Why do podcasters wear headphones? Key Reasons 

Podcasting has gained momentum again, and people are getting more into this converged media. As an audio mixing expert, I know what people expect from a good podcast. It depends on the microphone; you must know how clear or unclear your voice is. How can you tell if a voice is clear or not? Here comes the use of headphones. Many people are curious to know Why do podcasters wear headphones?

This article will cover all the critical reasons podcasters should wear headphones while recording. In addition, you will know about the headphones set up for podcasting later in the article. You will also know why Youtubers wear headphones later in the article. 

Why do I need headphones for podcasting?

Being a podcaster, you will always need a headset to deal with the audio quality and other vital factors properly. The key reasons for using headphones include:

Monitoring Audio Quality

The self-explanatory reason why podcasters need headphones is the audio quality. They should know what they are speaking, whether it is clear. You must know whether you are speaking at an optimal volume or loud enough or whether people can hear you correctly or not.

Audio Feedback

Ever happened to you that another person is not wearing headphones, and you and your listeners start listening to an echo? It is audio feedback that the microphone catches the speakers’ sound when you are not wearing headphones. So, to avoid audio feedback, I always wear headphones. 

Avoiding Speaking over one another

If you are not wearing headphones, you may interrupt your guests while they are still speaking because you are not listening to them through your ears. To avoid this situation, you better go for the headsets.

Avoiding any Sound Bleed

I usually avoid podcasts when I don’t have proper headphones. The sound bleeds from the speakers, and the guests speaking without headphones will be captured on the microphones, and podcasts will end up in a mess.


If you don’t wear headphones, you can’t detect the sound made by hard consonants such as p and k. These sounds could bring a bad listening experience. 

How to set up headphones for podcast?

When we talk about running podcasts, we need essential equipment to record the podcast correctly. You will always need:

  • Microphone
  • Audio interface
  • PC or laptop
  • Pair for headphones

Using Audio Interface

If you want to set up the headphones for the podcast, you need to use the audio interface that will provide you with average audio quality. You can use the headphone splitter to provide the interface for more than one pair of headphones.

Headphone Amp

On the other hand, you can use the headphone amp to connect more than two channels without disrupting the signals. Just plug in your headphones in the port and listen to your podcast. Always use the Best podcast headphones for better audio quality. 

Can you use wireless headphones for podcasting?

When I used my wireless Beats studio headphones, they worked well, but I faced a minor lag while talking to my guests. For this reason, I usually avoid using wireless headphones for podcasting. 

When it comes to wired headphones and studio monitor produces superior sound quality than a wireless one, which makes them ideal for mixing recordings and podcasting. It is recommended to use over-ear headphones for podcasts for clear sound.

Podcast headphones with microphone

We all know that a good microphone will always beat an inbuilt microphone. However, again, this is dependent on personal preference. If you want to save some extra bucks on the microphone, then it is better to choose headphones with built-in microphones. On the contrary, you can choose standalone headphones if you want premium quality headphones. You can choose the Sennheiser HMD 300 Pro-XQ-2, an excellent choice for podcast headphones with a microphone.

Why do YouTubers wear headphones?

YouTubers are seen wearing headphones in the videos; the main reason they wear headphones is that they want to hear their audio to monitor the sound quality properly. In addition, the reasons include keeping a check on the audio levels that will bring the optimum sound quality. 

Additionally, when they are podcasting or recording video, they don’t want to hear any audio feedback that will bring an echo in the voice that will disturb the audio experience of the listeners. The sound from the speakers may bring a sound bleed that will disturb the whole audio sequence. 


Podcasters emphasize the excellent audio quality that requires proper monitoring, and the best way to monitor and maintain a check is to use headphones. I have described the critical reasons for my readers in this article. Furthermore, there is a setup guide for podcasters and the reasoning for wearing headphones while Youtubing.

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