How to Pair AfterShokz to Tablet? Step-by-Step Guide

Nobody is left empty-handed in this digital era. There is a sense of competition everywhere to introduce new technologies. Similarly, bone conduction headphones come on stage to highlight the importance of isolation along with interacting with the outside world. Pairing is a necessary element for the headphones’ correct working. In this regard, the most asked question is how to Pair Aftershokz to Tablet.

Why mess with cords when the connection is a few clicks away? Aftershokz headphones connect with other devices via Bluetooth. It is purely a wireless and stable connection within the recommended range. The fun fact is that you can easily connect the headset to other devices that support Bluetooth 3.1 or higher.

From a broader perspective, aftershokz does not require different steps for pairing with other devices. It is done by repeating the exact steps of pairing as you do with earbuds. However, this article is specifically about how to pair Aftershokz to tablet.

How to Put AfterShokz in Pairing Mode?

Putting aftershokz in a pairing mode helps the headphones to become visible to other Bluetooth devices. Furthermore, if you try connecting a tablet to a brand new aftershokz headset, I suggest you not do it, as they are already in pairing mode.

Unpaired headphones give you nothing and may be left aside, avoidable. So, to make headphones fruitful, pair them without any delay.  Although aftershokz introduces new technology, pairing steps are the same for every device, whether a tablet, laptop, computer, or smartphone.

Tidbits: bone conduction headphones work on the transmission of sounds through the jaw and skullbones, thus bypassing the eardrum and middle ear.

How to pair Aftershokz?

  1. Turn the headphones off to initiate the pairing.
  2. Enable discovery mode by pressing the power/volume+ button
  3. Hold the button for 5-7 seconds until red and blue LED flash.
  4. Audrey will say, “Pairing.”
  5. The device is ready to make links with other devices.

How to Connect Aftershokz to Tablet?

Pairing mode is the preparatory session for the headphones to the next step. However, the simple process to enjoy the distorted free sound transmission is as follows:

  • Ensure the headphones are in pairing mode
  • Open the Bluetooth menu of the tablet
  • Look for Aftershokz headphones
  • If the headset is not visible, try refreshing the pairing list
  • Tap on the headphones
  • Audrey will utter, “Connected,” and LED will flash Blue once

Another reminder to connect the tablet to the aftershokz is to forget all the previous connections, as it will be beneficial in establishing connections faster.

How to Connect AfterShokz to iPad?

It makes no difference which operating system you want to connect to aftershokz. The versatility of headphones enables them to connect to every device in no time. To connect the iPad to aftershokz, put headsets into pairing mode.

Proceed next and open the Bluetooth settings of the iPad and turn on the Bluetooth to make it discoverable. Wait until the aftershokz shows up on the menu, connect the devices and make the listening experience enjoyable.

How to Pair AfterShokz to Multiple Devices?

Pairing holds its significance because it establishes the wireless link. With aftershokz headphones, Bluetooth 5.0 facilitates the listening experience within 30 feet. Moreover, whether you use Android or iOS operating systems makes no difference. 

Suppose you use a tablet for working and want music in the background. The multipoint feature of aftershokz makes it possible. You have to switch between the devices and nothing else. You can follow simple steps to get the most out of the multi-pairing feature.

  1. Turn off the aftershokz headphones. 
  2. Press the power/volume+ button and hold it for 5-7 seconds.
  3. The pairing/discovery mode is activated.
  4. Press and hold the multifunction and power/volume+ buttons for 2-3 seconds.
  5. You will hear the notification “Multipoint Enabled’.
  6. Connect the first device and receive an audio note “Connected.”
  7. Switch off the headphones again.
  8. Enter the pairing mode for a second time by turning on the headphones
  9. Look for the Aftershokz in the Bluetooth list of the second device and connect it
  10. The sound “Device Two Connected” is heard, and the LED flashes red and blue. 

Aftershokz Not Pairing with iPad

Aftershokz headphones are well-loaded with features that do not clear them from technical faults. When these bone-conduction headphones are not pairing, there is a need to solve the problem by resetting the headset.

  1. Switch off the headphones.
  2. Press the power or volume+ button for 5-7 seconds and enable pairing mode.
  3. Headphones will turn on and flash red and blue LED lights.
  4. Press the multifunction button, power/volume+, or volume down for 3-5 seconds.
  5. The headphones will vibrate and generate a beep.
  6. Reset the headphones by turning them off.

Note: resetting headphones delete all the previous connections. Re-pair with all the devices before using the device.


Are Shokz Headphones Worth it?

Bone conduction headphones by Aftershokz are unmatchable. Flexible design, extensive battery hours, and the latest Bluetooth technology make them stand alone against competitors. Furthermore, the headphones are waterproof and provide easy access to adjust behind the head.

How Long Does AfterShokz Take to Charge?

Most aftershokz headphones take 1.5-2 hours to charge from scratch. However, it is interesting to know that these devices had a 50% charging when you take them out of the box. Remember to charge them appropriately, as it prevents damage to the headphones.

Why won’t my AfterShokz headset connect?

The reasons for not connecting Aftershokz are many. If the headphones have low battery, they decline to pair and hence cannot connect to other Bluetooth devices. So, charge them first before using them.


Aftershokz headphones are the inventions of the digital era. Hence posses no complexity in connecting to various devices. The cherry on top is the availability of Bluetooth technology that helps make connections quickly. This article describes the steps of pairing to a tablet in detail. Moreover, you must learn how to pair aftershokz to multiple devices.

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