Can you connect Headphones to Electric Guitar | 4 Methods

The electric guitar brings an electrifying music experience for the audiophiles. It requires a proper set up to play an electric guitar, like a proper amp and external speakers. As a father, playing electric guitar at home is challenging, and without proper practice, you can not carry out this skill; this problem led me to use headphones. So, if you are a guitarist like me and have the same concern, “Can you Connect Headphones to Electric Guitar? ” This article is for you.

Not so many electric guitars come with a universal headphone jack, so you can’t directly plug the headphones into the guitar. Stuck? Well, don’t be. I have tried different methods that I will reveal in this guide.

Can you play Electric Guitar on Headphones?

Being an electric guitarist, you can feel the stress of the people complaining about the bass and loud electronic music sound. After getting numerous complaints, I devised a practice schedule using headphones. Following are the methods I chose to overcome the loud noise issue for surrounding people.

Can you plug headphones into a guitar amp?

The first and the foremost method I picked was the obvious classic method of using a guitar amp. The steps are:

  • Turn down the volume of the Amp first.
  • Then, connect my guitar with the Amp by plugging the cable in the front jack.
  • After that, plug the other end in the amp’s input jack.
  • Now find the headphones jack on the Amp.
  • Insert the headphone cable in the 3.5mm jack of the Amp.
  • You are ready to hear the electric guitar music through headphones via an amp.

Tidbit: Amp is an intermediate device that amplifies the weak/tiny electric signal to create an audible sound.

Connect Electric Guitar With Headphones Via Interface

One of the most basic methods I use when recording my tunes and effects while practicing is my PC/ Mac. The PC provides the intermediate link between the electric guitar and my headphones. First, I connect my guitar with my PC and headphones to the PC.

Afterward, plugging in the headphones in the computer serves as the connection to listen to music on the headphones. At the same time, I record my tunes and effects on the pc while using the Studio Headphones to get more clarity.

Electric Guitar to Bluetooth Headphones

I use the Guitar Headphone Amp Mini Plug Bluetooth receiver when using Bluetooth headphones since that is the only way to connect. It works as a mini amp, as you need to connect it with the electric guitar as we usually connect the amp with an electric guitar.

Furthermore, it provides proper pairing functionality where you can connect your smartphone and headphones. After you have paired with the Bluetooth Mini Amp Receiver, then you are ready to hear your electric guitar through the Wireless guitar headphones.

Can you plug headphones into a guitar pedal?

A guitar pedal is another way to connect my headphones to my electric guitar; it provides a proper connection. I have used the Zoom G1X FOUR Guitar Multi-Effects Processor with an expression pedal.

It comes with numerous effects and 13 amp models, and a pathway to connect my Beats headphones with electric guitar. I connect the expression pedal with my electric guitar to play different effects and plug in my headphones to hear them. I always try to get the Best Headphones for Electric Guitar to enjoy the most authentic and electric atmosphere near my ears.

Can you play an electric guitar without an amp?

Amp is the central unit of the electric guitar as it elevates the weak signals into the strong ones to generate electrifying music. The primary source to play an electric guitar without an amp is the PC or Mac, which serves as the amp for the weak signals and processes them to the proper sound later.

In addition, other ways include the Bluetooth Mini Amp receiver that serves as a router to connect to other devices. Furthermore, the multi-effect pedal and speakers help you play without the dedicated amp.


While headphones and electric guitars are two contrasting things with a lot in common, we must make a few adjustments regarding the comfort of the family and surroundings. I have provided you with the guide that will help you keep the electric tunes and effects on the full bass while keeping everything on track.

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