Skullcandy Push Not Pairing Together | Troubleshooting

It’s the weekend night, and you plan to watch a movie. Fix the earbuds in each ear and get to know that they are not synchronized. Now the plan is what to do for Skullcandy Push Not Pairing Together.

Skullcandy Push Ultra is an intelligent device that uses Bluetooth 5.2 and connects to various other devices regardless of which operating system they belong to. In addition, the new feature of using mono mode is also there that allows you to listen to the surroundings.

The article covers the troubleshooting methods of Skullcandy push not pairing together. Read the guideline to learn how to activate or deactivate the mono mode and get the most out of the stereo mode of the Skullcandy earbuds.

How to Pair Skullcandy Push?

How do you know that Skullcandy earbuds do not pair together? To check it out, you must first start pairing them. How to pair Skullcandy headphones is nothing hectic but a left-hand game when following these simple steps.

All you need to do is to place the Skullcandy Push Ultra earbuds into the case without closing its lid. Wait until both earbuds Flash red. The next step is to remove the left or right earbuds from the charging case.

When you take out the earbuds, they automatically power on. Also, you will see both earbuds have a blue light. The indication of the synchronization of two earbuds. In addition, you will receive a voice note of the buds syncing together. And left earbuds will flash blinking red and blue light. 

Open the Bluetooth settings of your smart device, turn on the Bluetooth, and wait until the earbuds come up on the pairing list. Tap to connect Skullcandy and receive the voice notification saying “Connected.”

Skullcandy Push Not Pairing Together

There are many reasons to keep Skullcandy from pushing pairing together.

  • You may run out of the Battery that does not allow adequate pairing between two devices.
  • Placing the two devices out of the range is the primary reason
  • You never know, and the pairing list is full
  • Your device has outdated firmware and updates

Furthermore, you need to deactivate the mono mode of the earbuds as it restricts you from using some of the media functionality. For example, the right earbud is assigned to perform volume control functions and track forward, while the left is an expert in tracking back. 

To keep going with the flow, remember not to place either earbud in the case when they are on and connected. You will obtain stereo mode for adequate performance.

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How do I fix Skullcandy Not Pairing?

  • Ensure the battery of the earbuds is fully satiated
  • Remove the interferences between the device
  • Place them in the vicinity of each other
  • Make sure you turn on the Bluetooth mode and put the headset into pairing mode.
  • Ensure the devices are compatible
  • Reset the earbuds

How do I Reset My Push Ultra?

Trying all the necessary precautions, the Skullcandy not pairing issue still prevails. The next step is to reset them before saying them a final goodbye.

Unpair Earbuds

For resetting the headphones, the first step is to forget the earbuds or unpair them from all the pairing Bluetooth device lists. This will help ease re-pairing them again.

Switch off Earbuds

Start by turning off the headphones, removing them from the protective case, and manually fulfilling the purpose. Press and Hold the power/multifunction button for 6 seconds when both headphones are switched off.

Reset Skullcandy Earbuds

Simply press the power or multifunction button for 10 seconds on both earbuds, and the headphones will complete the cycle of turning on and off. Thus resetting is complete, and you can try repairing them with a mobile phone by following the instructions. 

Sync Earbuds together

Place the earbuds in the case until the red light flashes. Take them out, and they will automatically be powered on. Also, the buds are in synchronization while blinking Blue. Furthermore, when the left earbud shows a red light, you will receive an indication and a beep.


Why is my Skullcandy push right earbud flashing red and blue?

The red and blue blinking light indicates that the earbuds are in pairing/discovery mode. It means they are ready to pair with any other devices. If you encounter any error during pairing, they start blinking to give you an alert note to fix the issue.

Why are my Skullcandy headphones not pairing with each other?

The primary reason Skullcandy headphones do not pair with each other is out of range. You should ensure placing both pairing devices within 5 feet of each other. Also, soft resetting by turning them off and then on sometimes solve the problem.  

Bottom Line

Opt for stereo mode if you want both earbuds to work in synchronization. In this article, I have mentioned the pairing process of Skullcandy Push Ultra for establishing a connection. In addition, how to reset the device is a must to know to cut out the not pairing problems. 

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