Can I wear Headphones in a Tanning Bed | All You Need to Know

As I got ready for my summer body, I went tanning to get ready for it. I planned to wear my Beats headphones to enhance the tanning experience. At the tanning salon, I asked the attendant, “Can I wear headphones in a tanning bed?”. She first resisted and then allowed me to wear it. After partaking in the headphones process, I developed this guide to tell you the dos and don’ts of wearing headphones while tanning.

Tidbit: Sunlight or tanning lamps in tanning beds emit ultraviolet radiation that causes the skin to darken.

In this article, I will discuss all the possibilities and scenarios of using headphones in a tanning bed. Besides, I will discuss the detailed tips for wearing headphones on the tanning beds to avoid mishaps and accidents.

Can you listen to music in a tanning bed?

Looking for a sure explanation before getting on a tanning bed if you’re a music enthusiast who never leaves his headphones on for too long? Well, there are certain factors that you need to keep in mind before getting on the tanning bed. You need to know these facts related to tanning:

  • UV emitting fluorescent lamps to tan the body can affect your headphones.
  • The tanning bed’s heat reaches upto 100 to 102 °F, which is primarily unendurable for headphones.
  • The heat reaches upto the mid-skin layer – the dermis. So, it can harm headphones also. It can become potentially dangerous if exposed for more than a few minutes.

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Can I wear wired headphones in a tanning bed?

When it comes to wearing wired headphones, according to my own experience, you better take off before you get on to the tanning bed. If the wire gets in the way of the UV rays, it will heat it and can lead to potential harm. On the other hand, it will leave white wire lines on the body that will disturb the tanning routine.

Additionally, if we talk about ear cups, they are usually made up of soft padding and plastic. If they are exposed to continuous UV light for more than 5 to 10 minutes, it will lead to discoloration and heating up. Moreover, when cups get hot, it will ultimately heat your ears and can be very dangerous. So, it is better to avoid wearing wired headphones in a tanning bed.

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Can I wear wireless headphones in a tanning bed?

I like my AirPods and carry them everywhere, whether working out or cycling, but when it comes to tanning, I have to think again. The tanning process is a bit ambiguous regarding heat and UV rays. So, I always think twice because:

  • It left an Airpod Tan Line on my ear; those white spots were dealt with again.
  • Airpods don’t perform well in the heat and can bear up to 32º to 95º F; continuous tanning sessions will lead to 120°F.
  • Airpods and wireless headphones’ battery life does not go well with the heat, and heat decreases the battery life.

Is it safe to wear earbuds in a tanning bed?

The main reason you should not use earbuds in the tanning bed is that earbuds go near the inner ear, which can lead to severe complications. The direct UV heat from tanning caused me to remove my Beats Fit Pro earbuds in between sessions because I felt the direct heat in my ears. So, I would not suggest wearing earbuds on the tanning bed.

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Tips for Wearing Headphones in Tanning Bed

Keep these instructions along with the safety recommendations of the salon before getting on the tanning bed. The tips are:

  • Never charge in the tanning bed.
  • Don’t keep the headphones on for more than 10 minutes.
  • Always check the tanning bed temperature to ensure a safe session with headphones.
  • Choose the lower exposure tanning bed if you want to hear your favorite songs. It may be time-consuming, but it will be safe for your headphones and body.
  • You better know about the Emergency power shut button.

Can you bring phone in tanning bed?

Yes, you can bring your phone to the tanning bed. But before taking your phone inside, always read your smartphone’s safety measurements and heat exposure recommendations.

Keep the check on time when you are with your phone in the tanning bed because continuous heat on the mobile phone can drain the battery and other electronics in the phone.


We have discussed all the potential issues and complications of wearing headphones in a tanning bed. Furthermore, there is a discussion on safety measures that you should consider before bringing your headphones inside. Now it is upto you to use headphones or not while tanning your body.

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