How To Use Bluetooth Headphones on Discord Mobile?

Have you used the Discord platform yet? Discord makes it easy to stay in touch with your friends and community by talking, chatting, and hanging out. What do you need more? With this private platform, you can do different things using pc and mobile. You want to keep everything private and unheard; the best way is to use headphones. Wondering, How to use Bluetooth headphones on discord mobile? Don’t go anywhere else.

In short, to connect your headphones on Discord Mobile, Go to Settings, find the Output settings, and set your Bluetooth headphones as the default output device.

In this guide, you will learn in detail about Bluetooth headphones on discord mobile. Moreover, there is a complete troubleshooting process for Discord users when Discord mobile won’t use headphones. So, keep reading and going with the flow. 

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to discord mobile?

Many people find it challenging to connect Bluetooth headphones to discord mobile. I connected my Beats headphones with Discord mobile, a series of steps I followed to complete the process. The steps and instructions include:

  • First, I connected my Beats with my Samsung Note 10 by finding the Bluetooth settings. 
  • After that, I opened the Discord Mobile Application and found the Settings.
  • There is an option for the Audio Settings in the settings.
  • Look for the Output settings beside the input settings.
  • Then, click the drop-down and find your headphones.
  • Now, set it as the Default output device.
  • You can enjoy your calls and voice messages.

Discord mobile Bluetooth headphones not working | troubleshooting

I had the same issue and finally figured it out and now presenting my readers to take advantage whenever Discord doesn’t connect with the headphones.

Set Headset as Default Output Device

The most straightforward method to cope with such issues is tweaking audio settings. You need to go to settings and set the default output device of the mobile phone to the Beats headphones(or whatever headphones you use.)

Developer Mode

I have used my Samsung Note 10 and downloaded the Discord mobile application. If you face such issues, you may follow this method, which will solve the problem as it solved mine.

  • You need to go to settings, find the Developer mode, and turn it on.
  • After finding the developer mode, look for Bluetooth AVRCP Version and change it to 1.6 from the default 1.5 version.
  • Now connect the Bluetooth headset again with the Discord mobile, and it will do the job.
  • Enjoy your private community. 

Update the Firmware/ Version

Most of the time, you don’t know the real problem, and you get stuck with it. It is better to update the firmware and version of both headphones and the Discord Mobile Application to the latest one. 

Inspect the Headphones

Always inspect the headphones before connecting, whether they are structurally fine or not damaged. Try to connect to another device to cross-check the connectivity of the headphones. 

How to fix Discord Bluetooth headphones bad quality mobile?

There could be different reasons if you are facing the issue of lousy sound quality using even headphones. I am providing you with quick fixes to help you avoid the terrible sound quality. 

  • Go to the settings gear and select the input and output devices. 
  • Now scroll down to the other settings, and turn on and off the Codec settings first. It mainly solves sound issues.
  • Now toggle with the Echo cancelation and again check if it brings any change in it or not.
  • Automatic Gain Control is often used to control the volume consistency of audio signals by amplifying soft sounds and reducing loud sounds, respectively. Try turning it on and off to note any change in the quality of the sound.
  • If your sound mixer volume slider is too low, adjust it and ask the other user to keep it to the optimum.


Discord is a great platform to connect with your friends and peers, but there are different cliches and issues that users experience. Overall, this is an excellent platform for connectivity, and you can use Bluetooth headphones on Discord Mobile easily. I have elaborated everything for you in detail, along with troubleshooting the issues you may face while using it on your smartphone with headsets. 

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