Benefits of Bone Conduction Headphones – Are they worth It?

Despite the existence of conventional headphones, why would you need bone-conduction headphones? I find that headphones are essential for maintaining my energy all day, whether I’m using Sony headphones or bone AfterShokz ones. I have noticed some mind-blowing privileges that facilitate me. If you are interested in what compels me for this conversion, keep reading a list of the Benefits Of Bone Conduction Headphones.

Bone conduction headphones are newer types of headphones best suitable for swimmers, athletes, or doing exercise. Moreover, it is a heaven-sent gadget for hard-of-hearing people.

In this article, I will describe the significant benefits of using Bone conduction headphones with a bit of contrast to regular headphones. But first, you need to understand the working mechanism behind them. 

How Do Bone Conduction Headphones Work? 

It transmits signals directly to the inner ear that result from vibrations caused by the vocal cords without interfering with voices in the middle and outer ear. The process involves transferring sounds to the deeper part of the ear using the skull and jaw bones instead of the eardrums.

The cochlea converts these vibrations into electrical signals and sends them to the brain via an auditory nerve for decoding them into sound.

Point to be noted: with bone conduction headphones, you will hear the same as inserting fingers into the ears.

Are Bone Conduction Headphones Good For You?

Bone conduction headphones provide additional advantages beyond conventional headphones that conventional headphones can’t match. So, What are the advantages of Bone conduction headphones? 

Situational Awareness

Do you imagine that wearing loud headphones in a crowd may cost you the risk of your life? But with bone conduction headphones, this cannot be possible. You will enjoy the music without ignoring the car’s horns, screamings, or sirens. 

These headphones are designed to rest on the cheekbones while the ear canals are fully opened. In this way, you can experience music listening while simultaneously being aware of the surroundings.

For example, if you are a working person like me, you get the benefit of hearing what is happening around you using AfterShokz Aeropex while still sticking to the music on headphones. In the same way, this is an innovative product for runners to use these best while maintaining the body’s health.

More Comfortable Fit

Are you a person who fears wearing headphones because they cause you infection? If yes, throw them in a bin and grab your hands on more lightweight and super comfortable Bone conduction headphones. 

You do not need to wear them on the entire ear surface or to seal the openings like the over or in-ear headphones. Instead, adjust them from the back of the head, and you are good to go for daily walks or to jog.

Bone conduction headphones come with slim earpieces and a flexible neckband. As the surface of the ears is vacant, it reduces your worry about fixing them like traditional earphones. In this regard, it saves you time repeatedly inserting them in your ears so you can easily carry out your official calls while walking.

A Unique Listening Experience

As the cochlea is busy sending vibrations to the brain for decoding, in the same way, the eardrum is managing to make you hear external sounds. It forms the transmission of a unique double-layered listening experience which is only possible with bone phones. 

Moreover, it does not make any difference whether the audio quality of these headphones is not superior to the regular ones. If they give you a sense of connectivity to the outer world, you can also sacrifice listening to rich and amplified sounds. 

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Waterproof Versions

Do your headphones survive best in humidity or rain? Bone conduction headphones possess an additional feature that allows them to tolerate splashes of water and other forms of extreme weather. 

Moreover, the Ingress protection (IP) rating determines the headphone’s endurance to water. The specific rating is expressed from a range of IPX0-IPX9. The higher the rating, the less damage to the headphones in water. For example, AfterShokz Xtrainerz headphones are specifically designed for underwater use. They can go 2 meters deep with you without affecting their performance.

Health Benefits Of Bone Conduction Headphones

If I discuss the worth of Bone conduction headphones from a health point of view, no other device can match their level. These are indeed healthier than conventional headphones because you do not have to make them adjust on or over your ears to listen to music. 

Furthermore, there are certain advantages that bone conduction headphones have to perform to maintain their reputation in the health domain.

Improve Hearing Loss Condition

People with conductive hearing loss can wear them and improve their hearing ability. We all know bone conduction has nothing to do with the eardrum or inner ear bones. So, it can serve as a hearing aid for those with ear damage in these areas. 

Moreover, if you already have a hearing aid implantation, for example, in-the-ear (ITE) or invisible hearing aid (IIE), you can wear these headphones to hear sounds better. Using Bone conduction headphones is a ray of hope for those who are deaf in one ear. These have a mechanism that generates stereo sounds, creating the listening atmosphere. Unfortunately, this cannot be possible by utilizing traditional headphones.

Prevent Tinnitus

Do your ears ring even after pulling off your headphones? Well, this may be the symptom of tinnitus that makes you hear buzzing, whispering, or hissing sound with no outside source. 

Yes, this is not a physical or, I can say, acoustic sound that NC headphones can cancel. In some cases, the sounds increase doubly because the regular headphones block all the ambient noises.

It is the phenomenon of nerve damage that originates within the head. Moreover, there is no proper treatment for this disease, but with Bone conduction headphones, users may find relief for some time. These allow patients to listen to their favorite music albums while still not avoiding what is happening around them.

Note: bone conduction headphones act as a distraction to the inner sounds.

Stops Infection

Whether you may not a cleanliness freak but bone conduction headphones are always. You are not inserting anything physical inside the ears when you wear these. So there is a chance of moisture or sogginess around the surface that will reduce the breeding of harmful bacteria, thus preventing ear infections and allergies.

The wax produced within the ears to naturally clean them is never trapped inside with bone phones. On the contrary, if you use regular headphones, ear cups are already accumulated with dirt, and inserted again in the ears proves harmful.

Sweating and heating ears are the common cause of air-conduction headphones. In bone phones, these are reduced to the minimum as they allow airflow to circulate naturally.


How To Choose the Best Bone Conduction Headphones For You?

Selecting the best bone conduction headphones depends on the type of purpose you want to get fulfilled from them. If your priority is safety from the environment, you should get one. Moreover, if you are willing to try new technology, you must choose bone conduction over others. I suggest you add them to your priority list first and then check how they make their worth.

Can You Damage Your Hearing With Bone Conduction Headphones?

Bone conduction headphones are designed with safety measures to protect the outer and inner layers of the ears. However, high volume or constant listening may result in ear infections or less hearing. Overall, they do not have any harmful effects on hearing.

Do Bone Conduction Headphones Sound Good?

You have to sacrifice the audio quality if you want to remain alert to your surroundings. As they are placed against the ears, they do not create natural, realistic sounds. Hence bone conduction headphones do not give you rich bass and high tables compared to high-grade audiophile headphones.

Summing Up on Benefits of Bone Conduction Headphones

Bone conduction headphones have many undeniable advantages. If the discussion is about the comparison between bone conduction and conventional headphones, even then, bone conduction headsets win the argument. The design, bacteria prevention, and adjustable fitting make them worth the money. What are you waiting for? Go and grab them as fast as I did.

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