Why are my Skullcandy headphones beeping? Reasons & Solutions

Skullcandy is an affordable and mid-priced brand that produces good products. However, not all Skullcandy products are perfect like other headphones brands. Sometimes, it works great, but sometimes, it brings tremendous trouble. Recently, I faced an issue with headphones beeping, which was frustrating. I thought, why are my Skullcandy headphones beeping?

Different reasons and solutions came to my mind, and I am now sharing them with my readers after application. In this article, you will get to know about all possible reasons and all potential solutions. Moreover, there are logical reasons why wired headphones beep while connecting with the audio device.

Why are my Bluetooth headphones beeping | Troubleshooting?

There are many reasons why it starts beeping, like low battery, loose cable, or even interference, but I will tell you some which I have faced. In this section, you can get all the answers on how to stop Bluetooth headphones from beeping.


One of the most common reasons for random beeping in headphones I have faced is electrical interference. Electronic devices and appliances like cellular devices, microwave ovens, and certain types of devices can cause an audible beeping-like sound to be heard in headphones.

Solution: In this case, the best thing to do would be to ensure your headphones are a certain distance away from devices that cause that type of interference. Like 6 to 8 feet generally works well.

Low Battery

There are a lot of headphones on the market that beep to let you know the battery is low. Skull candy beeping may result from the low battery. Below a certain voltage level, sound quality starts to deteriorate rapidly. So, most headphones provide some way of telling us that the battery is low. It usually comes in the form of a blink or a beep. Due to low battery, It may also start beeping.

Solution: To solve this problem, I started one practice. I always keep my headphones fully charged.

Faulty Device or Damaged Port

Sometimes we don’t know that our device is damaged, so it starts beeping. It may have an audio jack issue or something else. Some manufacturers have their devices make a beeping tone when a new device is plugged in.

Solution: I removed the headphone cable and thoroughly cleaned the headphone port to solve this problem.

Pairing Problem

It is the most common problem which I have faced so many times, and that is the pairing issue. It’s imperative to pair both the devices and headsets.

Solution: We need to pair our devices and check the connection to solve this issue.

Volume Button Pressed

Some devices generate an audible beep to let us know that the volume is being turned up or down. So, if you hear a constant beeping, your volume rocker or button may be stuck on the volume up key.

Solution: To solve this issue, click both volume buttons a few times in each direction to ensure they are working correctly.

Two Devices Issue

It is possible to connect Skullcandy headphones to two devices simultaneously; connecting two devices sometimes causes the beeping. For instance, If I connect it to a mobile device with an aux cord and wirelessly connect it to my PC, and after that, when I leave any of the devices behind, it will beep continuously.

Solution: To solve this problem now, I connect only one device with it.

High Volume

There is a recommended volume that is not a threat to our eardrum. When we exceed the recommended volume and turn it too high, the Skullcandy headphone will warn you of this by beeping continuously. So we have to do one thing in this situation. We need to turn the volume low.

Why are my wired headphones beeping?

When it comes to wired headphones, I have been recording with studio headphones for many years. They sometimes start beeping, and I discovered different reasons for the beeping sound. Before you look for other reasons, you better look for the updated firmware and sound settings. Are they calibrated according to the dedicated headphones or not?

The main reason is the audio port malfunction. Sometimes with rigorous use, the port becomes rusty and dusty, bringing distortion and beeping sound when you plug the wired headphones. Another reason is the interference from the electronics around that can cause the magnetic interference leading to the headphones’ beep.


Whenever your Skullcandy headphone beeps continuously, you should not panic; this is only a warning that something is wrong. So, there are a lot of reasons why headphones might beep. Because of this, there are lots of different ways to fix it, but only one of them will be the one that works for you.

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