Jabra Elite Not Pairing to iPhone | Reasons And Fixes

Bluetooth connectivity can make or break the deal between the devices. Since you try connecting Jabra Elite to your iPhone, the connection drops every 1 or 2 seconds. Well, not a problem; charge them first and then try. What if they deny pairing? Learn to know why Jabra elite is not pairing to iPhone.

Jabra Elite 75t, when not charged enough, out of Bluetooth range, not connected to the app, does not pair. However, you can solve the issue by restarting or resetting the earbuds. Also, downloading the latest updates proves a life-saver.

Making pair with ios devices requires accomplishing one or more steps than with android, and what happens if it encounters pairing problems? Read the article to know why Jabra is not connecting to iPhone and how to correct it.

Why Won’t my Jabra Elite 75t connect to my iPhone?

You can connect a range of devices with jabra elite 75t earbuds. The latest Bluetooth 5.0 standard makes the connection a lot quicker and easier. However, if it does not pair together, you must look for the root causes and try to troubleshoot them.

Low Battery

Jabra Elite 75t is proficient in providing 7.5 hours of battery life when adequately charged. Suppose you try pairing your iPhone, but it does not work out. Earbuds lacking insufficient volts and amperes do not connect to the device, and the least you can expect is that they simply turn off the Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Range

Who does not want to enjoy distortion-free signals? Probably everyone, including me. Remember, your headset requires a Bluetooth range of a few meters, at least 33 meters, to supply stable or uninterrupted signals. The connection drops within seconds if you do not maintain the recommended range. 

Pairing Mode

Pairing earbuds without putting them into discovery mode does not make sense. The initial pairing process helps identify the specific earbuds in the Bluetooth list of the iPhone, and the connection becomes one step far away. 

Jabra Elite Not Pairing to iPhone

How to Pair Jabra Elite to iPhone 11 Pro Max?

  • Turn on the Bluetooth of the iPhone 11 pro max.
  • Remove the earbuds from the case, and turn them on
  • Press the left or right buds for a second and see the buds flash green lights. 
  • Enable pairing mode by pressing the earbuds’ buttons for 3 seconds
  • Wait until only the right bud flashes Blue; pairing mode is enabled
  • Open the settings, and look for the Bluetooth option.
  • Search the jabra Elite from “Other Devices.”
  • Tap to connect them

You can enter the four zeros as a pin code and follow the instructions for establishing the connection. When you turn on the earbuds daily, they will naturally reconnect with the last paired device. 

Bluetooth Turned Off

Turning on the Bluetooth must be your first step in pairing Jabra Elite to iPhone. By any chance, if you forget to switch it on, you cannot pair two devices.

Full Pairing List

Clear the last entries will only allow you to welcome new earbuds. Suppose your mobile’s pairing list is accumulated and does not allow pairing with other devices. To resolve the issue, unpair with the necessary ones to make space for new ones.

Outdated Updates

Whenever I connected my Jabra Elite 75t to the jabra app, the application succumbs to my request showing me the latest installation updates. The benefit of swapping the old one to the latest updates is cutting minor technical glitches so you can enjoy an effortless connection. 

What Can I do if the Pairing Steps are Not Successful?

There are numerous solutions to enhance the life of jabra elite earbuds. 

  • Turn on the Bluetooth of the device
  • Enable the pairing mode
  • Place two devices within the range
  • Ensure the battery of the earbuds is enough
  • Turn off and on the iPhone
  • Restart jabra Elite Earbuds
  • Configure them to the latest updates by downloading the Jabra app.

How do I Reset my Jabra Elite 75t Bluetooth?

The solution for Jabra Elite 75t Not Pairing is to reset them and restore the default settings. The steps are simple and take no more than seconds. 

Unpair Earbuds

The first step is to delete Jabra Elite earbuds from the pairing list of the iPhone. Also, remember to turn the Bluetooth mode switched off.


Turn on the right earbud by taking it out of the case and pressing the multifunction button for 10 seconds. And wait until the right bud flashes a purple LED, and place it inside the case. Moreover, turn on the earbuds and try repairing them with iPhone.


Do Jabra Elite 75t work with iPhones?

The versatile Jabra earbuds work efficiently with iPhones, Android, and PCs. You will connect with the iPhone much quicker because of their premium AAC Bluetooth codec. 

Do Jabra Elite 75t turn off automatically?

Jabra elite switch-off mechanism is interesting to know. The right bud has to turn off when out of the case and beyond the range for 15 minutes. In addition, it switched off when inactive for one hour to conserve battery. 

Final Thoughts

Jabra elite not pairing problem is not an unsolvable problem. The need of the hour is to focus on the significant malfunctioning reasons and work on them to gain the correct results. In this article, I have mentioned the reasons for not pairing and the troubleshooting methods to restore them to the default settings. 

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