JLab Earbuds Won’t Turn On | How to Fix it?

It was a weekend call, and I set to spend quality time watching a movie. On opening the JLab earbuds case for pairing, I did not hear a click and realized it did not turn on. Fortunately, my first-hand treatment did work, and they began working like before. You must know how to fix JLab Earbuds Won’t Turn On issue if you love the brand. 

JLab earbuds won’t turn on mainly due to incomplete charging, faulty battery, defective charging case, or not receiving enough power from the main outlet. Also, the physical damage restricts the earbuds from turning on. Resetting them and killing other reasons is the best way to deal with a situation. 

In this article, I will mention the easy solutions to fix the JLab won’t turn issue. You may find the solutions in simple methods. Otherwise, asking for help for a tech expert is available at your service. 

JLab Earbuds Won’t Turn On | Reasons

You must know in what circumstances your JLab earbuds won’t turn on. Several straightforward reasons help you achieve the correct troubleshooting methods in less time. 

Drain/ Faulty Battery

What do you expect from earbuds to turn on even after running out of charge? Most JLab earbuds comprise 10+ hours of battery life, freeing you from charging them after every use. 

So, paying attention to the schedule you plug in your earbuds is important for their adequate functioning.

Draining the battery up to the last time is not an excuse, for it becomes faulty and does not hold enough amperes to deliver over-the-board audio quality. It simply denies turning on in both situations. 

Power Supply

You may find faults in accessories, whereas JLab earbuds won’t turn on because of the power supply you feed your earbuds with. You must know the voltages the charger requires for efficient working. By any chance, if you fail to charge them properly, there is no way of turning JLab earbuds on normally. 

Faulty Charging Cord

Another major reason contributes to why JLab earbuds won’t turn on is the faulty charging cord. You may not know how long it goes, but perhaps it is time for a replacement. Also, double-check charging your earbuds with another one to make it confirmed before buying a new cord. 

Broken Power Button

Things matter a lot in what way you treat your gadgets. No matter how durable the JLab earbuds are, they are prone to physical damage with a single hit. It may be dropping your buds from your hands or whatsoever. Similarly, when you find a broken power button, how come it turns on your JLab earbuds? 

Software Bug

Why are my JLab headphones charging but not turning on? When you notice the buds charge normally but do not turn on. Assume a software bug that attacks your earbuds and restricts them from powering on. 

What Do you Do if your JLAB Earbuds Won’t Turn On?

I cannot afford to use diseased JLab earbuds. Little I do is find solutions for what can be done to make them rejuvenate. You probably want the same. Isn’t it? Let’s find the solutions which are in my knowledge to help other music lovers. 

Charging Case Maintenance

Ponder how you take precautions to maintain the health of JLab earbuds. Cleaning them weekly or after extensive use. The benefit of doing so is to eliminate the wax from accumulating, and there does not become a barrier between audio delivering and listening pathways. 

Also, if you notice, the wax inside the earbuds dislodges the internal wiring and prevents charging and turning them on. As a result, reduces its efficiency of working as it would be. You cannot turn on the JLab earbuds in that particular case. 

Caution: Avoid cleaning the earbuds with cleaner, which damages the rubber and plastic parts. 

Charge Earbuds

What are your thoughts on charging them for a fixed time, as an instruction manual advises? The idea seems not bad. I put my earbuds on charge for only 90 minutes, and they flash the charging light indicating it’s full. 

Also, take extra care of the lithium batteries, as they drain on their own when not utilized for a long time. So, charge the earbuds as required and press the power button once to see the magic. 

Pro Tip: charge your Jlab headphones within 5V voltages, not above that.

Force Start Earbuds

Troubleshooting is an entertaining thing. You may randomly manifest a trick that works wonders for your device. So, put your earbuds in the charging case and tap on each bud three times to wake them up. You may increase the no.of taps on each earbud when they don’t turn on. 

Update Firmware

Software glitches are unwanted guests knocking on the headphones without any reason. Upgrade your JLab headphones to the latest firmware to eliminate corrupt settings. The steps are simple and take a few seconds. 

  1. Connect your headphones to the Bluetooth of the Mobile
  2. Open JLab dedicated app on your smartphone
  3. Click for the settings and look for Headphones Information
  4. Press Install to upgrade your earbuds.

Reset JLab Earbuds

Since you do not know the exact cause of why your earbuds do not turn on, resetting is the most approachable troubleshooting. Moreover, the steps are easy and take a few seconds.

How do I force restart my JLab? 

  • Press the volume up and down buttons simultaneously
  • Hold them for 20 seconds
  • Release the buttons when you hear a click.
  • Your JLab earbuds will likely turn on.

Frequently Asked  Questions

How do I turn on my JLab earbuds without the case?

JLab earphones won’t turn on due to imminent software bugs or physical damage. Also, if the earbuds run out of charge, you must charge them first and try turning them on by pressing the touch sensors for three seconds.

Is there a Reset Button on JLAB Earbuds?

No, there is no reset button on JBL earbuds. Instead, volume buttons help in resetting the device if errors occur. Hold the volume + or volume – button for 20 seconds and release the buttons. The earphones will turn on. 

Summing Up

JLabearbuds won’t turn on is an issue that may knock on your door anytime. You must be prepared to tackle difficult situations and know the exact methods to retrieve your earbuds. In this article, I have mentioned the possible easy and quick troubleshooting techniques that make your JLab earbuds never meet any misfortune. 

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