What is the Best Way to Store your Headphones to Prolong their Lifespan? Explained

Headphones are your music partners and make you enjoy every single beat. Being electronic devices, these deteriorate when left unattended. Similarly, the habit of keeping my Sony earphones here and there costs me to replace them quickly due to poor handling. In this regard, What is the Best Way to Store your Headphones to Prolong their Lifespan is a question of priority which I searched and implemented on the newer one. 

You can prolong the lifespan of your headphones in many ways. However, the prominent ones are avoiding mishandling, regular cleaning, loosely tangling, storing in a dry place, and keeping them in drawstring pouches tangle-free. 

This article will mention protecting your headphones from breakdown by providing adequate storage space and coiling. In addition, what benefits the maintenance tips throw on headphones is a must to know to remain conscious.

What is the Best Way to Store your Headphones to Increase their Lifespan?

It doesn’t matter whether you own cheap headphones or designer ones; careless handling will make them fall apart. If you want your headphones to be your long-time companion, focus on the maintenance they deserve. You can treat your headphones to keep them safe from being tangled up.

Headphones Cleaning

Headphones are devices tolerating your ear sweat or outside moisture. Don’t they? The point of discussion is to keep them safe only after properly cleaning them, as no one wants to wear soggy earpieces in the future. 

  • Use cotton swabs to remove dirt and debris
  • Brush on the driver units to dislodge the ear wax
  • Use compressed air for headphones jack cleaning
  • Keep moisture at a distance.

Cable Protection

Storing headphones with tangle-free cable is a must. Otherwise, you need to obtain the long-lasting result of storing your headphones. 

  • Do not put wires in tight jeans pockets to prevent pressuring on internal wires. 
  • Avoid dangling the cables, especially at the point of 90 degrees rotation.
  • Ensure the wires are untangled and released from internal pressure. 
  • Avoid folding the cables into tight loops. 

8-Fold Loop Coiling

I have a better option: the cables remain intact and do not suffer compression. You can use the method of the 8-fold loop to store your earphones in the best possible way. Start by folding the cables from your thumb to the other finger in the shape of the mathematical letter 8. 

Remember you place the earbuds in the center of the palm and initiate coiling around the fingers. When you notice only 2 inches left, slide your coiled cable and wrap it with the leftover. Proceed with storing it in the box or a headphone case. 


You have done with your cleaning regime and are waiting for the next step to follow. Debris-free headphones have the right to store in an adequate place instead of backpacks, bags, or pockets to protect them from excess climatic conditions, such as humidity, heat, or cold. The following ways you can store your headphones or earphones. 

Mandatory Headphone Case

Quality headphones come with mandatory cases for safety purposes. The sizes may vary according to the headphone’s width and height. However, your device has no case; you must be conscious and attentive while purchasing the one. 

Finding the right case size that matches your headphones is essential to prevent shocks and dropouts. Place your headphone in your shortlisted cases and determine if it is not too small to deform drivers and ear pads. Also, the spacious case is useless, as it causes the headphone to shake while commuting. 

Tin Cases

Tin cases are handy when you do not find the best match case for your headphones. Doing so is to make them tangle-free and prevent them from sudden hits when placed in hand carry. Tin case work the same as headphone case adjusting the foldable headphones in them nicely. 

Drawstring Pouch

The benefit of storing headphones in an available drawstring pouch is to keep them safe and helps you to identify them from other belongings. Furthermore, keeping them safe in one place when they are not in use isn’t a big deal. 

Headphones Stand

The method is applicable for storing the over-ear headphones. Since the idea of the available cases is the priority, there are conditions when you use the headphones frequently. For this reason, keep the headphone stand on your working desk and let them rest on it. 

Remember to find the headphones stand that is sturdy enough to hold the headband when you hang them on it. 

Sewing Spool

You never know what household product will become the housing for your favorite music partner. In this case, I have come up with an exciting sewing spool option so that the headphones remain in their shape. Keep your audio jack in the center and loosely wrap the wires along the circular pathways. 

Advantages of Storing Headphones

  • Headphone storage benefits in ensuring a prolonged lifespan.
  • Your headphones do not lose a new appearance for longer.
  • Sound quality is safeguarded.
  • Good maintenance encourages you to think of reselling option.
  • You refrain from invalidating the headphone warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do you Preserve Headphones?

Headphones offer various preserving methods. The quickest you can achieve is regular cleaning, replacing ear pads, checking on the intact connections, and keeping them safe and away from moisture in a dust-proof carrying case. 

What is the Shelf Life of Headphones?

You cannot estimate the expiry date of the headphones. How they give their life depends on how you treat or maintain them. Also, cheap or expensive headphones make a big difference in determining the shelf life of headphones, which mostly lasts months to several years. 

Summing Up

Cleaning may be the first step of your habitual tips for maintaining the health of the headphones, but storing them in the right manner makes or break the deal. In this article, I have mentioned several ways to store your headphones to increase their life span. Keep in mind the method you follow must be compatible with the device you use, such as headphone or earphones. 

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