How to Pair Tayogo Bone Conduction Headphones? Steps Explained

Getting brand new Tayogo bone conduction headphones is another level of excitement. These are unique, as they let you enjoy music while interacting with the outer world. But the difficulty is how to initiate them in a running position. It is essential to pair headphones with different devices to do this. So, learn How to Pair Tayogo Bone Conduction Headphones through this article.

Pairing is vital because it makes the wireless bond between two devices. With Tayogo headphones, Bluetooth 5.0 facilitates the listening experience within the 30 feet range. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about compatible devices as they connect to iOS and Android operating systems.

Tayogo headphones work on the bone conduction mechanism, which picks up the vibrations to the cochlea and delivers them to the brain. Thus, the transmission of sound takes place through the bones. I will share simple steps on how to pair Tayogo Bone Conduction Headphones.

How to Pair Tayogo Bone Conduction Headphones?

Generally, all bone-conduction headphones require the same methods for pairing. But in this article, I will specifically mention the pairing process of Tayogo headphones. The steps are simple so that even a non-specialist can do it on the first try. 

  • Turn on the headphones and wait until the LED flashes red and blue
  • The next step is to search for the Tayogo S2 from the Bluetooth list of the smartphone
  • Enable the pairing and notice the LED will turn slowly from red to blue
  • If the device requires a pairing code, enter “0000”.
  • Connection is established.

Note: Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to switch on the headphones.

Tayogo headphones possess the exclusive feature of preparing them for pairing mode. Suppose the LED indication needs to be visible to alert you about them being ready. You can do this task efficiently by pressing the multifunction button for 5 seconds to establish a link between two devices.

Things to Keep in Mind while Pairing Devices

Pairing the headset with compatible devices is as imperative as operating them. The trendy headphones have Bluetooth connectivity, so you only make the best of them once the connection is established. There are a few reminders to keep in mind before connecting the headphones with different devices.

  • Ensure that your headphones and the device support Bluetooth technology
  • Keep the pairing device within the vicinity of the headphones 
  • For pairing, charge the headphones fully.
  • The headphones and the device to be paired are up to date
  • Make sure that the headphones do not pair with any other device.

How To Charge Tayogo Headphones?

It would help if you charged the headphones to enjoy a stable connection between the two devices. Low-battery headphones are one of the causes of not pairing issues. However, the Tayogo s2 headphones give 6 hours of playtime when charged for 2 hours. There are simple steps to charge them.

  • Remove the silicone flap beside the control button
  • Insert the available micro USB cable
  • The other goes to the 0.5V/1A charging source.
  • When the LED flashes solid blue, it indicates the fully charged headphones.

Note: do not charge headphones beyond 5V and 1A power supply.

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How to Fix Tayogo Not Pairing?

Tayogo headphones are well-equipped and give users a far better listening experience than regular headphones. There are chances that the device suffers from technical glitches while using them; after all, it is a tech gadget. When these bone-conduction headphones are not pairing, there is a need to solve the problem by resetting the headsets.

  1. Press and hold the power buttons for 15 seconds.
  2. Wait until the red and blue lights flash, and prepare the headphones for pairing.
  3. Resetting is done
  4. Try pairing them with other devices

Tayogo Bone Conduction Headphones Troubleshooting

It is vital to know the basic troubleshooting to resolve common issues, if any, to make headphones workable. You have performed all the essential measures to pair the device, charge it, and reset it but have yet to conclude. 

Every time you start pairing, they neglect the request. What to do? The only solution is to check the firmware update. In this section, I will mention how to do firmware updates for Tayogo S2 headphones.

  1. Connect the headset to the PC or laptop
  2. Ensure that the laptop or PC identifies the USB main play
  3. Download the firmware to the latest version


How do I change the language on my Tayogo headphones?

Changing the language on the Tayogo headphones is one click away. Press and hold the power and multifunction button for 2 seconds. Once you hear the voice indication, the language is changed.

Is Tayogo S2 waterproof?

Tayogo S2 is a sturdy headphone with IP55 waterproofing. You cannot take them in pools or showers as they only tolerate sweat or light splashes. These headphones are neither water-resistant nor waterproof.

How do I turn on Tayogo?

The button control layout has its housing on the right arm of the Tayogo headphones. You can quickly turn on the headphones by pressing the power button for 3 seconds, and with this, they turn on with a voice that indicates “Power On.”

Conclusion | How to Pair Tayogo Bone Conduction Headphones?

Tayogo headphones are an affordable option for enjoying wireless technology. But they are of use once the pairing is done. In this article, I have described the method of how to pair Tayogo headphones. Additionally, there are methods to solve outdated software or low battery issues that prove barricades in pairing.

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