How to Fix Bluetooth Headphones Won’t Charge or Turn on? Troubleshooting

If you are a frequent headphones user, you can understand how it feels when your Bluetooth headphones won’t charge or turn on. I have been using the JBL headphones for a while now, but my JBL Tune 510BT: Wireless On-Ear Headphones malfunctioned when charging and turning on. So, I dug deep to find the reasons and solutions for this issue.

In this guide, I will enlist the reasons for the blue Bluetooth headphones not turning on and the proper solutions to solve the charging problem. Along with the troubleshooting, you will learn about turning the Bluetooth headphones without a power button later in the article. So, keep exploring till the end.

Why is my Bluetooth headset not turning on or charging?

I value my headphones, and when JBL Bluetooth headphones don’t charge or turn on, I was curious to know the potential reasons for the issue. The primary reasons I enlisted are:

Faulty Battery

Most JBL headphones use a 610mAh battery, which drains and becomes unusable with time. It doesn’t keep the charge properly, and you can not charge the battery.

Damaged Cable

If the cable you are using to charge the headphones’ battery is damaged or torn, you will not be able to charge the headphones.

Tip: Always use the original charging cable of the headphones.

Faulty Headphones Port

The most frequent reason for the headphones not charging is the damaged and faulty port. Sometimes after continuous use of the port, it turns loose or gets damaged.

Debris/ Dust Accumulation

The current flow gets disturbed by the accumulation of dirt and debris. The humid and soggy sweat disrupts the flow of the charge. 

Long Time Not Charged

If you haven’t charged your headphones for a long time or about a week, it gets so drained that it will end up empty and will not turn your headphones on.

Temperature Factor

If you are charging the headphones at a lower or higher temperature that exceeds the limit of the headphones, then you will not be able to charge your headsets. 

Note: It is recommended to charge your headphones at room temperature, between 46° F (8° C) and 102° F (39° C)

Battery & Charger Compatibility

In charging headphones, compatibility matters a lot. The charger you are using is a 10 watts universal charger, and the headphones require a 20 watts charger, which brings the charging issue.

Faulty Headphones

In most nominal cases, the headset is faulty, and you cannot turn on and charge it.

How do you fix a Bluetooth headset that is not charging?

When I encounter a problem like my JBL headphones not charging or turning on, I troubleshoot the problem instantly. I always apply these quick solutions to solve this issue.

Change the Battery

The best solution to the battery issue is to take your headphones to the near repair shop and change the battery to 750 mAh. I did it with my Bose, and it is working fine.

How to fix headphone charging port?

As a headphone user, you need to keep your headphones clean. By cleaning the port of the headphones, you can clean the current flow path. Make sure that the charging port is not loose, and if they are damaged, it is better to change the port or contact the manufacturers for better guidance. 

Inspect & Change Charging Cable

It is better to inspect the charging cable; if it turns out to be damaged, change it with the new one and try whether it charges or not. 

Reset Headphones

The most straightforward way to make things refresh is to reset the headphones. You can press the power button for about 10 to 15 seconds till the light flashes again. It mostly solves the issue, so try it if you face one. 

Connecting & Disconnecting Headphones

You can connect and disconnect headphones from the audio source and charging cable until the problem is solved. 

Updating Firmware

Make sure you are using the updated firmware of the JBL headphones or any other headset you use. You can visit the website or download the upgrade applications for the dedicated headphones to solve the issue. 

Recharging Battery for a Night

It is advised to leave the headphones to charge for a whole night, and then on the following day, you will see it will be working. 

How to fix Bluetooth headphones not charging in case?

I have encountered an issue where my Bluetooth headphones only work when charging or not charging in case. To fix this, I applied these instructions:

  • Make sure to charge headphones overnight.
  • Inspect the battery and cables; if they are intact, your earbuds or headset are faulty.
  • Make sure the case battery is working correctly.
  • Charge it directly from the power source instead of the PC.
  • Clean the connectors with sandpaper and a brush.

How to turn on Bluetooth headphones without power button?

If your headphone’s power button is not working, you think that now you cannot use it, but there are some tweaks that you can apply to make it work. You can hold the play/pause button for several seconds to turn the light on and hold it for a few seconds to turn it off. You must take it to the repair shop or contact the manufacturer if it doesn’t work.


In this article, I have discussed all the details of turning on the headphones. Moreover, there are solutions for the case when you cannot charge your headset. You can use these methods to fix this issue and enjoy your uninterrupted music listening. 

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