How to Pair AfterShokz to Apple Watch? Steps Explained

Apple watches are intelligent devices that can perform half of the duties of a smartphone. These are efficient enough to rely on them alone in selective conditions. Do the device demands extra steps to pair to Aftershokz headphones? If not, then How to Pair Aftershokz to Apple Watch?

Connecting Apple Watch to Aftershokz needs no restriction except that your Aftershokz must be in pairing mode or the smartwatch is connected to iPhone. In a nutshell, aftershokz must wait until the smartwatch link with iPhone and then connect without hassle.

This article covers the steps of pairing and connecting aftershokz to an Apple watch. In addition, you will learn the essential guide on pairing an apple watch with iPhone to increase its effectiveness.

How to Pair Aftershokz to Apple Watch?

The pairing process is slightly different, but once it connects with the iPhone, the rest automatically falls into place. Hence, the steps from putting headphones into pairing mode to connecting to the Apple Watch are as follows:

  • Enable the Pairing Mode

Begin the pairing mode by powering off the headphones. The next step is to press the power/volume+ button for 5-7 seconds and wait for the headphones to flash red and blue. The blinking light confirms that the Aftershokz headphones are in pairing mode and generate a voice as “Pairing.”

  • Bluetooth Settings

Connecting Atershokz to Apple Watch is very simple. Tap on the settings from the app view of the watch face. Search for the Bluetooth icon and tap on it to see the previously connected devices. Your main task is to search for Aftershokz in the Bluetooth list. Click on it to connect and make the best use of headphones.

  • Connect Headphones to Apple Watch

The headphones and the smartwatch are in pairing mode and ready to connect. The Bluetooth list of the Apple Watch identifies the aftershokz headphones. 

Once the connection is established, Audrey will utter, “Connected,” and flashes a Blue LED light last time for affirmation. By any chance, aftershokz is not visible on the Bluetooth menu; you need to check if the device is in connection with another. Just forget the connections and try reconnecting them again. 

How to Pair Apple Watch with iPhone?

Apple watch is a secondary device that cannot work on its own. To make them perform seamlessly, first connect them to your smartphone. 

  • Wear the watch and press the side button to switch it on.
  • Unlock the iPhone and place it near the watch
  • Wait until the Apple watch pairing screen pops up on the screen
  • Tap on the Continue option and then click on the Set Up For Myself.
  • Position your iPhone camera to the animation of the apple watch
  • Your apple watch is paired.

Note: ensure the headphones are updated to the latest version, connected to the internet, or activated Bluetooth.

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Aftershokz Not Pairing – Troubleshooting

Discussing troubleshooting and not pairing issues is not on the bucket list is not possible. Aftershokz needs to pair to the devices to work effectively; what if the volume+ button does not cooperate? The only solution is to reset the aftershokz Bluetooth headphones.

  • Turn off the headphones.
  • Press the volume+ button to activate the pairing mode
  • Headphones will turn on and blink the red and blue LED flash 
  • Press the multifunction button, volume up or down button and hold them for 3-5 seconds
  • Headphones generate a beep and reset.

How to Connect AfterShokz to a Samsung Watch?

The order of connecting the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the same as the Apple watch. The only difference is that you must connect the galaxy smartwatch to Samsung mobile phone and then proceed further with Aftershokz Aeropex.

Open the settings

Connecting requires both devices to do some work. For this, swipe up on the watch screen to open the app drawer of the Samsung watch. Look for the settings icon, and tapping it provides the Connections option. From there, Activate Bluetooth mode, and it starts scanning nearby devices.

Aftershokz Pairing Mode

The pairing mode begins by powering off the headphones. The next step is to press the power/volume up button for 5-7 seconds. As a result, headphones will blink red and blue lights. And generate a voice that says “pairing.”

Connect the Samsung Watch

As both devices are in discovery mode, the connection between the Samsung galaxy watch 4 and aftershokz Aeropex is one click away. On the screen, watch for your aftershokz headphones and tap to connect them. For confirmation, the headphones will blink a blue Led light with a voice notification of Connected.


Why Won’t My Apple Watch Find my Bluetooth Headphones?

The apple watch won’t find any Bluetooth headphones due to many reasons. The central reason is that it may be outside the recommended range or connected to other devices. However, try powering off and on the watch to ensure a stable connection. Another solution is to reset them, tap on Settings and go to Generals. Select Erase All Content and Settings via the Reset option.

Will Aftershokz Pair with an Apple Watch?

Aftershokz headphones are Bluetooth-equipped devices compatible with all devices that support Bluetooth 3.1 or higher. The efficiency does not make any difference whether you use a computer, tablet, or smartphone. 

Why won’t my AfterShokz headset connect?

There are numerous reasons for not connecting Aftershokz. However, the prominent one is the low battery issue. If the Aftershokz headphones have a low battery, they reject pairing and cannot connect to other Bluetooth devices. So, before using them, ensure they are fully charged.


Headphones and Apple Watches need pairing to perform different functions such as music playing, voice assistant, or managing phone calls. It is necessary to learn the essential guide on How to pair Aftershokz to Apple Watch, and this article demonstrates it. In addition, there is extra information on how to pair an Apple watch with iPhone.

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