Skullcandy Dime Not Charging – Quick Troubleshooting Guide

Skullcandy Dimes are designed to ease your headphones usage. These are great earbuds for workouts and phone calls featuring compact size to fit anywhere, effortless control, high-quality audio, long battery life, and affordable price. But what is the practical use of all these features when your Skullcandy dime not charging?

Skullcandy dimes have proven to be fabulous headphones serving you with the best listening experience. As a tech device, they can catch any technical fault or issue hindering your headphone’s use. Headphones not charging is a common problem and can be due to various reasons, and there are quick troubleshooting fixes. 

Headphones are in demand these days, so they are designed to have as many possible features provided to their users. With as many features, they may experience technical issues or errors affecting their work. This guide is all about fixing your Skullcandy dime charging issue. 

Skullcandy Dime Not Charging

Charging issues are common, and this leads to affecting Skullcandy Dime Battery Life. Before trashing them or replacing your Skullcandy, you must look for why your headphones are not charging and then try to fix the problem. Fixing is not a big issue until your Skullcandy Dime earbuds aren’t damaged due to heat, water, or physical damage. 

5 Major Reasons Why is my Skullcandy Dime Not Charging?

Many headphones users rely on Skullcandy earbuds for their headphones. These compact earbuds serve you with the best-uninterrupted listening in public and private. These headphones are loaded with many excellent features, and the problems are also there that can often hit your headphones. 

Some of the possible reasons for Skullcandy Dime Not Charging.

A faulty charging cable, tangled wire, and frayed wire

Wireless headphones are battery-operated and come with a charger to recharge them to ensure their smooth working. You have plugged the charging cable into your headphones, but Skullcandy Earbuds Not Charging.

You may need to plug your headphones into a compatible charging cable, or the cable needs to be plugged in appropriately. A faulty or tangled-up charging cable will also affect Skullcandy charging. 

Dirt damage

You can’t believe this, but your headphone case or the earbuds may have caught up with dirt and debris. Too much headphone use leads to a wax buildup in the earbuds. It is my proven experience that the more you use headphones, the more they are susceptible to catching dirt. It leads to blockage in the earbuds, charging poles, and charging case pins. The dirt will affect the current flow, and the headphones won’t charge. 

Physical Damage

Skullcandy is a compact headphone made up of delicate materials. Skullcandy earbuds come with a case to keep them secure and prevent them from any damage. A significant diagnosis of Skullcandy not charging is the physical damage to headphones. Physical damage can be due to water, sweat, and falling of headphones on any hard surface. 

Wrong Placement of Earbuds in the Case

Earbuds, when not appropriately placed in the earbuds, are susceptible to not charging correctly. That’s the common reason for your Skullandy Dime Not Charging. 

Software Glitches

Worn-out software, software bugs, and a required update can be significant reasons the headphones are not responding to charging. 

How Do You Fix Skullcandy Not Charging – Troubleshooting

If, in any case, your favorite Skullcandy earbuds are not charging, you don’t have to panic. These common headphone problems can be fixed in a few accessible steps. Fixing is only possible if Skullcandy has not encountered any permanent damage.

Clean your Earbuds and Charging Case

Have you ever cleaned your headphones? You won’t believe it, but your headphones capture environmental dirt and debris. You have to make sure that you keep your headphones and earbuds clean at regular intervals of their use. Cleaning can solve a lot of headphone problems like charging issues. 

You should clean the earbuds, charging case, and plug pins. It will improve current flow through the charging pins, and your Skullcandy will begin to charge. How to clean earbuds in basic steps? 

  1. You will need a soft cotton cloth, a toothpick, and rubbing alcohol for cleaning.
  2. Gently pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol on the cotton cloth.
  3. Rub the cotton cloth on the earbud’s charging poles. 
  4. Then slowly remove dirt from charging poles with the toothpick; clean all dirt with the cotton cloth.

Properly Place Earbuds in the case.

An earbud case is not meant to protect the earbuds, but it is a source of charging your earbuds. After placing your earbuds in their respective poles, you plug the wire into the charging pole. Make sure to place earbuds properly in the case and close the lid so they remain fitted to their position.  

Remove Stickers from the Charging Port

If you have just got your Skullcandy Dime earbuds and have discovered they are not charging. You can solve the problem. You will see two white pieces of paper stickers over the charging connectors of each bud that are hindering the charging. Remove these stickers and charge your earbuds without any hindrance. This process is not included in Skullcandy dime Charging Instructions but is of help to you. 

Use the Compatible Charging Cable

Since your earbuds only come with a charging cable and no charging brick, you will have to use a third-party charger. Always use a good-quality charger rated less than 18W (5V/3.6A). Incompatible or cheap chargers can lead to poor or slow charging. You can also charge your buds through your laptop or power bank with a suitable cable.

Reset Earbuds

You should reset your earbuds if any fixes are not solving your problem. Resetting Skullcandy will solve many problems, including software updates and fixing bugs. You can reset Skullcandy dime in simple, easy steps. 

  1. First unpair buds from all devices.
  2. Remove buds from the pairing list of all devices.
  3. Take both buds out of the case to turn them on.
  4. Press the button on each bud twice and hold it for 2 seconds.
  5. Skullcandy dimes are successfully reset.

Drain Earbuds

Sometimes charging issues can be easily solved by altogether wearing down the battery of both earbuds. The draining method might be helpful, but it will cost your whole day without headphones. 

  1. Set aside both earbuds from their charging case. 
  2. The draining method is also helpful when fixing one earbud not charging. 
  3. Unpair the earbuds from any Bluetooth-connected devices. 
  4. Don’t pair your Skullcandy buds for 24 hours. 
  5. The earbuds will continually search for a device to pair with, resulting in their battery drain.
  6. After 24 hours, the earbuds should be completely dead. 
  7. Place them back into the charging case, and they will respond well to the charging. 

Replace Skullcandy Dime/Contact Skullcandy Support

If you have tried all the methods for Skullcandy dime not charging, unfortunately, you have to go for Skullcandy Dime Charging Case Replacement or replace earbuds by claiming the warranty. It is a privilege that Skullcandy comes under a 1-year warranty. You can return them within 30 days from the date of purchase. 

Charging is a primary concern for earbuds. If Skullcandy dime is not charging, replacing earbuds is a wise choice because it is complicated to fix the minimal circuit of the buds and charging case.

The company accepts the product return if there is a manufacturing issue, replacing them with new ones. You can contact Skullcandy by filling out a contact form on their website. Make sure to include all the minor details about your issue and upload supporting images or videos explaining the problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do I Know if my Skullcandy dime is Charging?

Skullcandy dime is a good pair of headphones for every headphone user. These headphones have a system of LED lights. These lights either switch on or blink, indicating various functions being performed. While charging these, the LED shows a red light. 

  1. To charge Skullcandy earbuds, place them in the charging case. 
  2. Plug a compatible charging cable into the case.
  3. The earbud LEDs will be solid red while charging.
  4. The LEDs will turn off when fully charged.

How do you Charge Skullcandy Earbuds Without a Case?

Usually, it is seen that the earbuds are placed in the charging case while they get charged. You can charge your Skullcandy earbuds without placing them in a case. Another way to charge your wireless earbuds without a charger is to use a USB port on your laptop or desktop computer. Just connect your earbuds to the USB port using a USB cable, and let it charge.

Final Words 

Skullcandy dime headphones are one of the best headphones you can have. Their compact design, fit, audio quality, smart control system, and affordable price will last you long enough. There are chances of errors in the smooth working of your headphone. In this post, I have mentioned the reasons and fixes for SkullCandy dime not charging. Before throwing away your headphones, read this article thoroughly. Now you can fix your headphone problems and can enjoy uninterrupted listening on your headphones. 

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