JBL Headphones vs Beats | Which are the Better Headphones?

Are Beats Better than JBL? It was the most exciting query I got recently from my readers. What do you think? As a user of both headphones, I have a very close affiliation with these brands. I have been using JBL Under Armour Headphones and Beats Solo 3 for my workout and watching shows. So, by putting JBL Headphones vs Beats in front, who wins? Let’s find out.

In this article, I will offer a piece to read the complete and ultimate comparison of Beats and JBL headphones. You will learn about the critical differences between these headphones and later read about comparing these brands with the Bose – another big gun on the market. So, let’s dig it out.

Difference Between Beats and JBL Headphones

In the light of my experience and vast market knowledge through the years, I have listed these 8 essential factors that determine the quality of the headphones. It compares my testing of the Beats vs. JBL headphones under different circumstances. Let’s discuss how these devices perform.

Sound Quality

Regarding the sound quality of the JBL headphones UA, it has high Driver sensitivity and a Dynamic frequency response range of 20 – 22 kHz. The sound quality was optimum because of the bass and immersive experience while I was running through the city using the Bionic Hearing.

Alternatively, the Beats Solo 3 features fine-tuned acoustics for clarity, depth, and spatial audio. I watch movies and listen to my favorite music on them, and they never disappoint me. The deep bass and more immersive experience bring the most satisfying audio experience.

Winner: Beats undoubtedly serves better when it comes to Sound Quality.

Comfort, Portability & Build Quality

Being a gamer, I consider comfort the most critical aspect when buying headphones. A comfortable cushioned ear cup makes the Beats headphones great for everyday wear, and their sleek, streamlined design is durable and foldable for convenience. Overall the build quality was fine, but the headphones don’t look premium.

I have been using the JBL Tune 710BT, one of the best JBL over-ear headphones, and its portability, better design, great greyish look, and proper cushions bring me more comfort than Beats. In addition, the clamping force was pretty much standard, as I like. The build quality looks fine, and foldability makes it portable.

Winner: Beats provide comfort, but JBL is more portable and has better build quality.

JBL Wireless Headphones vs. Beats | Connectivity

If your wireless headphones do not have stable connectivity with the audio source, you can not enjoy the sound quality. JBL 710 BT comes with the 5.0 version and provides stable connectivity, but sometimes, the proximity makes it less reliable.

With Beats, you enjoy the seamless setup and switching between Apple devices, increased range, and fewer dropouts, having Class 1 Bluetooth with the Apple W1 chip. Whenever I listen to music while wandering in the backyard, it goes well with the stereo Bluetooth.

Winner: With better connectivity with a W1 chip for fast and stable connectivity, Beats is much better than JBL.

Battery Life

Beats provide a massive battery life of up to 40 hours during my commute and traveling. This convenient feature provides 3 hours of playback after just 5 minutes of charging.

When I use the JBL headphones and in different models, the time varies for playback. On average, JBL headphones come with 50 hours of battery time and almost take 2 hours to charge completely.

Winner: The battery life of JBL headphones is much better than Beats.

Key Features

What are the key features necessary for the headphones? Built-in microphones, hands-free call, Pure bass, multipoint connection, and voice assistance are the key features that one headset should come with. JBL is more versatile and provides the wireless handset with a remote control setup for more smooth functionalities.

On the contrary, the Beats headphones have necessary functions like multipoint, good connectivity, and battery design. In addition, there are controls like Siri and Beamforming, making the voice calls better.

Winner: Overall, features-wise, JBL stands out as the most reliable device.

Price Factor

When I bought JBL, it cost me around $79 and came with numerous features. On the other hand, the Beats cost me around $199, which is a tremendous difference between the two devices, but the features and quality were not a big difference.

Winner: When it comes to the price factor, JBL is the winner by a considerable margin.

JBL vs. Beats Noise Cancelling Headphones

For me, noise canceling stands on top of the features as it offers a more optimum listening experience. JBL 710 does not come with active noise-canceling ANC, which makes it less suitable for me.

Similarly, the Beats Headphones Wireless does not come with Active Noise Canceling making them the same as JBL in this domain.

Tidbit: ANC- makes the background noise less effective on the calls and music listening experience.

Winner: No one as both does not possess the Active Noise Canceling.

JBL Under Armour Headphones vs. Beats Solo 3

The main difference between the JBL UA headphones and Beats Solo 3 is the battery life. UA Sport Wireless Train Headphones – Project Rock Edition Camo comes with 16 hours of battery life, and Beats Solo 3 offers 40 hours of extended battery life. Both headphones have the same audience of gym enthusiasts and runners. Still, the TalkThru technology of the UA makes it a better choice than Beats – it allows you to hear from the surroundings while listening to music or your favorite podcast.

Final Verdict | Are JBL headphones good quality?

JBL headphones are mid-priced headphones with lots of features that make these headphones better than most of the headsets on the market. It offers maximum comfort, sound immersion, and a compact shape to take it anywhere.

The features like suitable Voice Assistants so you can take calls and manage sound hands-free and 50-hour battery life make these headphones a good choice. You can use  Best JBL headphones, and they will not disappoint, but they don’t look of premium quality overall.

Final Verdict | Is Beats a good brand?

I have been a Beats user for a long time and found its connectivity and spatial sound pretty impressive. Moreover, the controls and battery life is also delicate and better than most headsets, along with features like Siri that bring convenience.

There are features in advance, and top-grade Beats headphones like Active Noise Canceling make it one of the leading household names in the industry. The only downside that I see in these headphones is the price factor.

JBL vs. Bose vs Beats headphones

The main difference between these three market leaders is the ANC- active noise canceling. JBL Earbuds and Beats headphones do not possess Active Noise Canceling, but Bose headphones come with a reliable ANC that provides a suitable audio experience.

Beats headphones offer better bass and loud audio sound, and the JBL headphones bring the most credible battery timings. Moreover, Bose headphones bring optimal sound quality and average battery life.

JBL Headphones vs Beats

Final Thoughts

Every headset has pros and cons, but the one that conforms to your requirements is the best. Beats have their perks, and JBL has their uniqueness, so it is better to specify your requirements before getting one. If you want a good battery life, then JBL is an adequate choice and if you want better sound quality and crispiness, go with Beats.

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