Can You Use Audiophile Headphones For Gaming? Basic Guide 

I am a PC gamer and often use audiophile headphones to intensify the gaming sounds. I know these headphones are designed to perform different tasks, but the fun fact is, why not give them a chance and make the gaming activity enjoyable? In this regard, you do have this question popping into your mind: Can You Use Audiophile Headphones For Gaming?

As we all know, every headphone is designed to do its function, and the idea of assigning audiophiles to play games is not a new goal because these headphones are already famous for producing clear sounds. So, is it a yes to use audiophiles for gaming? Of course, it’s a big yes.

In this article, I will mention how audiophile headphones are used for gaming and the similarities between them so you can use them interchangeably.

Are Gaming Headsets Necessary?

Gaming headphones are manufactured to provide superior gaming sound quality with solid bass. You want to listen to the unmistakable sound of gun fires and footsteps of the enemies. Moreover, these headphones have aggressive sounds, which make it easier for you to immerse in the games.

Generally, I prefer to use headphones with richness in the sounds because when it travels from the headphones to the ears, the excitement you get from them is unmatchable. I have found many other benefits of using the Logitech G633 gaming headset.

  • Block external noise with noise canceling technology
  • Full range sound quality
  • Team communication with built-in microphones

What Are Audiophile Headphones?

Audiophile headphones are unique headphones that reproduce the sound with some alteration, but overall you will listen to the audio as same as the source. These headphones give every music detail without losing colorful bass and trebles. 

Audiophiles, with their open-back headphone design, produce more breathable and more expansive sound for you to enjoy the listening experience better. As a result, producing a more balanced sound without any unpleasant distortion or added coloration. Here coloration means changing the sounds unnaturally or overly enhancing them, so they deviate from the original.

Can You Use Audiophile Headphones For Gaming?

If you are a pro gamer like me and want the best audio quality headphones to intensify your gaming experience, you should start the hunting campaign. The process may be tricky as there is the need to find one that performs this task efficiently. I recommend you to use audiophile headphones once, for I am sure you will not regret doing it.

If you are still in doubt, I have also mentioned in the above section the sneak peek of both the headphones so that you can understand their apparent functions. In this part, you will learn how audiophile headphones do magic in gaming.

What are the benefits of prioritizing audiophiles for gaming over other music headphones? There is a list of my favorite audiophile headphones which I prefer for gaming owing to their comforts and exceptional sound quality.

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Beyerdynamic DT 900 Pro X

It is a versatile pair of headphones, and you will never disappoint choosing from other competitors. From unique design to robust audio quality, whatever chore you assign to this headphone, it meets your expectations. 

I bought it because of its impressive design; ear cups are padded with velour material covering your ears and sealing outside noise. Similarly, a steel headband increases durability. This headphone is impressive in its appearance and makes you proud of your choice. 

It comes with two cables to attach to intelligent devices or gaming consoles. Once you build the setup, you will enjoy it more than ever. The drivers of the DT are designed in a way to explore precise sound quality despite their open back formation. Using these headphones, you will feel the characters are real, and you are on the battlefield fighting against opponents.


  • Suitable for person with glasses
  • You can wear it for long hours

Sennheiser HD 800 S

Who is not influenced by the Sennheiser headphones? Although it is an audiophile but at the same time, compatible to be used as gaming headphones. The pure audio detail of these headphones ensures a thrilling factor in games.

HD 800 is the open-back headphone available in dynamic drivers to reproduce more precise sounds and listen to audio from every angle. You cannot be devoid of the environment and thus quickly pinpoint the source of sounds.


  • Accentuated bass
  • Pretty lightweight to wear for extra hours

Audeze Penrose and Penrose X

In my opinion, this headset is perfect for gamers like me who want to play on consoles, PCs or Xbox. It is a powerpack headphone to go with everything and make the game-playing experience realistic. 

It connects with the gaming setup both wirelessly and with wires. However, the structure is manufactured of plastic material, but it is considered more reliable than other all-rounder headsets for gaming. Audeze uses planar drivers that make their frequency response neutral and enhance the clarity of the sound while playing. 


  • Works as a plug-n-play gaming headset
  • Available with a detachable microphone

Audiophiles vs Gaming Headphones

Although I easily interchange the two headphones owing to their similar function. But in reality, they are different from each other.

Audiophiles are also sometimes used in studios and homes to boost the music to the next level with all the embellishments. You cannot wear these headphones as they are bulky and cause you listener fatigue. In addition, most audiophile headphones do not contain a microphone, in case you have to buy one for gaming.

Gaming headphones are precisely designed to perform their assignment accurately. Moreover, sound quality is beyond your thinking. These are more suitable to use in crowds than audiophiles.

The critical difference is that using audiophiles is fine when you play on PCs, but it does not work the same for consoles and smart devices. You have to get an amplifier for that. While gaming headphones are compatible with all these gadgets and do not require extra devices for their work.


What Type Of Headphones Are Best For Gaming?

Generally, you can use every type of headphone for gaming. But be sure that these must be compatible with your gaming gadgets. Moreover, the devices have an audio output that matches the headphone jack to be connected.

Do Expensive Headphones Make A Difference For Gaming?

Audiophiles are expensive ones to listen to music or for gaming. It is said that the more costly, the better the sound quality. So, it’s up to you to choose an expensive gaming headset or 2-1 audiophiles. 

Do Audiophile Headphones Make A Difference?

If you have an audiophile and it works efficiently as gaming headphones. I advise you to throw the thinking of buying a gaming headset in a bin and enjoy audiophiles for a gaming experience. The audiophile can provide high sound quality without any distortion.

Final Thoughts | Can You Use Audiophile Headphones For Gaming?

I am pretty satisfied with using my Sennheiser HD 800 S audiophile as a gaming headset. For pro gamers, the only essential element is to generate precise sounds. So, if an audiophile does this job perfectly, why add another gaming headphone? In this article, I have elaborated on how you can use audiophile headphones for gaming, along with my favorite audiophile brands.

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