Shokz OpenSwim Review | Is OpenSwim worth the money?

Does it seem beyond expectations to listen to your favorite music while swimming? Not at all in this age; it is possible with the Shokz OpenSwim bone conduction headphones. Bone conduction has given a new dimension to a better listening experience. I am a swimmer and a staunch user of Shokz OpenSwim headphones. I have used these headphones, and this post is about Shokz OpenSwim Review.

Shokz OpenSwim was formerly known as Aftershokz Xtrainerz. It is a genuinely waterproof headphone designed to be used underwater while considering the premium sound quality. These are MP3 headphones rather than Wireless Bluetooth, along with some upgraded features of the previous one. 

Suppose you are a swimmer and want to invest in the best headphone. Read this post because this guide is all about the ShokzOpenSwim Review.

ShokzOpenSwim Review

Do you think carrying your headphones underwater? Swimming was dull and extraneous for me, but now I grab my Shokz OpenSwim, known as Shokz Swimming headphones, and take a deep dive with my favorite sound beats because Shokz has bone-conduction headphones that make no difference whether to use them on land or underwater.

Tidbit: Bone Conduction headphones work on the bone conduction of sound signals generated by transducers in the form of vibrations. These vibrations do not affect the outer or middle ear and reach the inner ear. The auditory nerve then transmits sound signals to the skull, which is processed and interpreted as sound. 

Let’s dive deep into the key specifications, remarkable features, and open-ear design of the ShokzOpenSwim. 

Where to buy ShokzOpen Swim from?

Initially, I was very reluctant to invest my hard-earned money in these Shokz bone conduction headphones because they are pricey, but they have proved their worth to me. 

They come in two primary colors Diamond Black and Sapphire Blue. I have picked up Diamond Black for me. They cost me around $149.95 from Shokz’s official website. You can buy these headphones from various other sites like:-

  • Tredz limited
  • Amazon
  • Wiggle

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What’s in the Box? 

  • Shokz OpenSwim MP3 headphones
  • USB Charging Cradle
  • Swimming (Waterproof) Earplugs 
  • Silicone Rubber Carrying Case

Direction to Wear

I have been using Shokz OpenSwim for almost a year now. After getting these headphones, it is no more difficult for me to leave my cozy bed and dive into the cold water. They fit snugly on my ears. Here the question arises of how to wear them. It is a simple step-by-step process.

  1. Hold your OpenSwim Headphones in front of you.
  2. The open side should be facing opposite your face.
  3. The headband side should be closest to your face.
  4. Bring the device around the back of the base of your neck.
  5. Place the transducers right on your cheekbones just above the temple bones.
  6. Now you have securely put on your headphones. 

Why Should You Choose Aftershokz OpenSwim?

ShokzOpenSwim is an open-ear headphone equipped with 7th-generation bone conduction technology to ensure bud-free, comfortable listening without wires, devices, and limits deep in the water. You are entirely free and carefree to carry your headphones wherever you want. Some of the notable specifications that Shokz OpenSwim has are:- 

  • Design: Open Ear
  • Weight: 30 g
  • Submersible: 2 meters deep in the water for up to two hours.
  • Flexibility: Stretchable and Rotatable
  • Bluetooth: Not compatible
  • Connectivity: Supports MP3
  • Charging: Proprietary charging cradle
  • Waterproofing: IP68 Certified
  • Stereo Sound: Premium Pitch 2.0

Design and Fit

Shokz will serve you with the best underwater so that it will be light. It is lightweight and flexible, with bands made of titanium. After a few minutes of wearing them, you will forget that you have placed something around your head. These are Shokz signature open-ear headphones.

OpenSwim in triathlon focussed headphones can fit easily on your ears and around your head. They are very comfortable because they have an adjustable fit that won’t shift from their place even if I have a swim cap. 

One thing that most fascinates me about my Aftershokz is that on the surface of the headphones, there are small holes made to drain water out of the headphones. 

It is essential to prevent headphones from corrosion.

Control buttons

Imagine you are in the water and fidgeting with your headphones to play or pause music; this is a big no with these headphones. Shokz OpenSwim comes with a simple control system. First, you will find a ‘mode’ button that can change your headphones from general to swim mode, enhancing the sound quality deep in the water. 

All three buttons are located on the right side of the headphones. Four gold connectors are located on the surface of the headphones, which come across the neck area. 

  • Multifunction/Power Button
  • Mode Button – shuffles music, sets your playlist on repeat, and activates the in/out water mode. 
  • Volume+ and Volume – Buttons

Control buttons are tiny but tactile and responsive without any complications. At first, I accidentally pressed the button for too long to turn up the volume, but it skipped the song. 


How does Shokz work deep in the water? Bluetooth doesn’t work underwater, so these headphones are operated on MP3. I know it’s a bit strange, but that’s how it is. Because of the MP3 format, I don’t face any sound lag or connectivity issues. 

Shokz OpenSwim is not Bluetooth-compatible. They have 4GB of internal storage memory with continuous listening for up to 8 hours. Even if I have loaded my memory with 1200 songs, 3 GB of memory space is still left.

Supported by MP3, you have to download audio files from your device. OpenSwim supports the format of MP3, WAV, VMA, FLAC, and AAC audio files. 

How to upload Files on your Shokz OpenSwim?

  1. Take the charging cradle, insert your OpenSwim into the charger and close it. 
  2. Plug the USB end into your computer’s USB port.
  3. A drive will pop up on your computer. Showing OpenSwim. 
  4. Click on it and start transferring the data into your headphone’s storage.
  5. You can also make folders to organize your audio files in the drive of your headphones. 
  6. LED flashes red and blue light until the transfer is complete.

Audio Performance

Are you ready to experience superb sound beats with every flip or turn you take underwater? Shokz OpenSwim has revolutionized listening underwater, undoubtedly delivering premium sound quality.

With ShokzOpenSwim, I have realized that their sound quality has improved. You will hear crisp, clear, and delightful sounds by using these underwater, even when you put on earplugs. These headphones don’t offer active noise cancellation, meaning you can hear water splashes during swimming. 

Shokz OpenSwim sounds okay out of the water, but its sound is far better deep in the water, so it does the job well for which they are designed and made. Sound clarity is higher than other Shokz headphones. They didn’t get much more bass, but that mid-bass, mid-range, and higher frequencies are clear. 

Shokz is made for active users. You can’t switch to ShokzOpenSwim for your random listening because outside water, if you want to listen to something, there is sound leakage. 

These are not designed for home use; I won’t use them and do not recommend using them on dry land. 

Battery life

Battery life is a significant factor when choosing or buying new headphones. Headphones with a bit of battery life are not my type of headphones. As a swimming trainer, I have to take long swimming sessions. I had to choose the right pair of headphones for me. 

After switching to ShokzOpenSwim, I am carefree about their battery going down. They offer 8 hours of battery life when listening to music on medium volume. Red light indicates a low battery, and blue light means the battery is fully charged. 

A proprietary cradle charger comes along with OpenSwim. It differs from the regular micro-USB and USB- C type charging cable. You have to slot your headphones into the charging cradle to charge them up. The side of the headphone, which has four gold connectors, is inserted into the charging cradle. 

Warning: You have to be very cautious while using the block charger because once damaged or lost, there is no replacement for it. 

Ip rating/Waterproofing

For what specificity Shokz bone conduction headphones are known? Shokz has developed fantastic bone conduction headphones that have brought a dream of listening into reality. In the same way, Shokz bone conduction headphones are IP-certified. 

Shokz OpenSwim headphones are IP68-rated. They are waterproof, dustproof, and sweatproof, making them best for swimmers, trainers, runners, and athletes. This Ip rating ensures that my headphones are not damaged from outdoor environmental stress like dust, water, and sweat so that they can last longer. 

Alongside being a swimmer, I am a tech lover, so I am very particular about my headphones and always ensure that I keep them safely and securely. Thanks to these IP-certified Shokz OpenSwim headphones. 

Aftershokz Xtrainerz VS Open Swim

Shokz OpenSwim is formerly known as Aftershokz Xtrainerz. I have used both headphones, but now, Aftershokz Xtrainerz is discontinued. These headphones provide the same features as the OpenSwim. The design, comfort, battery life, and MP3 storage format of the aftershokz Xtrainerz meet all the similarities with the Shokz OpenSwim. Shokz Open Swim is a rebranded version of Aftershokz Xtrainerz.

Pros of Shokz Open Swim
  1. Perfect for swimming.
  2. Open-ear design for situational awareness.
  3. It can be adjustable with a swimming cap, goggles, and earplugs.
  4. It Sounds better in water than above water.
  5. Sound is more consistent when you use waterproof earplugs.
  6. Buttons are easy to use.
  7. Have an Alert voice feature to figure out that the command is fulfilled.
Cons of Shokz Open Swim
  1. No Bluetooth connectivity.
  2. File transfer can take time. 
  3. Sound leakage issue when used above water. 

Shokz Open Run

There is frequently a comparison between Shokz Open Run and Open Swim. OpenRun is solely designed for workouts or exercising while keeping you aware of your surroundings with the lightweight open-ear design. In contrast to OpenSwim, these headphones are equipped with Bluetooth and are unsuitable for swimming. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is swimming mode on AfterShokz?

Aftershokz is rebranded as Shokz. Headphones with swimming mode are designed for swimming, cycling, running, or other sports. Swimming mode shifts the headphone from general to swimming mode, enhancing sound pitch and underwater quality. You can hear better and clear sounds when you wear earplugs while swimming. 

Does OpenSwim come with a Warranty?

Warranty is granted to tech-based gadgets to recover any issue the gadget faces by default. Shokz OpenSwim also comes with a 2-year warranty that covers manufacturer defects. This warranty policy is not valid for misuse of the product, lost or stolen product. 

Is OpenSwim Bluetooth Compatible?

OpenSwim is specifically designed for swimming. These are not Bluetooth Compatible because Bluetooth doesn’t transfer signals underwater. For the sound signals to reach your ear, OpenSwim is equipped with an Mp3 format. 

Summing Up

The world knows Shokz bone conduction headphones due to their remarkable features, durability, comfortable fitting, and sound quality they provide. Swimming or working out is not a burden for me because Shokz OpenSwim is here that allows me to hear audio of my choice deep in the water. The sound quality, design, and fitting of these headphones are all I needed for my comfort. This article is all about my personal experience on Shokz OpenSwim Review.

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