Why do Beats Headphones Keep Disconnecting? How to fix it?

Beats is one of the mainstream brands, and I have been using different Beats headphones for quite some time. They are impressive and have pretty nifty features, as I am using Beats Solo 3 now. Most of the time, they work great, but recently my Beats solo 3 headphones keep disconnecting from my Samsung Note 10. What could be the reasons? I thoroughly studied different aspects and formulated this guide on Beats Headphones Keep Disconnecting.

In this article, I will illustrate the reasons why Beats headphones show these kinds of issues mainly and what are the most credible ways to fix them. Moreover, I will explain this phenomenon with different devices that I used to provide the most authentic troubleshooting of the Beats.

Why do my beats studio keep disconnecting | Troubleshooting and Quick Fixes?

When I comprehended the problem – undoubtedly very frustrating, I found different potential causes of Beats studio disconnecting and connecting trouble. A few of the prominent reasons were:

Proximity Issue

The most obvious reason that comes across is the proximity and distance between the Beats headphones and the device. If you use a smartphone with it, stay up to 400 ft which is the range of the Beats studio wireless headphones. Moving away from the range brings the issue of connectivity.


Make sure to stay in the proximity or range of the Beats headphones to avoid the Beats connectivity problem.

Not updated Beats Firmware

Sometimes we don’t usually update the firmware of the headphones, which leads to bugs and cliches. If you are facing this issue, then the apparent reason is the firmware update.


Constantly update the Beats Solo 3 headphones to the most recent and updated firmware that brings the new changes and fixes most of the new bugs. You can go to the Beats website or download the Beats Updater App and update your Beats headphones according to the on-screen instructions.


I mainly work in the mixing and recording environment where different equipment, like the mixer, runs simultaneously, bringing signal interference. It not only disrupts the audio quality but also disturbs the connecting routine and makes Beats headphones keep disconnecting again and again.


Avoid using wireless Beats headphones near the electronics like microwave ovens, transmitters, and other electrical equipment.

Faulty Device

When it comes to the devices, the evident reason could be the faulty hardware of either Beats or the devices you are connecting it with. The headband wires could be damaged, or the headphone transducers get wet, causing this issue.


Make sure the devices you are using are functional or are not faulty. Changing them and getting a good pair of headphones is better if they are damaged.

Not Updated PC/ Device Drivers

The most probable reason for connecting your Beats headphones to the PC using Windows 10 is the un-updated sound drivers.


If the PC you are using is not using the updated drivers, then you can not enjoy the music. So, updating the device manager’s sound drivers is better.

Already Connected to a Device

There is always a possibility that your device is already connected with some other device. And connectivity with other devices makes this issue more confusing.


Ensure to disconnect your device from any other audio source.

Low Battery Level

It often happened to me that I forgot to charge my Solo 3, and it kept on turning on and off, which brought the connectivity issues.


Always charge your Beats headphones to the optimum battery level.

Why do my beats keep disconnecting from my iPhone?

If your Beats keeps disconnecting from the iPhone, it is better to disconnect and connect again. Moreover, ensure you have updated your Beats to the latest version or firmware. If everything fails, reset your device and Network and Connectivity settings for the iPhone.

Beats keep disconnecting from android | Troubleshooting

If my Beats Headphones keep disconnecting from android, then to troubleshoot the problem, I follow the most straightforward method, resetting. In addition to resetting, quick fixes include the Battery Charging to the full and keeping the device in the range.

Tibit: How to reset Beats?

To reset Beats headphones, hold down the power button for about 15 seconds (usually takes 10 seconds) till you see the light flashing.

Final Words

Beats headphones are mid-priced gears with great features, but these bugs and connectivity issues often disrupt the listening experience. If facing the Beats headphones disconnecting issues, you can know the reasons and apply the potential quick fixes.

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