JLab Earbuds Won’t Turn On | How to Fix it?

JLab Earbuds Won’t Turn On

It was a weekend call, and I set to spend quality time watching a movie. On opening the JLab earbuds case for pairing, I did not hear a click and realized it did not turn on. Fortunately, my first-hand treatment did work, and they began working like before. You must know how to fix JLab … Read more

What is the Best Way to Store your Headphones to Prolong their Lifespan? Explained

What is the Best Way to Store your Headphones to Prolong their Lifespan

Headphones are your music partners and make you enjoy every single beat. Being electronic devices, these deteriorate when left unattended. Similarly, the habit of keeping my Sony earphones here and there costs me to replace them quickly due to poor handling. In this regard, What is the Best Way to Store your Headphones to Prolong … Read more

Skullcandy Dime Not Charging – Quick Troubleshooting Guide

Skullcandy dime not charging

Skullcandy Dimes are designed to ease your headphones usage. These are great earbuds for workouts and phone calls featuring compact size to fit anywhere, effortless control, high-quality audio, long battery life, and affordable price. But what is the practical use of all these features when your Skullcandy dime not charging? Skullcandy dimes have proven to … Read more

Headphones vs Home Theater | Which one is better?

Headphones vs Home Theater

Headphones vs home theater are among my top queries on social media. I have been using both headphones and have installed a home theater for an acoustic experience. Which one is better? What is your experience with these? In this article, I will tell you about Headphones and Home Theater, the queries regarding these, and … Read more

Skullcandy Push Not Pairing Together | Troubleshooting

Skullcandy Push Not Pairing Together

It’s the weekend night, and you plan to watch a movie. Fix the earbuds in each ear and get to know that they are not synchronized. Now the plan is what to do for Skullcandy Push Not Pairing Together. Skullcandy Push Ultra is an intelligent device that uses Bluetooth 5.2 and connects to various other … Read more