home seems exciting, but it always takes a toll whenever you have to attend meetings and give instructions on phone calls. Loud noises in the background hinder the voices from reaching the other end. What to do to tackle the situation? Opencomm headphones come to the rescue. But the question is, How to Use AfterShokz Opencomm?

Why is Opencomm my choice? It is the bone-conduction headphones that do let me hear outside voices. In addition, the device is equipped with 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity and a noise-canceling booming microphone to manage phone calls while sitting at home. The 16 hours of talk time is the prominent factor that prompts me to choose it against others.

In this article, I will mention how to use after shokz opencomm. How to get familiar with control volume or multifunction buttons? What are the procedures to initiate a connection, charge, or multipoint pairing? The article also covers a step-by-step guide on how to wear headphones.

How to Use AfterShokz Opencomm?

Aftershokz Bone Conduction Headphones are in trend due to their incredible features and easy access or handling during daily chores. Apart from their performance in outdoor activities, the Opencomm headphones mark the entry for communication purposes.

Who does not want a trendy, lightweight gadget to manage official meetings from home? In my case, using Opencomm headphones has changed my routine. In no way am I disconnected from the surroundings. 

Using a headphone, whether bone conduction or regular, needs an initial guide, and if you learn the familiar commands, you are good to go. However, you can make the best use of Opencomm headphones by finding the answers for:

  • Charging
  • Switching them on/off
  • Pairing or Connecting 
  • Dealing with Control Buttons

How to Charge Headphones?

Using Opencomm for clear calls requires a full charge. Generally, aftershokz headphones come with 50% charging. However, it is crucial to charge them in full to avoid any inconvenience. Opencomm headphones leave aside the older trends of utilizing Micro USB cables and adopt the proprietary magnetic induction cable for fast charging. Hence, the charging is done by following simple steps:

  • Insert the USB end into the USB outlet of the laptop
  • Attach the magnetic cable to the charging port on the right side of the headphones
  • During charging, it will flash red
  • Once charging is done, the LED light changes from red to blue.

Point to be noted: AfterShokz Opencomm is equipped with a moisture detection alert and blinks red and blue with a warning beep if there is moisture on the charging spot.

How to Check the Battery Status?

Checking battery status is as crucial as charging them. It is an unavoidable command that will help you on jampack roads or make official phone calls when the charging cable is unavailable. 

Although Opencomm offers a standby time of 14 days, you must know how much battery remains to continue using headphones. Press the volume+ or volume- button( when the headphones do not play music or you are not on call). A voice indication is produced as Battery High, Battery Low, Battery Medium, and Charge Me.

How to Operate the Control Buttons of AfterShokz?

Aftershokz Opencomm headphones comprise two buttons on the right side and a multifunction button on the left arm of the headphones. The charging port is also on the same layout as the volume buttons.

Power/Volume+ ; Volume- Button

You can only utilize the headphones or understand their functioning if you know the volume buttons. In case a call comes, and you have to adjust the volume. Your first reaction does not embarrass you in front of others. 

However, the two buttons perform their functions according to their names. As the power button is not separate; so, the volume+ button has a double duty to perform.

  • Power on – press and hold the volume+ button for 2s
  • Power off – press and hold the volume+ button for 3s
  • Mute on/off – press and hold volume+ or volume- for 2 s when on call
  • Volume+ button – to increase the volume
  • Volume- button – to decrease the volume

Aftershokz Opencomm Multifunction Button

How can a single button manage various tasks? An exclusive button on the left side of the headphones performs functions that can significantly help first-time users. I will mention some of the significant commands you can use to operate headphones without assistance.

For Phone Calls

  • Single click – answer/end call
  • Double click – redialling last number
  • Press and Hold – reject the call, and hold for 2 seconds to activate the voice assistant

For Music Listening

  • Single click – play/pause
  • Double click – tap to play the next song
  • Triple click – repeat the track

How to Turn Opencomm On/Off?

Where is the power button of AfterShokz Opencomm? The power button and volume+ button share the same housing on the right arm of the headphones. However, the procedure is the same whether you turn them off or on.

To turn on the headphones, press the power/volume+ button until you hear a voice indicating, “Welcome to Shokz.” On the other hand, if you want to switch off the device, repeat the process with the same buttons.

How to Pair AfterShokz OpenComm?

Why do you need to pair bone-conduction headphones? Pairing is a link that connects headphones and an audio source, as these devices will only manage your phone calls if you connect devices.

Bone conduction headphones use the mechanism of transferring signals through jaw and skull bones. The transducers convert the audio data into vibrations. The bones pick them up and readily transfer them to the inner ear, thus avoiding the outer and middle regions. 

How to Pair Headphones?

  • Turn off the headphones.
  • Press the power/volume+ button and hold it for 3-5 seconds
  • Wait until there is an LED flash in red and Blue color
  • You will hear the voice “Pairing.”
  • Headphones are now discoverable on other devices.

How to Connect AfterShokz Headphones?

After making the Opencomm ready for pairing mode, the next step is connecting the headphones to the laptop or smartphone.

  • On the Bluetooth menu, tap on Opencomm by AfterShokz.
  • You will hear the sound “Connected.”
  • The headphones will flash blue for once.

To connect the headphones to a computer (Bluetooth enabled), you need SHOKZ Loop 100 USB-A Wireless Adapter to enjoy a stable connection within 33 ft. Moreover, the advantage of using the adapter is to achieve precise and consistent audio.

How to Wear Opencomm Bone Conduction Headphones?

After an initial setup, wearing headphones and adjusting their position is of utmost importance. You will not get the desired audio quality if dislodged from their place. 

  1. Hold the Opencomm upright to make the wraparound band nearest to you while keeping the open end at a distance, and ensure that the function buttons are facing downwards.
  2. Place the headphones headband on the back of the neck and the headphones’ curves above the ears.
  3. Adjust the earpieces close to the temple bones and make the neckband fitting proper with the help of adjustable straps.
  4. Also, adjust the rotatable booming microphone near the mouth.

Where Do You Place Bone Conduction Headphones? The bones need signals as close as possible. The transducers must be positioned near the ears to convert vibrations into signals. In a nutshell, the headband goes behind the head, and the earpieces over the lobes.

AfterShokz OpenComm Multipoint Pairing

You can make your work from home more exciting by taking advantage of the multipoint feature. You can connect your headphones to multiple devices and use them best. However, you will not receive inputs simultaneously, so switching between the devices is the only solution to enjoy the multipoint pairing.

  • Switch off the headphones
  • Repeat the pairing steps, and press or hold the volume+ button for 5-7 seconds.
  • You will hear Multipoint Enabled while holding the volume+ or multifunction button.
  • Connect your first device from the audio source via Bluetooth
  • Turn off the headphones again and on them to re-enter pairing mode
  • Search the Opencomm in the Bluetooth settings of the second device and connect
  • To enjoy the features, turn off the headphones and switch them on.

NFC (Near Field Communication)

It is the feature that allows connecting devices with headsets equipped with NFC, and Opencomm is the first AfterShokz wireless headphone that supports this technology. Pairing is similar to Bluetooth connection, but you do not need proper synchronization and only bring the devices together.

You establish the NFC pairing by placing the headphone’s NFC area close to the NFC detection of the smartphone. Upon pairing, the headphones flash Blue for once, and you will receive an indication [Connected].

How to Reset Opencomm Headphones?

You need to know the troubleshooting if your headphones need to be fixed. No matter what the problem is, resetting fixes the majority of the problems.

  • Always start by switching off the headphones
  • Ensure the headphones are in pairing mode
  • Press the volume+, volume- and multifunction buttons for 3 seconds
  • Wait until you hear the voice indication
  • Press the volume+ button to turn off the headphones
  • Turn them on and repair them with all the devices.


Is OpenComm by AfterShokz Waterproof?

AfterShokz Opencomm is more a communication headphone rather than a sport headphone. It comes with an IP55 rating. So, don’t dive into the water, as it will only damage the components.

Why do I Hear Static When I Listen to Music?

Opencomm headphones use Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. If you are not in the vicinity of 10 meters, the headphones produce static sounds. 

How Long Does it Take to Charge AfterShokz OpenComm?

You can use Opencomm for an urgent call with the quick charge feature. If the headphones’ battery is drained below the level, plug them in and rest them for 5 minutes, the device provides you with an additional two hours. Overall, it takes 60 minutes to charge them from 0%.

Conclusion | How to Use AfterShokz Opencomm?

Aftershokz Opencomm does not require complex and fast rules for use. In the first go, you only need to learn basic knowledge about the control buttons and pairing method. In this article, I have mentioned all the necessary information about the headphones’ usage. Follow it and manage your work without isolating from your surroundings.

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