Why Do Pro Gamers Wear Earbuds And Headphones? Detailed Explanation

Have you played any games recently or witnessed any professional gaming contests? If yes, the most evident question to your mind would be, Why do pro gamers wear earbuds and headphones while playing games? As an audiophile, gamer, and headphones wizard, I would effectively clarify your ambiguity in this article.

The most evident answer to this query is noise canceling. When professional players contest with competitors, they need to hear every minute and a tiny movement of the opponents. Moreover, communication with the team is very imperative. Cleared yet?

If you are still confused, read this article until the end, and you will get the crystal clear reasoning behind pro gamers and headphones theory. In this article, you will learn about the reasons and benefits of using earbuds and headphones while playing games professionally.

Why Do Gamers Wear Earbuds And Headphones?

Are earphones better for gaming? Yes, they are, for sure. Sound clarity is the primary purpose of the headphones for gamers. Different reasons imply getting headphones or earbuds for gaming. The reasons are:

Noise Canceling

Can you listen to anything when someone is speaking face to face? Absolutely, Not. It is the same scenario when pro gamers play with each other in a live contest. They tend to speak loudly with their teams, and there is always a massive crowd that roars to support their favorite players.

In this noisy atmosphere, pro gamers need the proper best noise canceling headphones for gaming to avoid all this noise.

Crowd and Staff Noise

The crowd factor is the main reason pro gamers wear earbuds or earphones while playing. You can not bear the loud cheers and shouting when you win the game, and lack of concentration can cost you the game.

Additionally, the squad and the technical teams assist. They need to communicate also, so for this reason, they always create loud noise, which makes the headphones evident.

Communication with Team

The other reason that is very imperative is the communication with the team for time to time suggestions and support. You can wear headphones like the Bose QuietComfort 35 Series 2 Gaming Headset with the Noise-rejecting mic, which helps you get in touch with the team without losing focus.

Why do gamers wear earbuds?

I wear my EPOS GTW 270 Ηybrid Truly Wireless Earbuds whenever I play games. These are the best earbuds for gaming that I have used recently. These wireless earbuds are used for:

  • Earbuds are used as active noise-canceling devices to focus on games. My earbuds are perfectly made so that my ear doesn’t fatigue my ear during long sessions.
  • Moreover, earbuds provide loud sound effects and action with clarity that makes you ahead of your opponent.
  • I have been utilizing the inbuilt mic to make my voice seem clear and natural; however, if you talk in loud surroundings, then the team or others will not be able to hear correctly.

Earbuds vs. Headphones for Gaming

Are earbuds better than headphones for gaming? The main difference between earbuds and headphones for gaming is the sound clarity. The headphones’ better soundstage and microphone options make them better for gaming than earbuds.

Why Do Pro Gamers Wear Earbuds And Headphones

The earbuds have perks, as you can listen more clearly to the footsteps while playing the games. Furthermore, the shooting sound and overall sound is better in earbuds, but long sessions with in-ear buds cause fatigue, and I don’t like wearing them for my gaming routine.

Why do pro gamers use earbuds under headphones?

When it comes to wearing earbuds under headphones, there are two main reasons. One reason is that earbuds enable pro gamers to listen to the game music clearly and maintain their focus on the game.

Second, the headphones provide noise canceling from the surrounding like crowd noise, technical staff noise, and team communication. You can use the best gaming earbuds under the headphones to eradicate the sound problem while playing games.

What earbuds do CSGO pros use?

Razer BlackShark V2 is one of my choices for playing CSGO, and I have seen many pros relying on this one. It produces surround sound, and the sound quality is loud and clear to hear every moment.

IEMs work well for CSGO because the maps are small, and there isn’t much going on during 5v5. However, IEMs can’t create a 3D experience for the player. For games like battlefield 5, like the one we just played, IEMs don’t work well to separate sounds. Because a lot is going on close and far away, a soundstage is essential. I recommend Logitech G Pro X and Sennheiser GAME ZERO as the perfect Earphones for Valorant.


In this article, I have discussed the reasons for the query of why pro gamers wear earbuds and headphones. Moreover, there are also answers to the potential queries related to wearing earbuds under over-ear headphones, along with the difference between earbuds and headphones concerning gaming.

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