YouthWhisper Bone Conduction Headphones On-Ear | Review

Choosing bone-conduction headphones may seem tiring and not everyone’s cup of tea. The technology is new and pricey. Looking for a device that provides all the features without increasing the load on the wallet may become hectic. I suggest you try YouthWhisper Bone Conduction On-Ear Headphones.

Youthwhisper headphones acknowledge you with features like Bluetooth 5.0, long battery life, and waterproofing. Additionally, you can use them indoors as well as outdoors. Thus, you will receive nothing more than you pay or nothing less than your expectations.

In this section, I will mention the features of the headphones that attract me the most. In addition, you will know how bone conduction transmits sounds to be heard in the ears.

Review – YouthWhisper Bone Conduction Headphones

Why choose affordable Youthwhisper over Shokz Bone conduction headphones? The reason is apparent; they are loaded with features that never let you down during sports or listening to audiobooks at home.

If you want to protect your ears, change your routine and switch to bone-conduction headphones. They are exclusive devices that let you protect the health of the ears along with complete awareness of your surroundings. As a music enthusiast, it is a chance to enjoy listening by utilizing Youth Whisper Bone Conduction On-Ear Headphones.

I have been using these headphones for three months, and except for one or two flaws, the tech device works great for me. However, no device can beat the quality of audiophiles. But, still, these are nothing less.

My goal is to highlight the headphones’ positive aspects and make them in competition with premium bone conduction headphones.

Design and Fit

Who will benefit from the headphones that rest above the ears? The youthwhisper headphones have a titanium headband embedded with silicone patches to sit perfectly behind the head. 


  • Style: in-ear
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 
  • Range: 33 feet
  • Battery Life: 8 hours talk time; 6 hours playtime
  • Standby Time: 20 days
  • Waterproofing: IP54 sweat-resistant
  • Material: Titanium Alloy Frame
  • Microphone: for clear phone calls
  • Weight: 0.88oz

Furthermore, the headphones are super lightweight and barely possess any weight (0.88 oz). For a long day wearing, my first choice is Youthwhisper headphones. One more specialty of the in-ear design is that they are also perfect for kids to use while bicycling without worrying about falling off.

What’s in the BoxYouthWhisper Bone Conduction Headphones On-Ear

  • Youthwhisper headphones
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual
  • Noise proof earplugs



Youthwhisper headphones comprise a smaller button layout. The three buttons have their residence on the left extension of the headphones. However, you will not find a separate power button to switch on or off.

Multifunction button

Remember not to underestimate the power of a single multifunction button. It would help if you found out what they store for you. So the button is famous for doing many tasks such as:

  • Single press – pause/play the music; answer or hang up the call
  • Double press – skip audio track 
  • Long press – reject calls when you hold the button for 2 seconds

Volume Up+; Volume Down-

Generally, other bone-conduction headphones have their volume control on the right side. But the Youthwhisper headset lite consists of a volume up and down button on the left arm. Thus, they perform functions according to their names.

Moreover, the power button and volume up button share the same spacing. The functions are accessible once you become habitual in operating the headphones. Turn on or off the device as per your wish by pressing the volume up button for 3 seconds.


Who does not want to enjoy a stable and unbreakable connection? Youthwhisper headphones have excelled with many other bone-conduction headphones with 4.2 Bluetooth technology. The device supports 5.0 Bluetooth technology, and the icing on the cake is the range of 33 feet, within which you can freely make the best use of them.

Moreover, the connection is stable and long-lasting. The latest connectivity allows you to watch movies on laptops or listen to audiobooks on smartphones. So, keep the messy wired gadgets aside and make wireless headphones your partner.

How to Pair Youthwhisper Headphones?

Pairing is as critical as operating the headphones. You need to connect the device to make your listening experience better. And Bluetooth technology makes it possible. Before pairing, ensure that the device you want to connect to headphones is Bluetooth equipped.

  • Press the volume up button for three seconds
  • Look for the alternate red and blue LED lights
  • Turn on the Bluetooth mode of the smartphone
  • Select Youthwhisper
  • Pairing is done

The headphones produce a voice indication [Connected] and flash Blue light once for confirmation.

Do Youthwhisper Headphones Connect to Multiple Devices?

Do you like to work while listening to your favorite tracks? If yes, these headphones may disappoint you as they do not support multipoint pairing. The connection is undoubtedly strong, but you must disconnect one device to connect to the other. 

If you are searching for a bone-conduction headset connecting multiple devices, you should opt for AfterShokz Aeropex. Or you also select Tayogo headphones to fulfill the purpose in an approachable price range.

Sound Quality

Bone conduction headphones work on the transmission of sounds through the skull and cheekbones. That’s why they cannot make up the frequency range of 20 Hz to 20kHz, which the human ear can easily hear.

Remember to avoid comparing bone headphones with audiophiles, as they are not meant to design for this function. But, they are highly efficient in providing awareness of what is happening around you. 

In addition, the open-ear design does not let the audio leak become prominent. I have also not noticed any audio lag. However, the sound quality is highly varied from location to location. In louder areas, the audio becomes less, but in calm locations, you will hear everything perfectly. 

Point to be noted: you need to press the headband if you have a large head. Otherwise, the sound becomes quiet and loaded with bass.

You only know the performance of the headphones if you utilize them. Similarly, Youthwhisper headphones do not come with an expensive price tag. But the sound quality may prove you wrong. As I said earlier, the headphones have been used for three months. And the sound quality is accurate.



Youthwhisper bone conduction is sport headphones. They easily tolerate heavy sweat and moisture with an IP54 rating. But try not to carry them underwater, such as in bath showers or swimming pools. They are not waterproof.

Moreover, make a habit of cleaning them after extensive use. The best cleaning agent for this purpose is the alcohol prep pads that wipe away the sweat from the surface and protect them from degradation.


What will be your choice for headphones with no microphone and headphones with a microphone? Due to the built-in microphone, you can manage your phone calls and send clear voices to the person you hear next to you.

Youthwhisper headphones have a built-in microphone, and the quality is just outstanding. Even during phone calls, you are not isolated from the surroundings. It is helpful when you are in traffic and promptly attends the call.

Battery Life

Why are wireless headphones the first choice for everyone? Because these devices have a charging capacity that lets you roam while music runs in the background. You don’t have to carry a power bank or do not restrict your activities. 

Similarly, Youthwhisper has 200 mAh lithium metal batteries that provide extended hours without concern about what activity you are using headphones. For example, I have experienced 8 hours of distortion-free talk time. 

One of the undeniable features of the headphones is their standby time of 20 days. Just charge the gadget once and forget about their charging for days. However, the battery timings vary for call time and music. If it offers 8 hours for phone calls, the battery reduces by 2 hours when listening to music.

How to Charge Headphones?

After using them for several hours, you must charge them as soon as you receive a low battery indication. The question is how to charge headphones. The simple steps are:

  • Peel the covering beside the control buttons
  • Insert the available micro USB charging cable
  • The other end goes to the wall outlet or laptop.

Note: youthwhisper headphones are optimized to receive not more than 5.25 volts.

Youthwhisper headphones contain many practicalities. It means you do not keep a check on them when they are in charging mode, as they flash LED lights for confirmation. So, two prominent colors for headphones are Blue and Red.

When the device demands a plug-in, it indicates through a red LED light. Similarly, after charging, the headset flashes blue light. One more indication is necessary: the alternative flash of red and blue for the pairing process.

What I like about the headphones

  • Silicone pads make headphones comfortable
  • Charge headphones in 30-45 minutes
  • Sound quality is worth the money
  • LED indication is quite beneficial
  • Satisfied quality of the microphone
  • Earplugs also protect my ears
  • The music stops on its own when the phone rings

What I don’t like about the headphones

  • The build quality is not durable.
  • Do not come with a protective case.
  • Use a micro USB cable for charging
  • Very uncomfortable while sleeping

Youth Whisper Lite Vs. Tayogo S2 Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headset

Youthwhisper and Tayogo bone conduction have the best features regarding the low price. While analyzing critically, they share the same Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, confirming the more robust and stable connection between devices. However, the Youthwhisper headphones beat Tayogo and provide a better Bluetooth range to circulate easily without keeping your phone in your pocket.

On the other hand, Youthwhisper is lighter (0.88 oz) than Tayogo and is the best device for adjusting them above the ears. The playtime of 6 hours is almost the same in both headsets to complete the workout session.

One plus point in the check box of Tayogo headphones is the higher IP55 rating. These headphones can manage to survive light rains as compared to Youthwhisper (IP54), which is not suitable for taking them underwater.

Youth Whisper Lite Vs. YouthWhisper Pro Open Ear Bone Conduction Headphones

How to choose when both headphones are available at low prices? All the features are identical. For example, 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity, 6 hours of battery life, and sweatproof.

The only difference between both headphones is the rotatable microphones for managing phone calls. You can easily bend the microphones near your mouth to send clear and accurate voice notes. Moreover, the lite version is lightweight as compared to Youthwhisper Pro.


Is Bone Conduction Better Than Headphones?

Bone conduction is better than headphones because they let you hear the ambient sounds of your surroundings. If sound quality is not your priority, you can easily use Bone conduction headphones to protect your ears from severe ear infections or soreness.

Can you Hear Outside Noise with Bone Conduction Headphones?

Bone conduction headphones rest above the surface of the ears. There is no physical seal between the earpieces and the surroundings, so the sound leak is prominently audible to outsiders.


Can the Battery Be Replaced?

Generally, components of Bone conduction headphones are not replaced. The same case is applied to the Youthwhisper batteries. They are replaceable on only one condition if it falls in the warranty claim period. Contact the manufacturers and resolve the issue.

Can Bone Conduction Headphones Cause Tinnitus?

Bone conduction headphones neither cause nor cure tinnitus. By using these devices, patients can divert their attention from the sounds coming from the inside. It helps them focus on what is going on outside.


Wearing Youthwhisper bone conduction headphones is comforting, accessible, and has a battery that lasts long enough for me. Although the sound quality does not make the mood, it can be sacrificed to let the ears open to hear outside noises. So, grab your Youth Whisper headphones and access the features. 


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