What Are The Most Durable Headphones? 6 Enduring Headphones

Finding good quality headphones always takes a toll on me. I often get pale while selecting the most durable headphones. At one moment, I loved headphones with an incredible design, but the next moment my liking inclined toward headphones with life-long battery life. In the end, I give up deciding on nothing.

Well, this question is the question of the globe, as choosing premium quality headphones that possess all your desired features is nearly impossible. In this regard, I have used top-quality headphones for up to 3 months and came up with a review.

In this article, I will describe the durable headphones under budget. But first, I like to discuss the common factors that make any pair of headphones durable.

How Do You Choose Durable Earphones?

In my opinion, the durability of the headphones lies on certain factors. Due to these features, headphones become your lifetime partner. In this section, I will describe these factors in detail so that you understand the significance of the headphones before buying them.

Sound Quality

Whenever you purchase a headphone, you must think about the sound quality. There is no point in using headphones that do not meet your demands for clear sounds, excellent bass, and trebles.

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A headphone performs when it produces clear sound without distortion, connects with other devices easily, and does not wear out even after weak handling. Performance is the working strength of the headphones that make them durable.

Aesthetic design

The impressive design of the headphone is the first impression that attracts you to them. You opt for headphones that belong to a famous brand because they always come up with a unique design every time. Moreover, I suggest you buy one that offers replaceable parts. In case you want to use them for a long time, you have the opportunity to make changes to them when needed.


What’s the use of headphones that can not get along with you during exercise or swimming? I advise you to look for headphones that are waterproof or made with material that does not get affected in outdoor activities.

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How about using headphones that feel like wearing them all day and never getting tired? In this regard, comfort is the essential factor that makes a headphones more durable. If they do not press your ears or tightly hold the head, you must grab it first. It would help if you looked for adjustable headbands made up of lightweight aluminum and ear cups padded with vegan leather.

Battery life

Do you think why you keep headphones with you? The answer is straightforward because it has a charging capacity that allows you to carry it everywhere and listen to whatever you want. An extensive long-hour battery is very crucial for durable headphones. 


Remaining on the budget while buying a headphone becomes difficult sometimes. I must say, durable headphones are expensive as they provide many features to play with. I highlight that if you consider purchasing a headphone, look for companies that offer you good warranty time. If anything happens to your headphones, the company will take responsibility, and you do not need to spend money on new ones.

What are the Durable Headphones?

Headphones are durable when they provide comfort, better sound quality, and effective performance. Here is the list of durable headphones that I have used to check out their specifications.

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless with Active Noise Cancellation

These are over-ear headphones and are lightweight. The foldable quality of this headphone makes it portable to carry everywhere. Moreover, the ear cups are covered with the best quality memory foam, and the headband comprises stainless steel, which meets my comfort demands.

The plus point in using the Sennheiser headphone is their noise-canceling feature which makes them prominent from conventional headphones. Four noise-canceling microphones Sennheiser cut down the excess sounds and make your listening more enjoyable.

If I talk about the sound quality, this premium device excels at the Bose solo 3. These headphones work like audiophiles and provide extreme richness in sound.


  • Battery life is 22 hours.
  • Bluetooth-enabled headphones to make pairing easier
  • You can convert it into wired headphones

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Headphones 

DT 770 is a versatile headphone from producing audio to casual listening; it provides noise-free audio, nearly the same as the original one. This headphone is used in the studio for recording and mixing tunes and thus is not so portable.

These are closed-back heavy-duty headphones with earcups embedded with a thick layer of plastic with a steel headband. These audiophile headphones are designed for critical analysis of the audio.


  • Headphone parts are replaceable.
  • Suitable for people with glasses

 V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Master

The distinctive factor that makes this headphone on my list of most durable is its exoskeleton carry case for safety purposes. These headphones are super lightweight, so that you can carry them everywhere. Moreover, the headband is a steel flex with virgin leather material and hexagonal-shaped ear pads that adds more strength to this model. 

MODA headphones are over-ear headphones that provide excellent sound quality with a mixture of high and low frequencies. You can enjoy every depth of bass and treble tunes using this device.

One downside of this device is that it is not waterproof, and you cannot hang out with them outside. In a nutshell, these headphones fulfill every demand for comfort and connectivity with available wires.


  • 14-hour battery life 
  • Headphones can be foldable 
  • Comes with a mic for effective voice-calling

Sony MDR7506

Sony headphones have their charms among users. This MDR headphone from sony is an over-ear wired headphone that comes in a drawstring pouch. If you look at the appearance, it consists of a steel headband with a folding feature and heavy-duty foam inside the ear cups to conform to the users’ comfort. Sony MDR7506 is a monitoring headphone which means it is also used in recording studios for producing clean and pure audio. 


  • Durable headphones with a mic for voice and video calls
  • Ear cups are replaceable

Bose 700 Noise-Cancelling Headphones

This modern version of Bose 700 provides a thermal touchpad to control the commands. As the name suggests, it is the best noise-canceling headphone that gives you complete freedom to listen even in a crowd by using 6 microphones built inside the headphones.

The headband of Bose 700 is made of steel, and the rotating earcups make them unique for wearing all day. Moreover, it supports built-in voice controls for effectual calling and delivers crisp audio.


  • 20 hours of battery life
  • Waterproof

Jabra Elite Active 45h

Suppose you want a pair of headphones to carry at jogging. It would help if you got your hands on Jabra Elite. These are small, slim, lightweight headphones; you must press them, and they easily fit inside the ears. The ear cups are padded with PU leather memory foam making them comfortable for the users to wear. 

Ear cups have sealing material that allows the device to work on the mechanism of passive noise cancelation, which means blocking the outside sounds. It has two mics that make it accessible for you to respond to the calls without removing them.


  • Extensive battery life of 50 hours
  • Support digital assistant

Final Thoughts | Durability Of Headphones

The durability of a headphone is the degree of endurance it can bear after extensive usage. There is no point in selecting headphones with quality audio output but at the risk of wear and tear. In this article, I have mentioned my favorite headphones that are durable to use for years owing to their sturdy structure and exceptional features.


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