Aftershokz Multifunction Button Not Working [Troubleshooting]

Do you constantly hear Aftershokz whenever there is a talk about bone-conduction headphones? Aftershokz is the leading brand of bone-conduction headphones. The headphones by Shokz have incredible features, controls, design, and comfortable fitting. A multifunction button controls Aftershokz. What to do when the Aftershokz multifunction Button Not Working?

The Aftershokz Multifunction Button is of immense importance. It is your assistant built into your headphones. You can control your Aftershokz by tapping on this single button to access various commands and shortcuts. 

The Multifunction button performs some primary functions. You might have encountered some problems while using this button in Aftershokz. It is not something to be worried about. In this guide, I will mention some problems that will cause this button not to work and the solutions to tackle this problem. 

What is the AfterShokz Multifunction Button?

What to do with the multifunction button, or what is the purpose of this button? Aftershokz bone conduction headphones are premium quality headphones providing their users with a sleek and stylish design. The Multifunction button allows you to access your Aftershokz headphones. 

The Multifunction button is located outside your headphone left transducer. It is like a personal assistant built into your headphones. All this needs to be a few taps of your finger to give you a pleasant listening experience with ease and hands-free. 

You can take or make calls by tapping the multifunction button, control the song playlist, and reset and pair your headphones within a few seconds. 

Troubleshooting Aftershokz Multifunction Button

I am currently using Aftershokz OpenRun. As a runner, it keeps me going while I listen to my favorite song and hear what is happening around me. A while ago, I discovered that the multifunction button of Aftershokz needs to be fixed. There are a few reasons here to be considered. 

Dead battery

When the AfterShokz is not charging, or the battery is dead, you cannot operate your headphones so the multifunction button won’t work. 

How to Troubleshoot?

  • Battery Replacement
  • Claim warranty

Physical Damage

If your headphones fall off, they get easily damaged, and you experience the AfterShokz button not working; Bone conduction headphones have a sturdy design and an adjustable fit. They don’t fall, but unexpected situations can come at any moment. 

How to Troubleshoot?

  • Claim warranty

Older version of the update

Shokz bone conduction headphones need the latest firmware update to function correctly. The older version may further result in the Aftershokz microphone not working, the AfterShokz volume button not working, and other problems arising.

How to Troubleshoot?

In this case, you have to reset your headphones.  

Wet headphones

Aftershokz is water resistant, not waterproof. Only some models of Shokz headphones are fully waterproof. You have to be fully careful of their use in water. Wet headphones don’t work at all.

How to Troubleshoot?

  • Dry your headphones
  • Please take it to the Repair shop

Sweat accumulation

After an extensive workout session, if the multifunction button of your headphone is not working, it may be possible that there is sweat accumulation. 

Jumbled functioning of the Multifunction button

The problem arises when you receive calls while listening to music, so your headphones do not fulfill the commands.

How to Troubleshoot?

The easy solution is to wait for a few seconds and pick up the call afterward.

Here are some other ways you can follow to fix this problem.  

Charge Fully

Headphones work at their best when they are fully charged. One main reason for multifunction buttons not working is the low charging levels. To keep your headphones working and functioning, charge them at regular intervals of use. 

Update to the Latest Firmware

Headphones operate on built-in software. Headphones may not perform well on un-updated software, and there arise lagging issues and slow functioning in headphones. As the software updates new versions or features, your headphones also need to be updated. Please update your headphones frequently. It is done by restarting and resetting the headphone.


Dirt and debris accumulate in the crevices of the button, resulting in the button getting stuck. When you press the button, it will press partially, so the multifunction button does not work. I recommend keeping your headphones clean and dry. It is beneficial for your hygiene as well. 

Resetting Aftershokz

Resetting headphones can fix every possible headphone problem. It is straightforward to reset the headphones. 

  1. Turn off your headphones.
  2. Hold the volume and power buttons for 5 -7 seconds.
  3. LED flashes red and blue light, which indicates that the headphones are in pairing mode.
  4. For 3 – 5 seconds, hold the volume up button, volume down button, and the multifunction button simultaneously.
  5. A beep is heard.
  6. Your headphones are reset. 

Replacement of Headphone

Aftershokz comes with a 2-year warranty policy. If your headphones are physically damaged or not working correctly, the only option left is a replacement.

You can replace your headphones by claiming your product within the warranty period. 

How to claim a warranty?

  1. Register your account on the platform
  2. Enter your headphone’s details and claim it.
  3. Wait for the response.
  4. Discuss with the support for new devices or information. 

Battery Replacement

Battery replacement is intricate and complex, as you need proper repairing skills. You must do more than tear down the headphones and replace the 0.74 Wh Lithium Polymer. You may get a different shape than your Aftershokz after replacing the batteries. It would help to keep your headphones at an optimum charge to avoid battery damage. 

Aftershokz doesn’t support battery replacement; you can only claim for warranty. 

Aftershokz Button Functions

The Aftershokz button functions as a whole in operating your headphone. You can easily access various commands on your headphones through this button. It has definite functions related to music and calling on your headphones. 

Music functions

  • Play/Pause – Click once
  • Skip Forward – Double click while music is playing
  • Rewind/Repeat – Triple click while music is playing

Calling functions

  • Answer a call – Click once while a call is coming in
  • End a call – Click once while on a call
  • Reject a call – Press and hold while a call is coming in
  • Redial Last Number – Double click while no music is playing
  • Voice Dial/Activate Voice Assistant – Press and hold for three seconds

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you replace the battery in AfterShokz?

Battery replacement is intricate and complex. Aftershokz doesn’t support battery replacement, but you must claim a warranty. I have explained in steps how you can claim your Aftershokz warranty. 

Can you overcharge AfterShokz?

Overcharging damages not only the battery but also harms your headphone’s working. The battery life is seriously affected by overcharging. Keep your charging at an optimal level, and charge your headphones regularly. 


Aftershokz headphones dominate with their unique working mechanism, remarkable features, durability, and reliability. It gives a new experience to better listening, even to the deaf. The Multifunction button in Aftershokz allows you to operate your headphones and access various commands and shortcuts. This guide is all about troubleshooting solutions for Aftershokz Multifunction Button Not Working.

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