How to wear headphones with long hair? All you need to know

Nobody can feel the stress of wearing headphones with long hair better than a person with long hair. They get tangled and stuck in the headphone, making them difficult to wear for long hours. As a gamer with long hair, I used to encounter this daily, but then I changed my ways since headphones and long hair are essential to my daily routine. Now I am presenting you with a guide on How to wear headphones with long hair?

This guide will teach you comprehensive ways to keep your headphones working well with long hair. Moreover, there will be a discussion on keeping headphones clean and wearing headphones with different hairstyles later in the article.

How to put on headphones with long hair?

Being a gamer and professional editor, I usually sit for hours to complete the tasks and chill, leaving hair dents or hair stuck. I have applied various tricks, ways, and tweaks to get things done without annoyance. The ways are:

Get Longer Hair

The very first one is to increase the length of your hair. It becomes challenging to handle when you have medium or trimmed hair. On the other hand, I keep my hair long and further increase the length to adjust with my headphones adequately.

How to wear headphones with hair down?

If you are a continuous headphone user, you must prepare your hairstyle according to your headphones. If the headbands of the headphones are too tight or apply more clamping force, it will be difficult for you to make long textured waves like Harry Styles. So, it is better to make the hairstyles according to your headphones.

Straightening Your Hair Might Help

I recently straightened my hair, and they have become more manageable. Now I can adequately comb my hair before wearing the headphones, and they mostly don’t tangle with my headphones while playing games or watching my favorite shows.

Rely on Gel

You should use the hair gel if you are wearing a long undercut style or long textured waves. Hair gel provides the complete lock and holds your hair for a more extended period, avoiding hair tangling.

Use Barrettes

When it comes to long hair, the most helpful tool you can use if you are a female or male is barrettes. You can use these beautiful barrettes to keep your hair intact, and there will be no fuss.

Comb your Hair

Combing hair keeps my hair in the proper shape and style that I wear. Before using headphones, I always wet my hair and comb them correctly according to my headphones.

Low Ponytail

Long hairs and a ponytail are the perfect love story, and I use my Beats headsets with a low ponytail to avoid any annoyance. Low signature ponytails have become the fashion now. So, wearing headphones will not directly contact the tail and hair.

Look for other Alternatives

You can look for alternatives to the headphones; I have bought Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds when I don’t feel comfortable with my headsets. So, getting earbuds is a wise move to avoid any trouble.

How to wear headphones with long curly hair?

If you have curls and don’t want to disturb your favorite style, you can lower the headband’s clamping force first. In addition, you may wear the headphones backward or over the hair. Just make sure the headband doesn’t dent your style. There are options like using clips, headbands, and barrettes that you can apply to style your long curly hairs.

Do you wear headphones over your hair?

There is a talk on every platform like Reddit: what are ways of wearing headphones over hair Reddit? In my opinion, headphones and ear cups that surround my ears are the most important reason for wearing them over my hair. In addition, I get an optimum music experience that I cannot get wearing headphones in any other way due to the ample padding on the ear cups.

How to wear VR headset with long hair?

A high ponytail is the best way to wear a VR headset with long hair. You can quickly wear the headbands straight to the back of the head so that they will not tangle with the hair. In addition, you can wear double top knots and pom-poms for better hair management. It will avoid sweating and direct hair contact with VR headbands.

How to wear headphones with wet hair?

There is a possibility that your headphones may be damaged by water soaking into the pads. Rusting occurred below the ear pad of my Skullcandy Crusher headphones. As a general rule, I would not recommend dampness. Still, if you want to wear headphones with wet hair, then you can:

  • Soak the water from your ears completely before using headphones.
  • Loose up the headbands or decrease the clamping force, so the headbands don’t get wet, further damaging the wires.
  • The driver’s diaphragms always collect moisture, so ensure the soggy ear and wet hair don’t come in direct contact.

Final Words

When it comes to wearing headphones with long hair, there are different ways and hairstyles that you can choose from. I have described all the practical ways to put on headsets with curly and long hair. You can adopt any one of the methods to enjoy your music or gaming time. Make sure to keep the hair intact to avoid any annoyance.

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