How to Reset Aftershokz Headphones? Step-by-Step Instructions

Do you feel difficulty in coping with the basic technical glitches? In that case, you must know the first-hand treatment. Bone conduction headphones have their perks, but what if they suffer from malfunctions? So, the tried and tested method that comes to the rescue is resetting. Are you interested in learning How to Reset AfterShokz Headphones?

Aftershokz headphones are wireless devices that work on transmitting signals through bones. There are possibilities that they do not turn on, keep connecting or disconnecting with other devices, or do not pair easily. The only solution is to reset them.

Do you buy headphones for the first time and try to comprehend the essential functions? Resetting is an undeniable option to let the headphones work properly. In this article, I will mention how to reset aftershokz headphones. Along with this, you must know when the headphones demand a reset.

How to Reset AfterShokz Headphones?

AfterShokz Headphones work on a bone-conduction mechanism specifically designed for various outdoor activities. These sports headphones hold exclusive features like Bluetooth connectivity and extensive hours of battery life. Resetting is the only solution if the device faces complications in delivering clear sounds. 

Although bone conduction headphones offer a new dimension of listening, there are many reasons to reset them as it solves half of the problems of electronic devices no matter for what purpose you are doing it. Here are a few steps that help reset AfterShokz headphones:

To reset AfterShokz, start the process by turning off the headphones (press and hold power/volume+ button) and then unpair the connection between headphones and smartphones. (deleting them from the paired list of mobiles’ Bluetooth)

  1. Turn off the headphones.
  2. Press and hold power or volume+ button for 5-7 seconds to enter pairing mode.
  3. The red and blue LED light flashes when the headphones turn on.
  4. Again press the multifunction button along with power/volume+ or volume down for 3-5 seconds.
  5. The headphones will generate a beep and vibrate.
  6. Reset the headphones by turning them off.

All aftershokz headphones, whether Aeropex, Titanium, or Air, require the exact steps of resetting. Remember that the headphones will unpair from all the devices after resetting. In this regard, re-pair them with the devices before using them.

When Should You Reset Your AfterShokz Headphones?

Resetting is the popular tried and tested method for all the malformations of wireless gadgets. Similarly, if bone conduction headphones do not work correctly, the following reasons demand an immediate fix via resetting.

Aftershokz Won’t Turn On or Charge

Suppose you put AfterShokz headphones on charge after using them for extensive hours. You realize that these won’t turn on even with a full charge. Resetting is the first option to make them perform again before contacting manufacturers. 

The not charging issue may be due to the headphones not being compatible with the micro USB cables or adapter. Furthermore, you must check if the battery gives up; in that case, not only does resetting work, but you should claim a warranty. 

Note: Outdated firmware may be why headphones won’t turn on. 

AfterShokz Not Pairing

Suppose you hold the volume+ button, but the headphones do not show an LED flash. What will be your reaction? There is a possibility that the headphones decline the pairing process due to any physical damage or software issue. However, to resolve the issue, you must reset them on the first go. 

Pairing is an essential link that needs to be established between headphones and an audio source to enjoy a stable connection. 

AfterShokz Multifunction Button Not Working

Do you struggle with pressing the multifunction button every time? If yes, the experience of answering the calls and changing the songs seems terrific. However, before resetting, you should follow various precautions to make it work like before.

  • Update the latest versions of the firmware
  • Check the health of the battery.
  • Clean the buttons with the help of Q-tips to prevent dust

Even then, if the multifunction button declines the commands, you should proceed towards resetting the headphones.

Aftershokz Microphone Not Working

The microphone is an essential component of bone-conduction headphones. If there is a degradation in its performance, you must reset the device to avoid the following problems.

  • The microphone is picking up ambient noises.
  • Microphone unable to deliver the voice on the other end during phone calls
  • The headphones produce muffled sounds

Things to keep in mind while Resetting your Headphones

Resetting is simple, but you should remember a few things before initiating a procedure. 

  • Ensure the headphones are fully charged
  • The instruction manual must be at a distance of hand.
  • Make a habit of cleaning the headphones to avoid any moisture or dust.
  • After resetting the headphones, a software update is a must.


How do I connect my AfterShokz headphones?

For connecting AfterShokz headphones, switch them off, press and hold the volume+ button and wait for a voice indication. Audrey says, “Pairing,” and flashes red and blue. Then on your smartphone, select the headset from the Bluetooth list. Audrey will say, “Connected,” and the headphones flash blue once.

Why Are My AfterShokz Blinking Red and Blue?

The headphones blink because they are in pairing mode or searching for other devices to make a connection. Moreover, if in discovery mode, if headphones fail to establish linking the two devices, they begin blinking red and blue to alert you.

Can AfterShokz connect to 2 devices at the same time?

AfterShokz bone conduction headphones allow the feature of multipoint pairing, which means connecting more than one device simultaneously. There are chances that the device still needs to receive input from both devices. So, to connect to the one, you need to disconnect the other. 

Conclusion | How To Reset Aftershokz Headphones

Have you read a user guide to understand how essential functions are carried out? If not, resetting is the essential function you must learn because it is the cure for all technical glitches. If you face problems regarding connectivity, sound quality, charging, or control system, reset the headphones and become the self-technician of your device.

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