Beats Solo 3 Power Button Not Working | How to Fix it?

Beats has come up with a fantastic range of headphones. They offer good audio quality; their design, feature set, and comfort make them an option for many headphones. Recently, I discovered that my Beats Solo 3 Power Button Not working. Have you also faced this problem?

Beats solo 3 are true wireless on-ear headphones that are specialized to give you a 40hour battery usage. They have in-built power control buttons for easy access and use and have a sleek, streamlined design that is durable. In addition, they are portable. 

Headphones are in demand these days, so they are designed to have as many possible features provided to their users. They may experience technical issues or errors affecting their work with as many features. This guide is all about Troubleshooting the Beats solo 3 power button. 

Beats Solo 3 Power Button Not Working

Are you trying to turn on your Beats Solo 3 Headphones? Because the power button of your headphones is not working. Before trashing it and buying a new headphone, consider the ways to fix this problem.  

A well-equipped Beats Solo 3 may encounter some errors because issues are always there. Every problem has a root cause; if you know the cause, you can quickly fix that. The problem may have arisen because of several reasons. 

Dead Battery

Wireless headphones need a battery to operate. When the battery dies, you may experience that your headphone is not working correctly, or sometimes, the power button doesn’t even work.

A faulty charger

Wireless headphones are battery-operated and come with a charger to recharge them to ensure their smooth working. You have plugged in your headphones but are not charging because of a fault in the charger.

Dirt Damage

You can’t believe this, but your headphone power button may have caught up with dirt and debris. It may cause a blockage when you press the power button, which won’t work. 

How to Fix Beats Solo 3 Power Button?

It is frustrating when the power button of your headphone is not working as a tech expert. I have encountered these issues and know how to fix them. There are a few possible fixes that can help you in this regard. 

Cleaning your Headphone

It is a significant cause that the power button of your headphone is not working. When the button is caught up with dirt and debris, its path is blocked, so it is not smoothly pressed, resulting in not turning on your headphones. 

You must ensure that you keep your headphones and earbuds clean regularly. Clean earbuds, earcups, plug pins, and an audio jack. It will improve sound quality, one side of the headphone working problems, and makes it easy to connect a wired headphone to the audio jack. 

Complete Charge

Wireless headphones have become popular due to their portability and to avoid tangling cords and wires. They have an in-built battery that needs to be recharged.  

When your headphones are not fully charged, the headphones will not work, and the power button will not respond. Charge your headphones fully for at least a day. I hope it will solve the problem. 

Remove the Battery for Some Time (For Experts)

You should have technical knowledge when you are using these gadgets. A technical solution to fix your headphone problem is resetting the battery. It’s a bit tricky, but not difficult at all. You have to remove the battery and then install it again. 

  1. To remove the battery, you must remove the cushions from both sides of the headphones.
  2. You can use a knife or anything having a sharp tip for this purpose. 
  3. Open the left side of the headphone as the battery is inserted here. 
  4. Unplug the wires of the battery.
  5. Clean the area around the battery.
  6. Keep the battery out for some time.
  7. Plug the wires again and insert the battery into its place. 
  8. Arrange all the headphones pieces in a place and fix it all. 
  9. Turn on the power button. 

Replace the battery

When you have examined the battery of your headphone by removing it, you can now figure out whether the problem lies with the battery or something else. If you notice the shape of the battery is deformed, something like bulging in shape. You must replace it with the new one to keep your headphones working. 

Update Headphones Firmware/Software

Beats Solo 3 headphones are versatile in their features and functions. These headphones work on firmware and software, and an in-updated firmware can affect the smooth running of your headphones. The more functions the headphone performs, the more they need to be updated.

I suggest you update your headphones to the latest version. 

  1. Connect your Beats Solo 3 to a Mac or a PC.
  2. Launch the updater application.
  3. Now, in the primary menu, select Status.
  4. Click on Beats Solo 3 from the available list of devices. 
  5. Click on Connect and finish the update. 

Force Reset Headphones

Another move you can make to turn on the power button is to force reset the headphones. Sometimes, regular pressing doesn’t work, and force reset to fix the error. You can force reset your headphones in simple steps. 

  1. Charge your headphones fully.
  2. Press and hold power and volume+ buttons for 3 to 5 seconds.
  3. Release the button when you see the LED lights flashing.

Beats Solo 3 Power Button Replacement

You have tried all of the solutions but have been unsuccessful; the last option that I suggest is to replace the power button of your headphones. Go to the nearby Apple store, and discuss the issue you are facing. They will certainly hear your complaints and will fix your issue.


Can Beats Solo 3 Be Repaired?

Beats Solo 3 is a durable set of headphones. It can be replaced or repaired if accidental damage, battery issues, or certain missing parts occur. In this regard, service costs may vary depending on your product. 

Do Beats have a lifetime warranty?

Beats are headphones owned by Apple and come with all their accessories in the box. Apple has given a warranty of one year on Beats headphones and all its accessories against manufacturing issues. 

You can claim your headphones if there is any error in their working within the given warranty time limit of one year. 

How long do Beats last before they break?

Beats headphones are durable, reliable, and valuable but need extra care. These headphones are built in an exceptional manner that can last you for 7 years if you use them with great caution and care. 


Beats headphones are one of the best headphones you can have. Their design, fit, and durability will last you long enough. There are chances of errors in the smooth working of your headphone. In this post, I have described why the Beats Solo 3 Power Button Not working and how to fix it in no time. I hope now you can fix your headphone problem and can enjoy your uninterrupted listening on your headphones. 

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