Beoplay H9i Problems | How to Troubleshoot Beoplay H9i?

More and more headphones are hitting the market, loaded with excellent features. Beoplay H9i is a premium pair of over-ear headphones attracting many headphone users. They are designed to provide noise cancelation, heavy bass, and elegant design with touch control panels. What happens when you encounter Beoplay H9i problems?

No matter how elegant, premium, or stylish a headphone is, some glitches affect their normal functioning or reduce their worth. Beoplay H9i headphones have all features that meet the expectations of every headphone user.

Beoplay H9i problems are not difficult to deal with. These are some common problems that can be resolved by troubleshooting. This article is all about Beoplay H9i problems and how to troubleshoot them. 

5 Common Beoplay H9i Problems

Beoplay H9i headphones are sturdy headphones that are worth buying. They offer good battery life, providing you with excellent sound quality. Headphones are not the only gadgets that blow your head with their errors. I am using these headphones and have encountered some of their problems which are as follows. 

Headphones are unresponsive

For what purpose do you buy headphones? Obviously, for using them and not making them a showpiece. What to do when headphones are unresponsive? The headphones are not showing any power. You can resolve this issue by troubleshooting them. 

Troubleshoot problem

  • If the headphones are connected to the cable, disconnect them and then reconnect the cable. 
  • You can remove the battery and reinsert it to start your headphones. 

Problems with touch control

Touch control panels give Beoplay H9i headphones a stylish and elegant look. These touch controls are sometimes hard to use; unfortunately, these controls do not meet the standards of physical buttons. 


  • Factory reset is the ultimate solution.
  • Ensure that your headphones are updated to the latest firmware version.

Do Not Switch Off/On

Most of the time, when I try to turn my headphones off/on, they don’t work. It is very frustrating because if the headphones don’t turn off, their battery drains fast. 


  • Move the switch to the ON position and then move it to the OFF position and vice versa. 
  • Reinserting the battery will be of great help to you. 

Proximity Sensor

Beoplay H9i headphones have this fantastic feature that sometimes becomes a problem. The proximity sensor automatically pauses or plays the music by your head movements. If you move your head a little, the music pauses/plays independently. This feature has reduced their worth

How to solve this?

  • Disable proximity sensor.
  • Make sure that the headphones are updated to remove any bugs.
  • Mount headphones on your head and ear properly.

Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

Beoplay H9i headphones are wireless headphones connected to any audio source via Bluetooth. When paired with a compatible audio source, you can enjoy your listening time with your headphones. If the connection fails, you can have various other issues like:-

  • No audio
  • Distorted sound
  • Pairing issues
  • Sound in one ear

How to resolve these errors?

  • Resetting the entire Bluetooth setting. 
  • You can also check the user manual for more assistance. 

Beoplay H9i Troubleshooting

When using headphones or any gadget, you should be ready for any errors and have basic knowledge about how to troubleshoot these errors. Troubleshooting will make sure that your headphones are working smoothly. Here are some standard troubleshooting methods for your Beoplay H9i problems. 

  • Keep your headphones fully charged.
  • Make sure to connect your headphone to a compatible device.
  • Keep the volume to the maximum level to avoid audio problems.

How do I update H9i?

Most of the errors or issues arise because the software is not being updated. Firmware or software updates remove all the bugs, gear up the power functioning, improve battery life and keep your headphones functioning normally.  

To enjoy the latest features on your headphones, you can update your headphones. How to do this?

  1. On your Devices like a computer or laptop, download the Bang and Olufsen App.
  2. From the app, install the software updater. 
  3. Activate Software updater.
  4. Select the Beoplay Product you want to update.
  5. Go to product settings>Software.
  6. Update the software on your headphones. 
  7. An update is done when you have connected your headphone to your device. 

How do I Reset Beoplay H9i?

Resetting is the final step of resolving any issues or errors when your headphones have problems. It returns the settings to their default version and ensures that your headphones work. 

  1. Fully charge your Beoplay H9i headphones. 
  2. Switch on your headphones.
  3. Move the switch to the Bluetooth icon and hold it for 10 seconds. 
  4. When the red light flashes, your headphones are reset. 

Point to be noted: Resetting will unpair your headphones from all the source devices. 

How do you take the battery out of an H9i?

Taking out the battery is called a hard reset on your headphones. This step sometimes becomes mandatory to resolve all the errors. When you have no choice left and your headphones are not working as you want, you can take out the battery and reinsert it. 

  1. Turn the left ear metal cover counterclockwise to open the battery compartment.
  2. Press the cover edge near the microphone to remove the metal cover.
  3. Press the button at the bottom of the compartment to remove the battery.
  4. You can replace the battery or reinsert the same battery.
  5. If you are reinserting the battery, make sure to do that after a few seconds of battery removal. 
  6. Insert the battery with the marker pointing upward.
  7. Turn the metal cover in a clockwise direction to lock it. 

Disable Proximity Sensor

Why does my Beoplay H9i keep pausing? The proximity sensor in these headphones works according to the movement of your head. It automatically pauses or plays the music on your headphones when there is a slight movement of your head. To deal with this problem, I suggest you disable the proximity feature. 

Initiate Bluetooth Pairing

Move the switch to the top position and hold it for 2 seconds. Blue light flashes, which indicate that pairing mode is now activated

Disable the Proximity Sensor

Double tap on the center of the touchpad on the right ear cup. Red light flashes indicate that the proximity sensor is deactivated. 

Note: If you want to activate the proximity sensor, follow the above mentioned steps. The indicator light flashes green, and the proximity sensor on your headphone is enabled. 

Factory Reset the Headphones

Headphones are loaded with tempting features and the latest versions of updates. Sometimes they don’t function. Whatever the reason for the issues, they can all be resolved by factory resetting the headphones.

  1. Reset your Beoplay H9i headphones. 
  2. Remove all paired connections of your headphones to your mobile device.
  3. Turn off your mobile device (laptops, phones, tablets).
  4. After 5 seconds, switch on your mobile device.
  5. Activate the pairing mode on your headphones.
  6. Search for Beoplay H9i in the available devices list in your mobile device’s Bluetooth menu.
  7. Tap Beoplay H9i to connect. 

Resolving Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

Beoplay H9i is a wireless headphone that needs to be connected to any audio device. You can connect them via Bluetooth. Keep a few things in mind to avoid any Bluetooth connectivity issues. 

  • When connecting your headphones via Bluetooth, ensure that the Bluetooth is on and your headphones are in pairing mode.
  • Keep both devices within a designated distance range.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth of your audio device. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are B&O Headphones Worth it?

B and O headphones are known for their elegance and their premium quality. They come in stylish designs with touch control panels that make them the most demanding among other headphones. These headphones give you good battery life and the sound quality you demand. Operated by a smartphone app, these headphones are worth buying. 

What is the Difference between H9 and H9i?

H9 and H9i are very similar in every category but have some significant differences you should consider before buying any of them. The differences are:-

  • H9i has longer battery life.
  • The better sound quality in H9i
  • Has an improved Bluetooth version.
  • H9i has a talk-through mode with voice commands. 


Beoplay H9i is the future of innovative wireless headphones providing you with the best quality features. With these complex features, it is expected that headphones will encounter some errors and issues in their working. In this post, I have mentioned all the common Beoplay H9i Problems and the troubleshooting methods. Now, grab your Beoplay H9i without worrying about facing any errors because you know how to resolve all these errors. 


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