YouthWhisper Bone Conduction Headphones | Review

Do you think what the sports headphones be like? Well, they must be light in weight and comfortable for the head and the ears. And what if the price also comes in your range? In that case, get your hands on Youthwhisper Bone Conduction Headphones to inspect all the features.

Youthwhisper headphones include eye-catchy technologies. The device is equipped with an anti-sweat feature. Also, the 6 hours of battery are comparable to Trekz Air, and the Bluetooth connectivity makes them nothing less than expensive headphones.

Suppose you like trying new gadgets and trendy technologies but not at the cost of infecting the ears. So, read the article and review the pros and cons of the youthwhisper headphones.

Review – Youthwhisper E1 Headphones

Want an affordable headset loaded with excellent features? If yes, youthwhisper headphones are the best as they transmit music through bones and let you interact with the surroundings. Bone conduction headphones efficiently surpass bulky headphones not in terms of sound quality but in health benefits.

I have been using the Youthwhisper bone conduction headphones for quite a long time. The battery hours suit me, and the sound quality is satisfactory as it is not meant for this. However, there is a need to improve the IP rating for their effective performance underwater.


  • Weight: 0.88 oz
  • Design: in-ear
  • Waterproofing: IP54
  • Battery Life: 6 hours
  • Material: Titanium 
  • Microphone: for accurate voice delivery
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Range: 33ft
  • Standby time: 480 hours
  • Multipoint Pairing: connect two devices at the same time

Design and Fit

The open-ear design fascinated me the most, and I was searching for these devices to test them. The research ended with youthwhisper headphones that consist of a titanium headband. Upon wearing, you will feel the headphones are so lightweight (0.88 oz) that they barely put pressure behind the head.

Moreover, the headband is very flexible, and you can mold them according to your head size. Ensure not to stretch them with force; otherwise, you always fix them. One thing that adds a four-fold comfort level to the design is the silicone patches attached to the earpieces, thus increasing the time you want to remain them on your head.

What’s in the Box

  • Youthwhisper headphones
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual
  • Earplugs


How can a delicate device provide so many specifications under one roof? Yes, it’s true; the Youthwhipser headphones are inculcated with three buttons on the left arm of the headphones to ease outdoor activities.

Multifunction Button

You never imagine how one button creates magic for you and manages multiple functions. However, it would help if you pressed it once or twice according to the assigned task.

  • Press once – pause/play the music; receive or end the call.
  • Press twice – skip the audio track 
  • Press and hold – reject phone calls when holding the button for 2 seconds

Volume Up+; Volume Down-

It is noted that AfterShokz bone-conduction headphones have their volume control buttons on the right side. But the Youthwhisper headphones E1 consist of a volume up and down button on the left extension of the device. Hence, you can easily manage the volume settings no matter what genre you are listening to or at what location.

Moreover, the power button does not enjoy a separate housing and shares the same spacing with the volume up button. You don’t have to worry about turning the device on or off. Press the volume up button and hold it for 3 seconds.

Once your fingertips become used to the control button layout, there will be no difficulty in operating the headphones. You can skip the exercise to answer a phone call or adjust the volume.


A distorted free signal is all a truly wireless headset can give you. The headphones are useless if the connection is on the verge of disconnecting. In the case of youthwhisper headphones, the device is equipped with 5.0 Bluetooth technology and, thus, is efficiently compatible with Android and iOS. 

Another reason that I added Youthwhisper headphones to my priority list is the connectivity range. Yes, you can utilize the headphones within a range of 33 feet. Isn’t it interesting to leave aside the phone and roam here and there to finish the chores?

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How to Pair the Youthwhisper Bone Conduction Headphones?

Why do you connect devices? The answer is straightforward. Pairing is established to listen to music on headphones while the audio source is the smartphone. The experience becomes much better.

For connecting the devices, it is crucial to prepare headphones to enter pairing mode. These headphones do not require logical steps to pair with other devices but rather connect quickly.

  • Press the volume up button for three seconds
  • Look for the alternate red and blue LED lights
  • Turn on the Bluetooth mode of the smartphone
  • Select Youthwhisper
  • Connection is established

Headphones are designed to generate a voice indication of Connected and flash a Blue LED light for once. 

Sound Quality

Youthwhisper headphone is an approachable introduction to bone-conduction headphones. These devices let the skull and cheekbones pick up the vibrations and send them to the innermost area of the ears, bypassing the eardrum and the middle ear.

Thus the vibrations are converted to electrical signals and delivered to the brain through the auditory nerve. The brain transforms signals into acoustic signals to be heard. Due to the open-ear design, the sound quality could be better but varies according to the location.

I have tested the headphones on my Android and iOS; the stereo sound is the result. Hence, the audio is more precise while on the treadmill or climbing the mountain. Moreover, the amount of audio leak is typical with the open-ear design, but there is no sound delay.

I experience the audio becoming accurate with earplugs. What else do you need than hearing outside voices without removing the headphones? Bone-conduction headphones must be your first choice if you are a staunch listener of audiobooks and podcasts.



Do you want a device that performs all the functions? Besides Bluetooth connectivity and waterproofing, a built-in microphone makes these headphones prominent in their efficiency. In addition, the control buttons are on the left side, so they are more beneficial for lefties.

Another feature that diverts my attention is that the headphones pause the music when the phone rings. It helps in sending clear voices to the person on the next end.

Multipoint Pairing

Multitasking headphones sometimes; you need them all the time. But here, youthwhisper may disappoint you as it does not support multipoint pairing. If you use headphones with one device, disconnect them to connect to the other. 

If you want a bone-conduction device supporting multipoint pairing, you should opt for Shokz Openrun. Or you also select Tayogo headphones to fulfill the purpose in an affordable price range.


Youthwhisper headphones are certified sweat-proof and comprise an IP54 rating. Thus, the best choice for extraneous exercise, even in the rain, does not damage the headphones. Please refrain from wearing them in pools or showers, as the headphones are only designed for heavy sweating. Remember that they are not waterproof. 

Battery Life

What are headphones for? Enjoying leisure time without bothering others. Youthwhisper bone conduction headphones contain a 200 mAh lithium metal battery and provide 6 hours of music play. The headphones take two hours to charge from scratch and offer a standby time of 480 hours. It means charging the headphones once and leaving aside the worry of carrying cable.

How to Charge Headphones?

After using them for several hours, you must charge them as soon as you receive a low battery indication. The question is how to charge headphones. The simple steps are:

  • Peel the covering beside the control buttons
  • Insert the available micro USB charging cable
  • The other end goes to the wall outlet or laptop.

You do not have to check on youthwhisper headphones when in charging mode, as they flash LED lights for affirmation. So, the red LED flash indicates a low battery, and the flash changes to Blue, symbolizing a full battery.

What I Like About Headphones

  • Battery timing is satisfied and extended up to 12 hours
  • LED indication is helpful
  • The stereo sound is up to the mark
  • Hearing ambient sounds ensures safety
  • I can quickly turn them on and off the microphone via the control button

What I Don’t Like About Headphones

  • Sound becomes silenced on the phone call.
  • A protective case is not included in the box.
  • The build quality could be more sturdy.
  • Charge with a micro USB cable

YouthWhisper E1 Vs. AfterShokz Trekz Air

Both headphones give equal hours of music play and are light in weight to wear for long hours.

Trekz Air by Aftershokz is the consumers’ choice for outdoor sports. In comparison, the youthwhisper is a ready-made device designed not to interrupt cycling or running.

Suppose the discussion is about comparing the youthwhisper and trekz bone conduction headphones. In that case, the latter device wins by featuring a flexible headband, giving access to operate more than one device simultaneously, an IP55 waterproofing, and a lightweight frame (30g).

On the other hand, youthwhisper offers the latest Bluetooth 5.0 to enjoy stable pairing within a range of 33 feet compared to trekz, which supports the older standard of Bluetooth 4.2. At the same time, trekz air is available with a silicone carrying case to keep them safe from harsh conditions, and the youthwhisper is devoid of this facility.

Youth Whisper E1 Vs. YouthWhisper Pro Open Ear Bone Conduction Headphones

Selecting the one that matches your comfort level out of the same category is tricky. The comparison between the two headsets is the essence of the various features. Both youthwhisper headphones possess identical features, whether they be 6 hours of playtime, 5.0 wireless connectivity, an easy control system, and resistance from sweat.

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The prominent difference is a built-in microphone. The private and conference calls can always be more entertaining with the rotatable microphones. Adjust them near the mouth by rotating them 180 degrees, and you are good to go.


Are bone conduction headsets good?

Bone conduction headphones give dimension to listening to music through bones. These devices serve as hearing aids for those suffering partial hearing loss or malformations in the outer or middle ears. Due to these devices, you can interact and hear outside sounds without pausing the track running in the background.

Do bone conduction headphones work with TV?

Bone conduction headphones are only different in their working mechanism; otherwise, they are nothing less than regular headphones. The devices come with various standards of Bluetooth connectivity and are compatible with Android or iOS software. Your headphones work efficiently as long as your TV is equipped with Bluetooth.

Can you damage your hearing with Bone Conduction headphones?

A pair of headsets never becomes the primary cause of hearing damage. Rather it depends on how you use the devices and for what duration. Listening to music utilizing bone conduction headphones beyond the recommended volumes may result in partial hearing loss or severe headaches.

Conclusion | Youthwhisper Bone Conduction Headphones

Selecting headphones that match your taste is another level of excitement. Similarly, Youthwhisper bone conduction headphones, with their new technology, are determining their position among competitors. I have assessed the functions of Youthwhisper bone conduction headphones and mentioned their pros and cons. So, choose wisely without increasing the load on the budget.

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