Can You Wear Headphones with a Tragus Piercing? Instructions to follow 

Tragus piercings are stylish and popular additions to the piercing trend, and I also got one. Being a gamer and music enthusiast, it was pretty disturbing and annoying at the start to wear headphones with a tragus piercing, but after a while, it became routine. For people who are asking: Can you wear headphones with a tragus? Sit tight; this guide is for you.

Tibit: There are two parts to the external ear: the tragus and the concha, which are in front and partly block the passage to the hearing organs.

Reddit is fun; Recently, I answered a query on tragus-piercing headphones Reddit. I have developed this guide to answer everything a trendy headphones user needs to know. Moreover, you will learn about headphones usage with the Daith piercing and helix piercing later in the article. 

Can you wear earphones with a tragus piercing | Guide?

Depending upon the skin and irritation, you can wear the tragus piercing according to the ear condition. Before wearing the tragus piercing, you must consider these instructions and tips.

  • While the tragus piercing heals, you can bump the over-ear headphones forward, so they do not rest directly on it.
  • You shouldn’t have any problems depending on your jewelry when it heals.
  • For your tragus ear, make one that’s a size smaller if your headphones have interchangeable cushions.
  • Using headphones that do not go into your ear canal is the best option for tragus piercing, but you should clean them frequently to avoid bacterial growth. 

Tip: If you have a fresh ear piercing, you should never wear headphones.

Can you wear headphones with a new tragus piercing?

It would be best to wear headphones after the piercing has completely healed, but if you can’t survive without them, go ahead and wear headphones. Having pierced my tragus, I can wear headphones with labret jewelry in this piercing. You must move the headphones forward to avoid bumping your over-ear piercing.  

How long after a tragus piercing can you wear earphones?

To prevent tragus piercing irritation, users should wait at least 2 or 3 days or about 48 hours before using headphones. It will give time to the platelets to heal the tragus properly, and you can enjoy your music then. 

How long does a tragus piercing take to heal?

When I got my tragus pierced, it usually took a few days to heal as I followed my piercer aftercare instructions correctly. It takes anywhere from three to six months for tragus piercings to heal, but some people experience a longer healing time. So, it is better to wait appropriately before using any earbuds or headphones. 

Best wireless earbuds for tragus piercing


Can you wear headphones with a Daith piercing?

Many people get the Daith piercing for two main reasons: to look fashionable and to treat headaches like migraines. When it comes to wearing headphones with Daith piercing, yes, you can wear over-ear headphones, which will not bring irritation and discomfort like tragus piercing. A user should wear it after complete healing to avoid any medical problems. It goes the same for the helix piercing and wearing headphones with it. 

Note: Ensure your headphones are properly cleaned to avoid bacterial infection.

Can you wear headphones with a rook piercing?

Tidbit: Rook Piercing is the process that involves piercing the cartilage in the antihelix of the inner ear above the tragus.

 If you are a person who cares about piercing and music altogther, then you can wear headphones with rook piercing but make sure the headphones are sterilized with wipes. The other factor involves the healing factor; sweating and excessive sogginess will delay the healing process and may take longer than the standard time. 

Tragus piercing AirPods pro

In my case, the AirPods Pro fit comfortably against my skin without causing any issues, and I can also wear earbuds in them without any problems. For it to sit flush against my skin, I have to move the jewelry slightly, but it does not stick out far enough to cause any problems. Further, if I wear them for a long time, I experience discomfort and irritation. So, better look for your comfort and then wear according to your condition. 


In this guide to wearing headphones with a tragus piercing, I have discussed all the necessary details and precautions you need to remember before using headphones. Further, I have provided how to wear headphones with other types of piercing and how long tragus piercing takes to heal.

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