Are Bone Conduction Headphones Safer Than Earbuds? Discuss

I am a music enthusiast but, at the same time, a fitness trainer. For this purpose, I have to manage my routine on when to use earbuds or when to prioritize bone ones. Look, everything is not perfect and not made perfectly. It must possess some merits and demerits, but you must take prevention before any device’s drawback harms you. Therefore, I will answer the most debatable question: Are Bone Conduction Headphones Safer Than Earbuds?

Bone conduction headphones and earbuds are only safe when used appropriately with proper care. Otherwise, no headphones have the potential to save your ears from damage. Bone conduction headphones, if misused, can directly attack the inner ear, and earbuds make you soar the ear canal. So, set your priorities for using headphones or one that eases your ears.

In this article, I will mention the truths of both headphones along with the mechanism of newer technology bone conduction headphones. Plus, prove if they are safer than earbuds or not.

Are Bone Conduction Headphones Good?

Bone conduction headphones are safer or not, but these headphones are always one step ahead of earbuds. Do you want to know how? Apart from their portability, connectivity, and other features, they tend to be used in health departments.

They also work as hearing aids for people with one-sided deafness or outer or middle ear malformations. The main reason for doing so is that Bone conduction headphones do not interfere with anything that happens in these regions and is only concerned about sending the vibrations to the cochlea. At the same time, traditional earbuds are just for appreciating music for lovers. It has nothing to do with hearing impairment.

Another unavoidable fact about them is their open-ear design that rests on the cheekbones and provides situational awareness. It means you are not cut off from your surroundings and still carry out your music-listening or running activity. I suggest you try AfterShokz Aeropex, and you will forget about earbuds that accumulate dirt and debris in the ear canal.

Bone conduction headphones give you a double-layered listening experience. At one corner, the cochlea processes the sound for you while ear canals manage to send outer voices into the ears. Earbuds tend to fit within the ears and block outside noise, thus providing premium-quality audio to the listeners.

What Is The Working Mechanism Of Bone Conduction Headphones?

When discussing Bone conduction headphones vs. earbuds, it is vital to understand the working mechanism of bone ones because the earbuds use air conduction methods, and we are all very familiar with them. 

Bone conduction headphones contain a two-piece component that probably sits on the place where the jaw bone and ears meet. The frontal part of the earpiece receives signals and converts them into vibrations. 

It transmits signals directly to the inner ear bypassing the outer or middle structures. The process involves transferring sounds to the deeper part of the ear using the skull and jaw bones instead of the eardrums. The cochlea converts these vibrations into electrical signals and sends them to the brain for decoding them into sound.

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Are Bone Conduction Headphones Better Than Earbuds?

Safety of the ears always comes into mind regarding using Bone conduction headphones or earbuds. In this section, I will discuss the supporting points of both devices so that you can better understand what essential functions they are designed for.

Bone conduction headphones and earbuds are primarily manufactured out of necessity for those who do not want to bear the weight of bulky headphones. Simultaneously, these devices are famous as workout headphones and extensively suitable for fields where doing exercises and workouts need a certain degree of consciousness of the outer world. I have felt only one downside. These headsets do not produce a rich sound as audiophiles do.

Moreover, you will find waterproofing as an additional feature in both which means now you can dive into the pools and listen to your favorite audio files without any worry of damage to the parts of the headphones and earbuds.

Note: not all earbuds come with water tolerance; look for one with at least an IPX4 rating.

On the other hand, traditional earbuds are popular among users for listening to podcasts or watching movies as they offer unmatchable and amplified audio. Moreover, the trendy earphones have a unique design that offers next-level isolation to make your private time more enjoyable. 

They pair with other Bluetooth devices and allow you to move freely. Hence, it provides everything that you may want in bone-conduction headphones. For example, I use Apple Airpods Pro as it perfectly fits my ears and immerses me in the music world. It has some enhanced features that made me fall in love with it.

  • 2x Better noise isolation
  • Comfortable fit
  • Excellent sound quality

What Can I Use Instead Of Bone Conduction Headphones?

Still, look for the alternative of bone conduction headphones as you do not want to compromise on the rich audio quality. Here are the Bose Sports Open Earbuds that let you enjoy the feel of bone phones, running a marathon, or doing gymming sessions.

Using these earbuds lets you know all the health benefits Bone conduction headphones offer. If you think about outer connectivity, they also make this possible. You can use Bose Open Earbuds similarly to bone ones with an IPX4 rating.

The fun fact is that you can also wear them on the cheekbones as you used to do with bone headphones. However, the difference is that you can now attain better audio as the outside vibrations send into the inner part of the ear via air, thus attaining a more realistic listening experience. 


Are Bone Conduction Headphones Bad For Your Ears?

Constant listening at high volumes, whether earbuds or bone phones, may harm hearing. Through their working method, you get to know that these headphones use bones for signal conduction, however, more vibrations at high volumes cause more pressure, and it seems that everything is rotating around you.

Are earbuds safe?

Earbuds adjust in the ear canal, so the audio frequencies reach within are sometimes louder than the full-volume headphones. These block the passage of air that will later cause bacteria to grow inside; thus, loud sound affects hearing, and the microorganism also infects the ears. Make sure to clean them before use properly.

Are Bone Conduction Headphones Better Than Earbuds?

Earbuds have earned more popularity than bone ones due to their audio quality. Similarly, you cannot neglect the awareness of the surroundings that the latter gives you. So, the overall choice is yours to choose both or use one by one according to your need.

Conclusion | Are Bone Conduction Headphones Safer Than Earbuds?

Do you get confused while choosing between Bone conduction headphones or earbuds? No matter what you select, it should be beneficial to the health of your ears. In this section, I have elaborated on the headsets’ similarities so you can decide. But one thing to take into consideration if you want to improve your hearing condition, then bone conduction headphones must be your first choice.

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