How to clean Headphone Muffs? Most Complete Guide & Steps 

When I purchased my Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless headphones for music listening and workout routines, they were spotless and in perfect condition. Despite the headphones’ immaculate condition and squeaky-clean appearance, they soon lost their charm and became less crisp in sound and appearance. Then, I took an extreme step to clean headphone muffs and now provide you with a guide on How to clean headphone muffs? 

It was a result of the dust, skin oil, and ear wax accumulated on the mesh, making the muffs look dull and soggy. This how-to guide is a step-by-step illustration of cleaning and washing the headphone muffs from start to end. In addition, there are helpful instructions and tips to keep the headphone muffs clean for a longer time.

Why Clean Headphone Muffs?

There are three key reasons to clean headphone muffs that are:

  • Ear wax contaminated with muff will lead to irritation and other health issues.
  • The sogginess and humidity will decrease the headphone life.
  • All the accumulation will lead to a less crisp sound quality.

How to clean Headphone Pads?

When it comes to the Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless headphones, they come with the detachable muffs that I separate from the ear cups of the headphones. You need to follow specific steps and guidelines in cleaning these headphones.

  • Take a cloth and clean the upper layer of the dust.
  • Now take the lint roller and rub it on the muffs of the headphones.
  • After that, get two bowls of water and fill them with warm and regular water.
  • Now get a little soap, mix it well in the warm water, and soak the muffs for a few minutes.

Tip: You may use a little detergent also.

  • Then, rub and clean the muffs to remove dust and soggy oil accumulation in the material.
  • Squeeze the water from the muffs. 
  • The next step is to place the muff in the regular water and clean it thoroughly.
  • Let it dry and attach them to the cups again after the user lint roller on them. 

How to clean non-removable ear pads?

The fixed muffs, like in the Beats Headphones, require a different cleaning treatment. I also won Beats headphones that I often use while gaming. I follow a proper cleaning routine, including the dampen cloth, either damp with water or detergent, and a lint-free cloth to keep them clean. 

First, clean the dust with a lint-free cloth, and then use the dampened wipes or cloth to clean the muffs properly. Try to get into the minute details using Metal Pen Tip to remove the dirt from the sleeves. 

Tip: Stay away from solvents, aerosols, and abrasives.

How to clean cloth headset Muffs?

Initially, separate the headset muffs from their cups if you want to clean the cloth headset muffs and use a lint roller to remove any lint. Soak them in the mixed water detergent and clean them by rubbing them with your hands and letting them dry before placing them again on the cups.

How do you get earwax out of mesh headphones?

When we use headphones continuously, the earwax accumulates on the headphones mesh, lowering the sound quality. You can not enjoy the same crispiness again if they are not clean, and to clean them, use the metal pen to clean the mesh thoroughly. In addition, take the soft brush to remove the earwax from the headphones. 

Pro Tip: If you don’t have a metal pen and soft brush, you can use a clean toothbrush instead.

Can u Wash ear muffs?

Yes, you can wash ear muffs. I have been using Beyerdynamics D880, which has a velour fiber muff. Whenever they get dirty from everyday use from dust and sweat then, I detach them from the cups and wash them in the water. After drying them completely, I use them again to keep the ear muffs intact.

Note: On the other hand, don’t wash the headphones with water if you have the fixed ear muffs. Instead, use a damp cloth to clean them.

How to clean headphone headband?

You can clean the headbands using washing wipes or a damp cloth to remove the oil and dust from the band. Furthermore, if there is some sort of padding, clean that with a cloth. Do not wash your headphones if they are not waterproof, which will damage the wiring and end up ruining your headset. You can use the cleaning spray to kill the germs. 

Tip: Always use a microfibre lint-free cloth to clean the headphones.


I have provided you with a step-by-step guide to cleaning the headphone muffs that provide comfort to the ears. There are reasons and tips you can adapt to make the process more efficient. So, keep your headphones safe and keep the wipes with you while you go for a workout or running to keep them clean. 

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