Astro A40 Static/Buzzing Noise | How To Fix It?

You plan to sit at the computer table, play games on Astro A40, and discover that your headphones kill your leisure time by producing a buzzing noise. You will feel annoyed and try fixing the issue as soon as possible. So, what are the reasons and solutions for Astro A40 Static/Buzzing Noise?

The prominent reasons in the limelight for producing buzzing sounds in Astro A40 may be electrical interference from the wall outlet, software issues (corrupted drivers), hardware problems, or broken cables.

In this article, I will mention the fixes of Astro A40 Static/Buzzing Noise. It is also crucial to figure out what factors cause the buzzing sound in premium quality Astro gaming headsets.

How Do I Fix My Astro A40 Sound?

Do you have difficulty playing games on Astro A40 due to the extreme buzzing sound? If yes, you must have replugged it with your PC and did not conclude. There rises the question of whether there must be some fixes to resolve the problems. 

Replug and Plug

You notice static noises and need to know the actual cause. Unplug all the things from each other. For example, detach the headphones’ cables from the devices (computer, PC, consoles). Moreover, also switch off the computer from the electrical outlet. 

Give them some rest, establish all the connections again, and check the performance of the headphones. It is the most tried and tested method to fix static noises.

Loosely Attached Cables

Is keeping the headsets’ chord fit and fine? No doubt, these cables are like the oxygen pump to the headphones. When you plug in the damaged or broken cables to PlayStation, they will only obtain static sounds and nothing else.

You have to take care of the cables correctly to avoid the problem.

  • Do not put pressure on the area of the plastic casing of the cable jack 
  • Hold on to the audio jack always when connecting or disconnecting the device.
  • Do not exert stress on the headphone plug.

Auxiliary Port Issues

If the output port is deformed, no matter how healthy the cables of the headphones are healthy, the buzzing noises are the only result. You should keep checking on the headphone output and keep them safe from dirt and lint that costs you not achieving the desired audio quality.

For this purpose, it is suggested to clean the audio port to get rid of scratchy noises. Use the compressed air and a toothpick to clean the audio output and insert the cable for a double check. Remember to keep an eye on the 3.5mm headphones jack. Also, if this part is accumulated with dirt, clean them first and plug it in properly. 

You can also check the headphones’ efficiency by trying out new cables. For example, you must opt for optical cables when playing games via Astro A40 on consoles. Similarly, use a USB cable if you utilize headphones with a PC. 

Pro tip: for cleaning the ports, you can use rubbing alcohol.

Damaged Headphones Speaker

Initially, you may need to find out the real cause but start by checking the headphones’ hardware, such as the speakers of the headphones. Plug the headset into the output jack of the device that works properly. If you hear the static noise, the real culprit is the damaged headphones speakers, not the audio playback device.

Wrong Audio Settings

If you have blind trust in the Astro A40 brand new headphones, check the audio settings of the device you hear through them. Sometimes, the wrong settings may become the unknown cause of the static/buzzing sounds.

  • Check the audio settings of the device and headphones
  • While analyzing the EQ settings, ensure it does not boost the super high-frequencies.

Astro A40 Buzzing Noise PC

Although the issue may become unidentified, on a safer note, you must start troubleshooting the device to fix the issue. If the headsets are connected to a PC, you can fix the Astro A40 sound by specific methods involving the necessary updates and changing audio settings.

Audio Drivers’ Update

This process needs a headset, a computer, and a cable in the audio jack.

  • Look for the start menu by tapping on the window key + S 
  • Go to the start menu and type Device Manager
  • From the list, search for the Audio Inputs and Outputs
  • Select the option Speaker (Realtek High Definition Audio)
  • Right-click it and tap Uninstall Device
  • To uninstall, restart the computer.
  • A driver is automatically updated after restarting
  • Test the headset to inspect the problem

If the headset works fine, it is the device (computer) that has a defect, or maybe there is a chance that you plug the cable into a faulty device audio port.

Change the Audio Settings

As long as you do not understand the reasons for buzzing noises, it becomes difficult to eliminate the problem. When you know the problem’s actual cause, you can easily make a strategy and fix it. So, let’s change the Audio Settings that are the natural barricades in obtaining clear sounds.

  • In the search box, look for Control Panel
  • Select Hardware and Sound
  • Click Sound from the right-side panel
  • As soon as you open the window, it selects the Playback Tab
  • Choose the option Set Default and click OK
  • Restart the PC

How Do I Fix My Astro A40 Sound?

You want good sound quality and the headphones generate buzzing noise. The only solution is to disable all the audio enhancements. The process is carried out by clicking the start button and going to the control panel. From the Sound to the Playback Tab, select Enhancements and disable it.

Astro A40 Buzzing Xbox One

To test if the headphones are at fault, you must connect them to various devices.

Gaming sessions need much attention, especially when the score is approaching. Out of nowhere, if the headphones produce buzzy noise, it becomes the most frustrating. This section is all about correcting the buzzing noise with Xbox one.

  • Click the Xbox logo in the menu bar options
  • Look for the System Option
  • Select the tap audio option and click on Mic Monitoring
  • Slide the microphone volume to the mute

Astro A40 Buzzing Noise PS4

If gaming on PS4 is disturbed, the headphones do not let you enjoy by producing static noise. You need to double-check the instructions written in the manual of PlayStation. It will resolve the issue. Furthermore, unplug the devices at once and replug them. 

Doing all this but not proving fruitful. The next step is to lower the headset’s microphone volume from the controllers’ quick menu. You will get rid of the annoying noises.

Tips to Prevent Astro A40 Buzzing Noise

The headphones buzzing noise is regular. It is an indication of the degradation or overuse of the device. However, there are some common tips for maintaining efficiency. 

  • Avoid keeping too many electronic devices in the vicinity of headphones or transducers.
  • Do not use the laptop’s power outlet to charge.


Headphones should be great stress busters but not stress givers. These are great when giving uninterrupted or accurate sounds. In this article, I have mentioned all the steps comprehensively to resolve the Astro A40 static/buzzing noise. Read the article to correct the headsets’ faults and prepare for another game.

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