AfterShokz Not Charging – Reasons and Solutions

Do you intend to go for a night walk and find that your Bone conduction headphones are not charged? Well, not a problem; connect with the headphones cable, but wait, the charging indicator does not light up. The agenda is what to do to resolve the AfterShokz Not Charging issue.

Bone conduction headphones are workout headphones, and there are many reasons why they stop charging. The problem arises when you plug them into incompatible cables or stop using them for a considerable period. Moreover, you continue to use them even after showing low battery indications. This all results in the battery being dead.

This article is all about the fixes of AfterShokz not charging. I will also show you how to charge them properly in a few steps. 

AfterShokz Not Charging – 5 Reasons to Keep in Mind

You have had your Bone conduction headphones for months and carry them everywhere while driving, jogging, or even bike riding. Imagine they just have stopped charging. What do you do? Just say goodbye to them or look for their improper behavior. In this section, I will mention other reasons that are also important to consider to fix the issue.

Faulty Battery

While thinking about the surface problems, there must be a damaged battery in the headphones that halted charging. Yes, you read it right. Every electronic device has a recommended life span. After this period, the battery naturally degrades, thus affecting performance or stopping headphones from charging.

Your AfterShokz not charging depends on how you use them and for how long. Similarly, how do you take care of them after their extensive usage?

Note: if you have headphones that claim a warranty, then go ahead and contact the manufacturer.

Defective Charging Cable

Another primary reason behind AfterShokz not charging is the defective charging cables. Bone conduction headphones charge with an available micro USB cable. There may be reasons that the wires are damaged due to your weak handling, like stretching or pulling them. These cables also prevent AfterShokz charging when inserted either loosely or improperly. 

Charging Port

How can the charging process be completed without knowing the health of the charging port? These ports stop working when they deform or accumulate with corrosion. Similarly, you cannot insert charging cables in dirty ports as they fail to receive enough power from sockets to charge the headphones fully.

Compatibility Lacks

You must be aware that the headphones and charging cables are compatible. For example, AfterShokz OpenMove wireless bone conduction headphones require a C-type USB cable for charging. The headphones deny the command if you make it with any other.

Over Discharged

Do you use headphones once or twice weekly and keep them without charging? 

AfterShokz not charging may result from the over-discharge as they contain lithium polymer batteries with instilled copper wires. Over time, copper tends to dissolve and cause short circuits within the device. 

What Are the Best Solutions To AfterShokz Not Charging?

If you notice, your bone conduction headphones do not charge properly. Follow these quick recommendations to make them work. First, you have to manage the usage time and never leave them on the death bed. 

AfterShokz only stops charging when you use them for a more significant period and do not pause even after receiving numerous warnings of low battery. In the end, headphones switch off on their own. 

When you listen to them until they drain their battery and reach 0%, I suggest you not use them. In those situations, after putting them on charging, don’t try to turn them ON immediately as it costs you to replace the headphones’ battery.

As we all know, the headphones do not come with an adapter. You can use any adapter compatible with the available micro USB cables for charging purposes. Take more precautions and do not use fast chargers for phones or tablets to charge the headphones.

Note: an adapter must not provide an electric supply of more than 2 amps and 5 volts.

Use bone conduction in workouts or daily exercises. There is the possibility that you need them in extreme climates like rain, humidity, or snowfalls. I advise you to keep them away from moisture and try not to sweat, or water splashes enter onto buttons.

  • Charge headphones overnight
  • Avoid charging again and again

Charge With Other Cables

Try using other USB cables if you still have difficulty fixing the AfterShokz not charging issue. For example, AfterShokz offers magnetic charging cables in their various headphone brands.

  • suitable for AfterShokz Aeropex
  • Adjust with AfterShokz OpenComm Wireless Stereo Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphones

Giving chances to other cables is tried and tested to check whether the problem lies in the cable or the battery has just lost its life.

Charge Directly to a Power Outlet

Power banks and USB hubs prove friends when there is no way of charging headphones. But there may be possibilities that these do not supply enough power, so try to charge your headsets directly with a power outlet and not exceed the range above 2 amps and 5 volts. You can also check whether the wall socket is working fine. In case you can replace it and go ahead with the chores.

How Do You Charge Bone Conduction Headphones? Few Easy Steps

Bone conduction headphones have their charging port below the protective rubber flap on top of a headset. There is a volume+ button, too, besides this flap. However, you need to remove it and charge the headphones. 

Brand-new headphones come with a half-full battery; you must charge them thoroughly before using them. The simple steps that you can follow to charge the Bone conduction headphones are: 

  1. Insert the micro USB in the charging port of the headphones
  2. The other end of the cable goes either in the USB hub of the computer or the wall socket.

When the charging is complete, seal the rubber flap in its place as it secures the headsets from debris and moisture.

Pro tip: if your headphones are exposed to sweat or moisture, don’t rush to the charging; air-dry them properly.

What Do Different Lights Of The AfterShokz Indicate?

Whenever you charge your headphones, you encounter different colors of lights. Do you want to know what they indicate? Let us interpret these colors to understand the charging behavior of Sportz Titanium Headphones. Headphones show solid red when the battery is in the charging process, whereas it turns to solid blue when the headphones are fully charged.

But wait, what does blinking light mean? Headphones only show a blinking red light when the battery is low and alert you to charge them. 


How Long Do Aftershocks Take To Charge?

AfterShokz Aeropex is one of the popular headphones of the brand and charges in a time of around 1.5 to 2 hours and provides you a playtime of almost 8 hours when they are fully charged. Another plus point is that Aeropex, OpenRun, and OpenComm headphones refuse to charge because their adapters sense moisture on the charging pads and alert you.

How Do I Know If My AfterShokz Is Charging?

 Still in doubt, and confirm whether the AfterShokz not charging issue is resolved or not. You can check the battery by switching the headphones on, clicking the volume+ button, and then the volume- button. Audrey will notify you of the status of the battery by saying Battery High, Battery Low, Battery Medium, and Charge Me.

What Does Purple Light Mean On AfterShokz?

Bone conduction headphones show purple light when these headsets reach the dead battery condition. You can also say it’s time to say goodbye to headphones because AfterShokz does not offer replaceable batteries. If your headphones are in a warranty, claim and get new ones.

Why Are My AfterShokz Beeping When Charging?

Aftershokz has installed a moisture detection system for proper charging. If the device senses moisture residue on them, the headphones will vibrate and flash blue or red light. The beeping is due to vibrations that alert you to fry them before charging.


You and I can’t deny the significance of headphones in our lives, and bone-conduction headsets must deserve special treatment. In this section, I have comprehensively explained the significant reasons for AfterShokz not charging and discussed the solutions to resolve the issue later. In any case, if you cannot retrieve your headphones, then consult their manufacturers for further possibilities.

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