Why Do My Headphones Keep Pausing? Reasons And Fixes

Do you love wearing headphones like me? In that case, you will be conscious of not encountering any sound pausing. Apart from the headphones’ auto-pause feature, the headphones keep pausing without any logical reason only adds frustration. Read the article on why my headphones keep pausing to know the causes and troubleshoot.

Headphones keep on pausing due to different reasons in wired or wireless devices. You may attach the cable loosely or ignore worn-out jacks. In addition, when they do not charge properly, wireless headphones encounter low internet connection or signal interference and keep pausing the audio. 

In this article, I will briefly mention the causes of why my headphones keep pausing. Along with this, how you can fix the problem is additional information to make your headphones as healthy and prosperous as before. 

Why do My Headphones Keep Pausing?

The headphones keep pausing is familiar, but rather may be due to different reasons for every headphone. No headphones are devoid of these technical problems, whether it is wired or wireless. For example, an auto-pause feature is common in both categories of headphones that immediately stop the music when you get them aside. 

Auto-Pause Feature

I often get benefitted from the auto pause feature of the headphones. Why not? Because they automatically pause the audio upon removing the headphones. The beneficial feature is that you do not have to miss the exciting scene or favorite lyrics and resume again by keeping them on the head. 

On the other hand, the auto-pause feature is the least interesting when pausing the sound without any logical reason. For example, Sony 1000XM4 wireless headphones have sensors and work on this innovative feature.

You can go to the settings and look for an auto-pause option. If it is turned on, you must turn it off to avoid irritating headphones causing pausing problems. 

However, the common reasons are exclusive only to Wired Headphones

Loosely Attached Jack

While you are busy determining what caused my headphones to pause, do not bother about how you deal with the 3.5 mm headphone jack. Generally, wired headphones do not come with audio delivery problems due to the presence of the cable. But if loosely or improperly inserted into the headphone output, the audio reaching the ears will undoubtedly be affected. 

Debris Accumulation

It does not matter whether you keep the headphones safe in a carrying case or leave them open; the air pollutants do not keep calm and accumulate on the audio jacks. There are also chances that headphones’ jacks also get blocked due to excessive debris and resulting in audio pausing.

Compatibility Lacks

Are there any compatibility issues with wired headphones? As they only work on plug-and-play mechanisms, why do my headphones pause? Wired headphones are specific and allow inserting only compatible cables in the audio jacks. 

You may suffer from audio pausing problems due to inserting the wrong auxiliary cables. Hence, look after the cables and the device’s audio jack before planning to watch your favorite TV show.

Worn-out Jack

Headphone audio jacks do not remain healthy and are prone to wear out over time. The expiry date of these connectors also depends on how you use them. When you keep on inserting the audio jacks into various devices, they become damaged.

Also, weak handling, sudden pulling, or stretching do not prevent them from extending their shelf life, and you end up replacing them with new ones. Utilizing worn-out jacks consistently may result in headphones pausing. 

Why Do My Wireless Headphones Keep Pausing?

Wireless headphones have their perks, but they may invite many audio issues compared to wired ones. Why not? Wireless headphones have many issues that become the primary reason headphones keep pausing. Likewise, low battery, electronic interference, bad internet connection, and the range are the return gifts of Bluetooth headphones.

Low Battery

Using headphones with a low battery is like tackling many audio issues. You never know that the draining battery for some numbers is the leading cause of why your headphones keep pausing the music. 

You should charge the headphones with compatible charging ports before using them for your desired activity. 

Earbuds Accumulate Dirt or Wax

In general, dirty headphones do not cause muffled sounds but are so piled up with debris that they prevent fluent audio from reaching the ears. Furthermore, you have to raise the volume due to the underlying wax. 

It can trigger the mechanism to many folds and thus destroy the speakers’ voice coil. For that, it is essential to clean the headphones to protect the audio quality of sounds.

Bad Internet Connection

The wireless headphones have Bluetooth connectivity; if connected to a bad internet connection, you only listen to paused music. Many streaming apps like Spotify, Youtube, and Pandora require a high-streaming internet connection.

Wireless Range

It is essential to look after the wireless range of headphones while using them. Do you use them out of range? Generally, Bluetooth headphones work best within a 30 feet distance. However, if you go beyond, the result is meeting with distorted and pausing audio. 

Background Apps

You never know if evil software or background apps are smiling at you in the background, letting you not enjoy the audio in a flow. The headphones pause the music when you forget to clear all the background apps. 

How Do You Stop Headphones From Pausing?

Finding the troubleshooting reason why my headphones keep pausing does not require any professional. You can fix the issue yourself with a few sets of guidelines.

  • Ensure to clean the headphone jack with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol.
  • Keep the cables tangle-free
  • For wireless earbuds, you can use bobby pins, cotton swabs, and tissues to remove excess debris.
  • Check the internet connection
  • Keep the headphones within the recommended range
  • Insert the headphones jack properly
  • Charge the wireless headphones to prevent the issue

Pro Tip:  make use of the phone cover to protect the audio jacks from gathering dust.

Updated Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology provided in phones in the past is no longer compatible with present-day innovative headphones. I recommend you update the Bluetooth technology by installing the Bluetooth drivers on your devices before using the headphones.

Reset Phone

You must reset the phone and ditch the software to fix the headphones’ audio pausing problem. Also, install the latest updates to match the Bluetooth codecs and help headphones to improve the audio quality.

Reset Headphones

Resetting any electronic device solves half of all global problems. If your headphones cause an audio pause, you can simply reconnect them with the device after resetting them with the protocol.


Why is My Headphone Audio Cutting in and out?

Wireless headphones keep on cutting audio because of the interference in Bluetooth signals. However, you can fix the problem by switching off the device you are trying to connect to and then switching it on. 

Why do my Sony Headphones Keep Pausing?

Sony headphones have built-in sensors that immediately stop the music when you remove the headphones. However, these sensors may get filled with dirt, not detect correct actions, and keep pausing the music.

Summing Up

Wired or wireless headphones may pause the music due to technical reasons. So, never let your wired headphones get in close contact with moisture or debris, and avoid using wireless headphones with not enough volts and amperes. In this article, I have mentioned all the necessary causes to help you fix the issue in a better way. 

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