How to change the language on Bluetooth Headphones?

As a music lover, headphones are now an integral part of my life because they give me a private listening environment wherever I go. I always buy different headphones to test their sound quality that suits my listening experience. In the beginning, I found language-changing issues frustrating, but I mastered the headphones so well that it now comes naturally to me. Do you find changing language difficult and looking for How to change the language on Bluetooth Headphones?

Being a user of different headphones over the years, I know all the tweaks to make them work perfectly for a long time. In this guide, you will learn all the tweaks and steps to change the language of the Bluetooth headphones. Additionally, you will get to know the resetting of the headphones if nothing works later in the article. 

How to change the language on my Bluetooth earpiece?

I have used different headphones brands as I love trekking, and headphones are my vital partner. If you have bought headphones that infuriate you with the Chinese language you don’t understand, then don’t lose your nerves. Just go by the books, and you are done.  

How to change Bluetooth language from Chinese to English?

If you have the headphones like Mi headsets that come in multiple languages, including Chinese and English, then you better follow these instructions:

  • The first step is to turn on the headphones.
  • Now locate the volume up and down button.
  • Keep pressing both buttons for about 5 seconds till you listen to the changing instructions.
  • Choose the English language and enjoy your music. 

How to change Bluetooth language to English Inpods 12?

I recently changed the language on my Inpod 12, which works great with my music and calling. If you want to change the language of the Inpods from Chinese or any other language to English, you need to take it out of the case first. 

Now you need to tap the first bud four times and place it back in the charging case. After that, take another earbud and look when the light starts flashing, then tap on the bud four times. It will change the language from Chinese to English. 

Note: After you place them back, look if they are getting charged or not – Charging means the process is complete. Otherwise, you have to follow the process again.

How to change the language on Samsung Bluetooth headsets?

I have been a Samsung die-hard fan from the start because of the features and utility they provide to the customers. My Galaxy Buds2 Pro works perfectly with my cycling routine. Samsung provides the gear app I use to manage my Samsung Galaxy Watch and the earbuds. 

To change the language on the Samsung earbuds:

  • Go to the Samsung gear app and find the settings.
  • Now, after that, go to the Voice guide settings.
  • Find the icon/ headphone icon there and change the language of the headphones to English or any language.

How to change language on Remax Bluetooth headset?

Remax provides modern technology bringing new trends to the people, so I got the Remax RB t8 headset, which is working great. I faced the issue of changing the language to English, but with some tweaks, I could get it back to the universal English language.

 If you are stuck with the Remax Bluetooth headset with a changed language, you can follow these steps to change back to English.

  • Start the language changing process by pressing and holding the Multi-function button and volume up simultaneously.
  • Next, use the volume up button to scroll through languages and identify the one you want.
  • Press and hold the Multi-function Button to select your preferred language and listen to music.

How do I reset my Bluetooth headphones?

My Beats Studio headphones were not correctly working upto the mark, which made me reset them to factory settings. At first, I removed my headphones from the paired list on my smartphone. Then: Press the power and volume down buttons simultaneously for about 15 seconds until the LED light starts flashing; then, let go of both buttons, and your headphones will return to English.

Final Words

I have elaborated the language-changing steps and instructions for different headphones I have been using all these years. The most crucial factor in changing the language or any other feature is to follow the user manual and instructions to get things done. Additionally, you can get help resetting the Bluetooth headphones to factory settings that will get you back to your headphones’ universal language. 

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