Can Headphones Dent Your Head? Do head dents go away?

As a gamer, I use headphones for long hours and get hair dents; every gamer must have experienced this. Didn’t you? But recently, I got the question on Reddit, which was like: Can headphones dent your head Reddit? The question was pretty interesting as it concerns human health. So, I thought I would provide you with the proper explanation of the headphone head dent.

In this article, I will elaborate on why people have a dent in the dead. Moreover, you will learn imperative tips and ways to avoid such conditions if you are a long-term user. Besides this, you will get to know whether they go away or not, actually, or is it just a hoax or reality that people get head dents? Let’s discuss the key reasons first.

Why do I have a dent in my head?

Why do people get Gamer head dent? It has become the talk of the town, and what are the potential reasons for the dents. There are three main reasons:

  • The tight and pressure-exerting headphones bring the dent with continuous use.
  • Uncomfortable and misfit headphones with increased clamping force.
  • When you use headphones for a longer time.
  • Metal headbands that always leave a mark on the head.

Note: Most people who experience headphones head dents are bald and online gamers.

People often do not feel the pain of the head dents, and the skull becomes normal sometimes, but it may lead to different complications when used for extended periods. It is mainly not that dangerous but can cause Memory loss, Headaches, Vision problems, and Hair dents.

How to fix head dent from headphones?

If you are experiencing a head dent and want to get rid of the headphone head dent, then you need to follow these instructions and tips.

  • It is better to switch towards earbuds or wired headphones that will not deform your head.
  • You can wear your headphones upside down or on the back of your head; that will prevent the hair dents and headphones head dents.
  • You may wear a head cap to avoid direct contact with the headphones on your head.
  • It is always advised to decrease the clamping force of the headphones, decreasing the pressure on the head. You can say that it is the most straightforward and viable solution.
  • Always take the rest between your gaming or watching sessions. The rest will ensure that your head and ear restore to their original state.
  • You can also add ear cushions for more comfort.
  • The last and the least method is to change the headphones and bring one with the better and more comfortable build quality.

How long does it take for a headset dent to go away?

The headphone hair dent usually remains for a few minutes. You can comb to get off that, but when it comes to headphones dent on the head, it stays for a few minutes. It is better to visit a doctor or get help if it doesn’t go in one or two days because they usually go away for an hour or more.

Complications of the Lasting Skull Dent

Over time, the headphones keep on pressure on the skull, which may lead to these possible complications that could be very dangerous and harmful.

Congenital skull indentation

The congenital skull indentation is called Craniosynostosis, when the skull plates separate as a child grows, allowing the brain to expand.

Cancer by Skull Depression

Bone-destructive cancers such as multiple myeloma may develop due to constant skull depression.

Paget’s Disease

Symptoms of this disease include an irregular or dented skull that appears due to your body’s normal recycling process, in which old bone tissue gradually declines.

Gorham’s Disease

Doctors often diagnose Gorham’s disease by finding a visible dent in your skull caused by bone loss.

Do head dents go away?

Yes, the headphone’s dents go away quickly in a few minutes. These dents are mainly caused by the continuous clamping force of the headbands on the head, leaving dent hair and headphones dents on the head. The best way to avoid these head dents is to take frequent rest and gaps while playing games.


In this article, I have provided complete details about the headphone’s dent on the head along with critical reasons. In addition, I have explained the quick fixes to the headphones’ dents. Moreover, it is always advised to visit the medical authorities if it lasts more than a day.

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