Can Headphones Help With Airplane Pressure? Noteworthy Uses 

I have seen many people frightened while taking flights owing to the deadly imbalance of pressure it creates within the ear. Airplane engines are designed to outburst so much noise during flying. As a result, many passengers feel the sensation of a buzzing sound. To cope with this situation, I have come across a question: Can Headphones Help With Airplane Pressure?

Headphones do not remove the ear pressure but rather minus the effect of it from reaching inside the ear. So, if you are a headphone user like me, you must know how it helps maintain airplane pressure and reduces flight discomfort.

In this article, I will mention what headphones help with airplane pressure. Moreover, I will elaborate on extra points attributed to using headphones on flights.

Do Noise-Cancelling Headphones Help On Planes? 3 factors to comprehend

I am a traveler and carry my headphones with me during flights. So, the noise canceling device I carry with me is Toshiba Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones that prevent me from the unnecessary noise of old engines, cabin noise, and ear pain.

Using noise-canceling headphones on flights provides me with many benefits, and I would like to share them with you. You can also use headphones to enjoy every bit of traveling. As I mentioned above, headphones usually do not stop airplane pressure but rather prevent the pressure from buildup inside the ears. 

The question is about how noise-canceling headphones help on planes. These are manufactured to reduce the pressure on the eardrum and produce sound waves that are effectively helpful in opening the eustachian tube.

Piece of information: Eustachian tube regulates the air pressure inside the ears.

Noise Canceling Effect

I consider carrying noise-canceling headphones on flights. These are essential in removing all kinds of sounds. From baby crying to engine whirring, the headphones work well, and you can enjoy your airplane trip without the interference of others.

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Minimize the Stress

Is your brain stressed when thinking about ear pain on flights? Well, I must say, you should use good quality headphones for this. I believe using headphones during flying is a stress buster, and you also feel delighted to listen to your favorite music album. In case you do not remember the hint of fear in your brain cells.

Relief from Flying Anxiety

I think noise-canceling headphones are a barrier between your ear and the environment. You put on the gadget, and it immediately reduces the outside noise, thus preventing the loud sounds from passing through your ears, and you also do not suffer from airplane pressure.

In a nutshell, noise-canceling headphones don’t need to be effective in blocking the outside sounds, so they can also cancel the pressure inside the cabin. Instead, it makes this pressure less noticeable but still, our ears feel it.

Why Do Ears Get Blocked On Planes?

Airplane pressure occurs when the pressure in the environment is not equal to the pressure inside the ears. During the process of landing and takeoff, it causes a change in air pressure in flights. The change in air pressure also causes an imbalance in ear pressure. 

During takeoff, the air pressure in the cabin drops below the ear pressure causing the middle ear to vibrate less and permit less or no air to pass through. The eustachian tube pushes some air bubbles to the outer ear to normalize the pressure, and that causes the feeling of an unpleasant buzzing sound in the ear.

On the contrary, air pressure increases above the ear pressure during landing and causes the eardrum to push the pressure inside the ears. You will feel muffled sounds because the pressure of the environment and ears do not match others.

Symptoms of Airplane Pressure

Airplane pressure varies from person to person, but it still harms infants or children and causes damage to the ears. In addition, you may feel this pressure in one ear or sometimes in both ears.

  • Ear pain
  • Sense of fullness in the ears
  • Less hearing leads to blocked ears

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where should you sit on a plane to avoid ear pain?

If you want to enjoy your air travel, you must select a seat on the front side that is quiet and peaceful with less noise. In that case, I recommend you not choose the seat at the back where the tail and other engines are fixed, as this part is considered the most noise-polluted. 

What helps with ear pressure on a plane?

I guess you are annoyed thinking about ear pain during flights. In this regard, I advise you to use headphones that distract you from outside noise. Apart from using it, you can do other remedies to eliminate discomfort.

  • Try filtered earphones
  • Use chewing gum during takeoff and landing
  • Keep nasal sprays

Conclusion | Can Headphones Help With Airplane Pressure?

I think headphones help with airplane pressure is not a permanent solution because they do not entirely stop the pressure but only reduce its effect. In this section, I have illustrated how headphones help minimize air pressure and provide other benefits to encourage you to travel. 


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