How to get rid of echo in headphones? Troubleshooting

How to get rid of echo in headphones

It is well-known that headphones provide a great listening experience. They allow the listener to focus on the music while also providing noise cancellation. However, there are some reasons why echo may occur in headphones. It could be frustrating sometimes, and I feel terrible, so for this reason, I applied different tweaks and made a … Read more

80 Ohm vs 250 Ohm Headphones | Knowing the Difference

80 Ohm vs 250 Ohm Headphones

Music listening and monitoring are two different things; we need different headphones to deal with them. You can not use lower ohm headphones to mix or monitor in the studio; it will not bring clarity and crispiness. It requires higher Ohm headphones like 80 and 250 to mix, record, and monitor the sound quality professionally. … Read more

How to change the language on Bluetooth Headphones?

How to change the language on Bluetooth Headphones

As a music lover, headphones are now an integral part of my life because they give me a private listening environment wherever I go. I always buy different headphones to test their sound quality that suits my listening experience. In the beginning, I found language-changing issues frustrating, but I mastered the headphones so well that … Read more

How to clean Headphone Muffs? Most Complete Guide & Steps 

How to clean Headphone Muffs

When I purchased my Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless headphones for music listening and workout routines, they were spotless and in perfect condition. Despite the headphones’ immaculate condition and squeaky-clean appearance, they soon lost their charm and became less crisp in sound and appearance. Then, I took an extreme step to clean headphone muffs and now provide … Read more